Aiden Wilcox

Aiden Wilcox (2019)
Socratis Otto
Episodes: 7111, 7118, 7133

Occupation: Family counsellor

Aiden was first mentioned when Jasmine Delaney decided to get professional help, during a rough patch with husband Robbo, with Tori recommending him. When she arrived for her first session, his first question was about Robbo. She became anxious and he attempted to calm her before turning discussion to her father. After Jasmine opened up that Robbo leaving hurt her like her father leaving hurt her, Aiden suggested they bring Robbo into the session. He was able to get Jasmine and Robbo to discuss the issue of him leaving and find a common ground. After the end of the session, Aiden gave Robbo his card, telling him that he needed therapy as well.

A few days later, Robbo met up with Aiden on the beach to discuss what he wanted to get out of counselling. Robbo believed he wanted to get to a place where he felt comfortable marrying Jasmine and Aiden helped him, reminding him that he was not responsible for the deaths of his family.

When Tori had a wobble with her pregnancy a few weeks later, Robbo met up with Aiden who helped him collect his thoughts about having another child. Aiden told him that for them to come up with plans for him to deal with what’s happening, Robbo has to know what is going on.

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