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    Home and Away :)

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    Malibu♥ Nahh...England =/
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    Things~~~Hockey, all kinds of sports, Emily Perry, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary duff, Zashley, High school musical, bttb, graphic making, fashion design, live journal, piczo, my friends, norwich, london, shopping, spending moneyy!! Sarah Michelle gellar, jane norman, The suite life of zack and cody, my most wanted, tammin sursok, doing well in school, food :P bowling, hanging with my friends, Kirsty and kane, my bstest buddies and stuff :p I <33 films like chick flicks but then i love things like cinderella ettcc...Pirates of the carribbean..hilary duff films [&&] comedies can't beat themm! ETCCC! Moneyy...make upP. New york city, americaa! Nashville. =D Hannah montanaaa. My bestest friend Madi, been with mэ thrOughh everythingg. ThankYOU! Have no idea what else can fill this thingg, umm, LIPGLOSS, iPod, texting, my phone, cdSs, graphic making, girlie nights in, planes, busy places, airPortss! The beach, getting tanned, fashiOn, putting outfits together, scraves [5 and counting], HUGEEEE OVERSIZED sunglasESS! Love them, collecting! Pinkk stuff, my room, computerr. And so on.. x3 :D xxx Emily xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Sandy xx

  2. So just browsing as you dooo and saw I hadn't been online since 2009 which is crazayyy! Used to post on here when I was like 11 hahaha, seeing some of my posts makes me CRINGEEE. Anyways just got my GCSE results and heading to do A-Levels now time fliesss. Wonder if anyone remembers me?
  3. Live In The Country - Girls Aloud
  4. The Golden Compass, is brilliant. Although its a triology and the first one. So I`m waiting for the next movie.
  5. Long grey cardi, i♥london tshirt and topshop leggings. Ohhh and my lovely fluffy slipper boots. (:
  6. Good girl gone bad - Rihanna, x <3 ♥
  7. Hairspray, Bratz, Dream Girls, Material Girls && POTC 3 [POTC 3 ages ago now though ;)]
  8. Healthy. Lol, yeahh. We all need some fat once in a while Chewing chewing gum ATM!
  9. Just Had A Cheese Toastie For Breakfast
  10. Pasta and chips, and a piece of my mums cake she made! xxx
  11. Hows this, Amy? If you decide to use, credit user emzyflower_xx.livejournal.com
  12. I really like those, Aaron! Especially the first one! xox
  13. Hey! I was wodnering where you'd got to...I was worried, lol
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