Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris (1988)
Sharyn Hodgson
Episodes: 7; 112132

Parents: George & Susan (deceased) Morris
Siblings: Carly Morris

Occupation: Model

When Carly borrowed money from her father to pay off damage for the damage done to Clive Fisher’s truck, Tom went to see her father and was surprised to find that Carly had an identical twin, still living at home. It turned out that Samantha, Carly’s twin was a successful model and was kept at home by her father George as his meal ticket.

She later turned up in the Bay and asked Carly to hide her out because she claimed her father was hitting her. Carly agreed to help and hid her in her bedroom. She asked Lynn to keep quiet about Samantha being there, explaining that she knew what it was like to have her father hit her. There were a number of near misses where Samantha had to pretend to be Carly in order to avoid being caught but when Bobby started to get suspicious, Carly decided to move Samantha into a van.

With Lynn’s help she managed to get Samantha some clothes but Samantha was seen first by Neville and later begged Martin for money at the beach, giving him the come on. Using the money, Samantha went to a call box and made a phone call. The next day in the papers Samantha’s disappearance was put down as a kidnap. That night Lance, having been given the come on by Samantha, snuck into Carly’s room and caused her to scream and wake the whole household.

The next day, as Carly hid in the caravan with the Samantha, their father George turned up. George threatened The Fletchers but they denied ever seeing Samantha only to spot the twins walking to school together. George made a deal with Carly to make her famous if Samantha came home and Carly agreed in exchange for a $5000 contract and the next day the media were swarming all over the Caravan park running stories on the two sisters being reunited.

Lance and Martin tracked Carly down to the studios where she was doing a shoot but Samantha told security to stop them entering the studios. They ruined the shoot and humiliated Samantha and George in revenge for taking Carly from The Fletchers. Carly returned home and the whole family sat down to watch her successful photo shoot only to realise that her father had organised for their roles to be swapped and the humiliating pictures of Samantha were passed off as Carly, making her look like a fool while Samantha came out looking glamorous. After her humiliation, Carly decided she wanted nothing more to do with her family and Samantha never returned to the bay.