Miranda Porter

Miranda Porter (1999)
Lauren Hewett

Parents: Ellen Porter

Miranda Porter, daughter of Fisher’s nanny Ellen Porter, hit our screens in spring 1999. Lauren Hewett, who played Miranda, actually wasn’t a complete newcomer to the show for she incorporated the character of Mikki Salter some years ago.

Ellen told Donald that there were sorts of problems concerning her daughter Miranda and that she had to leave St Catherine’s boarding school. Fisher seemed to be completely understandable after being told and even offered Ellen to have her daughter with her at his place.

The first impression Miranda gave to us all was that she was kind of stand-offish taciturn. She always answered to all questions put to her with due slowness and brevity.

After having met most of the Summer Bay gang Miranda seemed to be interested in Will but Gypsy told her rudely to stay away and to restrain from having further surfing lessons with him.

Meanwhile Sam learned that Miranda had some kind of secret and tried to dig deeper but the whole thing backfired and Sam jumped to conclusions that Miranda ought to be pregnant and spread this rumour. Oh no, this rumour didn’t really make his day and he had to apologise.

Joey started having the hots on Miranda till the very moment when Miranda was helping in the kitchen and had a minor cut because of slipping down while rubbing the cheese. She threw the whole stuff into the garbage can, put the rasp into the sink, turned on the tap, and ran away like a headless chook refusing all help such as cleaning the cut.

Joey wondered what all that was about, and decided the pay a visit at Fisher’s place and was welcomed by Ellen telling him that Miranda had a shower. Joey wanted to pop in later on, but Ellen told him that Miranda would be delighted to see him after all. Both Miranda and Joey thought that they were avoiding each other due to this odd incident in the kitchen. Thus Joey took heart and asked about the reasons why she was leaving irrationally fast the other day and Miranda told him not being able to face the sight of blood due to a severe car accident. Joey found this story incredibly unbelievable right from the start and asked her if she weren’t afraid of cars then also but she denied.

The very next day Joey headed for Fisher’s place again to find himself involved in a conversation with Ellen. The main subject of which was Miranda of course and Ellen was surprised at the fact Joey being aware of Miranda’s most ever concealed secret. All the problems she had because of being far too confiding to people not being trustworthy and how much she had to love him to push things that far for telling being HIV+ isn’t the easy thing to admit. Joey stood beside himself like being struck by a lightning. Ellen had that uncanny feeling of having revealed something she’d better not and dug Joey with the question of being told or not. Joey enlightened her and Ellen felt bad for having stuffed up the whole thing. Ellen told Miranda but she on her behalf couldn’t fix the whole thing up for Joey was reluctant to hear her out. Miranda fell crying into Ellen’s arms and finally Miranda managed to enlighten Joey about her white lie. Joey told her he was not being angry with her because of being HIV+ but due to her shameless lie for he was the most straightforward guy one could imagine.

The conclusion of all this reconciliation was that Miranda’s gonna change to Summer Bay High; after having listened to some adult advice to give her former friends another chance after recovered from the initial shock, Miranda decided to turn her back to Summer Bay and to return to St Catherine’s.

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