Bambang Rahardjo

Bambang Rahardjo (2009-2010)
Jofy Prastowo
Episodes: 49544997

Parents: Wayan Rahardjo, unnamed mother (deceased)
Sibling: Unnamed sister (deceased)

Bambang was a young Indonesian boy who was spotted by Angelo, Charlie and Robertson with his father Wayan talking to another man by the fish market, with all three running off before they could question them. He later watched from hiding with Wayan as the bodies found in the boat carrying asylum seekers were brought onto the wharf. Wayan ventured too close and was caught by the police but Bambang ran off. Shortly after, Bambang hid under an abandoned house as Wayan was dragged off by Derrick Quaid.

He was later found hiding in the house by Romeo and Xavier. His initial instinct was to run off, biting Xavier on the arm when he grabbed hold of him, but the two boys eventually gained his trust and took him to Martha, who he formed an instant bond with. He was taken to Angelo and Charlie, who agreed to let Martha look after him for the night. Rachel gave him a check over and found he was slightly malnourished but otherwise fine. Romeo collected Bambang’s belongings from the house but Angelo was annoyed at him disturbing a crime scene and took Bambang’s doll, which turned out to contain a coded message. When Hugo arrived home, he was unhappy to find Bambang there and talked Martha out of fostering him long term, convincing her Bambang should be with members of his own culture.

After Martha and Hugo’s relationship soured, she requested to foster Bambang again and social worker Dorothy Nolan returned him to her care. Hugo started making an effort, taking them all fishing. When Bambang wandered off from the pair, Derrick tried to grab him but was stopped by Charlie and Angelo. A police watch was put on their home. Hugo and Bambang began getting on better, at least until Hugo lost his temper with him after getting further trouble from Suzy.

Liam looked after Bambang while Martha was sorting out a wiring problem at his place and Martha arranged for Bambang to have a music lesson with him. She cut the lesson short when she discovered pills in Liam’s cupboard, which had been left by Poppie Merrin, one of his students. After learning he and Nicole had recently split up, Martha invited him back to the farm where he continued Bambang’s lesson.

Shortly after, it was discovered that the man Wayan and Bambang had met with when they were first seen was Hugo: Wayan had been enquiring about the whereabouts of his wife and daughter, unaware they were among those drowned in the stricken boat, and asked Hugo to take them back to Indonesia. After the container full of asylum seekers was found, Alf brought Bambang to the hospital. They ran into Martha, who was upset about Hugo’s arrest but put on a brave face for Bambang, before the boy was reunited with his father.

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