David Simpson

David Simpson (2003)
Aristo Athos, Piper Ferguson, Eli Ferguson
Episodes: 3536-3537

Parents: Blake Dean & Sophie Simpson
Sibling: Tamara Simpson (half-sibling)

David was the child of Blake and Sophie, conceived around the time Sophie tried to be a surrogate parent for Sally and Flynn. Like many children born in Summer Bay, he chose an inconvenient time, as Sophie went into labour in the middle of Sally’s hen party on a secluded beach, forcing Flynn to abseil down a cliff to help deliver him. Mother and child were soon taken to hospital and a few days later David went to live in Queensland with Sophie and his older half-sister Tamara.

Sophie didn’t seem in a hurry to name her son, which resulted in Tamara referring to him as Max, after her boyfriend Max Sutherland. David’s name wasn’t revealed until 2005, when Blake and Sophie both returned to Summer Bay: It was the name of Tamara’s father, who Sophie had planned to name Tamara after if she’d been a boy.

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