Jamie Sharpe

Jamie Sharpe (2012-2013)
Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Episodes: 56305667; 56865695

Parents: Adam Sharpe; Unnamed mother (deceased)

Jamie was first encountered by Leah, Marilyn and Natalie during a carnival at Angelo’s. A drunken Marilyn got on the DJ’s microphone and told Jamie to ask Leah out, resulting in them sharing a kiss. He turned up at the Diner a few days later to see Leah. He wasn’t put off by her revealing she had a son and mentioned his mother had died suddenly along with her lover. He and Leah went backs to her place and spent the night together.

Leah began to worry that Jamie was taking their relationship too seriously when he showered her with flowers and an expensive scarf. Jamie convinced her to have lunch with him and took her to a large house which he claimed he was looking after for an employer, where they kissed again. As it turned out, the house belonged to Adam Sharpe, a friend of the Braxtons, and Jamie was his son.

When Jamie took VJ and Jett water skiing behind her back, Leah decided enough was enough and broke up with Jamie. Jamie convinced her they could still be friends, then turned up at her house with food and video games for VJ and Jett, prompting Leah to feel he was becoming too obsessed with her family and tell him to stay away.

Jamie’s behaviour became even more inappropriate as a result. He tried to get Leah to come to a party at Angelo’s, then rang her with Liam’s phone when she didn’t turn up. He vandalised the Diner and photoshopped himself into a photo of Leah and VJ. He turned up at the Diner and started chatting to VJ until Leah told him to leave. Adam tried to get him to stay away from Leah, saying he was attracting attention. Jamie protested he just wanted a wife and family, prompting Adam to hit him. Jamie then let himself into Leah’s house with a key he’d obtained and watched her sleeping, before sending her a photo of herself asleep. VJ confronted Jamie and told him to stay away from Leah, prompting Jamie to grab him, with Liam having to step in.

On learning Leah and VJ had left town, Jamie was determined to find them. He began pestering Jett, suspecting he knew where VJ was. He broke into the Palmers’ house and looked through Jett’s messages from VJ, then hacked VJ’s account in order to contact Jett, hoping he would mention where VJ was. Adam ended up agreeing to help find Leah if Jamie helped him out against Heath, his biggest detractor among the Braxtons. Jamie went to Heath with a bruised face, saying Adam had hit him and asking for his help.

Jamie still acted on his own, trying to get information out of Colleen and stealing Jett’s phone, which John recovered. On Adam’s instructions, he took Heath out on a boat trip, then knocked him out and left him in the boat, which was rigged to sink. When Brax and Kyle saw Jamie back in town, they were immediately suspicious and forced him to take them to the boat. They eventually found Heath washed up on a beach. Brax handed Jamie over to Adam and told them both to leave town.

Adam was planning to strike back against the Braxtons but they got in first. Brax, Heath, Kyle and Liam tricked Jamie into going to Mangrove River by convincing him Leah was there, when in fact Kyle was waiting there to take him prisoner. With Jamie as a hostage, Adam was forced to make a full confession, including to the fact that Jamie had poisoned his mother and her lover for cheating on Adam. Jamie was returned to Summer Bay just in time to be arrested with Adam, who promised to make sure he got help.

While Adam initially arranged for Jamie to be placed in a psychiatric hospital, Adam was believed dead not long after and his assets frozen. This resulted in Jamie being sent to prison where he was reunited with Casey, who had been sentenced to weekend detention. He was soon targetted by prison bully Courtney Freeman, who tried to get Casey to beat him up. Casey convinced Jamie not to run drugs for Courtney and stepped in when Courtney and his gang were attacking Jamie, only to get stabbed. Jamie followed Casey’s lead in keeping quiet about who did it but also accused Casey of making things worse by provoking Courtney. Casey told Jamie he had a chance to follow his own path instead of Adam’s, while Brax warned Jamie not to involve Casey in his problems again. Zac later arranged a deal where, in return for Casey giving evidence against Courtney, he was released and Jamie was transferred to another prison.