Wayan Rahardjo

Dorje Swallow

Wayan Rahardjo (2009-2010)
Dorje Swallow
Episodes: 48974997

Sibling: Unnamed brother (deceased)
Spouse: Unnamed wife (deceased)
Children: Bambang Rahardjo, unnamed daughter (deceased)

Wayan was first seen when he was admitted to Northern Districts Hospital and treated by Rachel. Angelo, who was investigating a people smuggling operation, went to the hospital to talk to him but had trouble communicating. He ran into Hugo there and, knowing he’d spent time in Indonesia, asked him to translate, but all Hugo could get out of him was that his name was Clint Eastwood. Wayan disappeared before Angelo could get a proper translator. Angelo ran his records and learned there was a sibling DNA match with the severed male hand found on the beach some time previous.

Wayan was seen out walking by Angelo and his partner Bryant: They gave chase but he gave them the slip. He was seen again by Angelo, Charlie and Robertson during a stakeout at the wharf, with his young son Bambang and another man they didn’t get a good look at. Wayan again managed to flee without them being able to talk to him.

When a sunken boat was found with the hold full of drowned illegal immigrants, Wayan watched from a distance with Bambang: His wife and daughter had been on board (and evidently his brother, since the severed hand was found to belong to one of the bodies). He left Bambang in hiding and tried to get a closer look but was spotted by Angelo and arrested. At the police station, he briefly encountered Hugo and spoke to him in Indonesian, asking for help. When the police were distracted by a troublesome new prisoner, Wayan escaped and fled to the house where Bambang was hiding, only to encounter an angry Derrick Quaid, who dragged him away.

Some weeks later, while investigating the docks, Charlie found Wayan locked in a shipping crate along with several other illegal immigrants. Before she could do anything, however, she was knocked unconscious by Hugo. It was revealed at that point that Hugo was behind the people smuggling operation and had brought Wayan and Bambang over. Fluent in Indonesian, he had paid Wayan to leave the hospital, and it had been him with them at the wharf—where Wayan had been trying to find out why the rest of his family hadn’t arrived. Hugo dragged Charlie away but left the crate unlocked, allowing Wayan to stagger out and attract the attention of Alf, Romeo and Xavier. He and the others were taken to hospital where, recovering, he told Rachel of Hugo’s involvement. Soon after, he was reunited with Bambang, who had been looked after by Martha in the interim.

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