6 Coronation Spoilers for Next Week – 24th to 28th June

Next week on Coronation Street, Bernie turns to Kit for help after Gemma is arrested, Joel’s parents make a shock discovery, Steve gets his hopes up, and Glenda makes George an offer.

Please note, due to football coverage on ITV1, Corrie will only be airing on Monday and Friday. Episodes will be made available for early viewing at 7am on ITVX.

1) Gemma is arrested

The hard knocks keep coming for the Winter-Brown household next week, as Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) finds herself arrested for theft.

Gemma and husband Chesney (Sam Aston) learned they were being evicted from No.5 last week, after the landlord announced that he was selling the property.

And as next week begins, Gemma is devastated to receive a £70 parking fine through the post. The family of seven are already struggling to make ends meet, with Gemma acutely aware that on top of all the bills, 4-year-old daughter Carys (Lily & Lucy Taylor) is in dire need of new shoes.


With Carys now in pain, Gemma has no choice but to take her daughter to a shoe shop to get her feet properly measured. But Gemma’s devastated when the assistant (Tilly Sutcliffe) informs her that the shoes Carys needs are £45.


In a moment of desperation, whilst the assistant is distracted, Gemma grabs Carys’s hand and swiftly exits the shop without paying for the shoes!

When Gemma’s mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) sees the new shoes she’s confused, wondering how Gemma afforded them… will she come clean?

Meanwhile, Chesney is tasked with feeding the masses when Joseph (William Flanagan) invites some of his friends from the prestigious Oakhill private school over for dinner.

Joseph’s education there is being paid for by gran Linda (Jacqueline Leonard), though Gemma and Chesney have on occasion been left feeling uncomfortable about Joseph’s slightly less privileged background.


When the schoolfriends came to the street last month, Linda arranged to take them all to the bistro to ‘take the pressure off’, but it left Gemma feeling that their home wasn’t deemed good enough in her eyes.

Last week, a similar situation came up when Joseph was dropped off at home by his friend Olly’s (Keelan Wright) mum. Carrie-Ann (Chloe Carter) greeted Chesney and commented that he must be a very busy man.

It became apparent that Carrie-Ann was under the belief that Chesney owned a vast catering empire, rather than just being the manager of local kebab shop Prima Doner. Whilst it had been her own assumption, Joseph had not corrected her, leading Chesney to believe Joseph was ashamed of his dad’s job.


With that in mind, there could perhaps be an eyebrow raised when Chesney serves up Prima Doner’s finest kebabs for Joseph and his mates, but luckily it appears that they go down a treat with the delighted youths.

But when Gemma later opens the door to Olly’s dad, Bruce (Daniel Brennan), she is shocked to the core as she recognises the man standing in front of her…

The next morning, Gemma is hauled down to Weatherfield Police Station after being placed under arrest for shoplifting. Kit (Jacob Roberts) is on duty and is shocked to see his half-sister being booked in.


Despite the strained relationship with her long-lost son, Bernie approaches him and begs him to do what he can to secure Gemma’s release, particularly since she already has a prior charge for shoplifting on record.

Although currently unwilling to forgive Bernie for giving him up, Kit does genuinely seem to want to try and forge a relationship with his siblings. As such Kit pays a visit to Bruce at the shoe shop, but will he be able to help Gemma?

When Gemma later hears what Kit has done, she’s intrigued as to why he would want to help her, unaware of their connection.

But when Gemma invites him into No.5 to meet Chesney and the kids, Kit receives a shocking phone call from his father which could change everything…

2) Is Sabrina’s mate onto Joel?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, it seems that a stranger has already seen through predator Joel’s (Calum Lill) facade.


Joel bumped into an upset Sabrina (Luana Santos) outside the police station last week, and after he enquired if she was okay, she explained that her brother Gav (Noah Olaoye) had been arrested.

Joel was quick to offer up his services to the young girl, passing her his business card, before Sabrina’s mate (Sydney Martin) came along and the two went inside.


Joel has recently been uncovered to viewers as the abusive former boyfriend of Lauren (Cait Fitton), and was responsible for brutally beating her in her precinct flat before her disappearance.

All this time, the outwardly mild-mannered solicitor has been leading a double life with girlfriend, and now fiancée, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Next week, whilst Sabrina seems grateful for Joel’s offer of help, her mate thinks she needs to stay well clear, believing that Joel’s a creep. Sabrina agrees that she may have been a little naive, but will she heed her warning?


3) Amy puts her foot in it with Dee-Dee

Meanwhile, after a disastrous first meeting with Joel’s parents Gus (Chris Garner) and Anthea (Carol Royle), Dee-Dee arranges to meet them in the bistro again alongside her father Ed (Trevor Michael Georges).

It was only after that first lunch that Joel had proposed to Dee-Dee, so it’s all the more important for Dee-Dee to try and start afresh with her future in-laws, particularly since they’re about to have an engagement party.



Things seem to get off to a good start, with Anthea apologising for how she spoke to Dee-Dee, but it doesn’t take long before server Amy (Elle Mulvaney) manages to let slip about the engagement.

Gus and Anthea are gobsmacked, but how will they react?


Later in the week, as he and Dee-Dee are preparing for their engagement party, Joel receives a text from Sabrina’s mate. She orders him to meet her, promising he’ll regret it if he doesn’t…



4) Steve gets his hopes up

Further celebrations are in the process of being organised on the street with Steve’s (Simon Gregson) 50th birthday approaching, and best mate Tim (Joe Duttine) is keen to have a lads’ night out.

Sally (Sally Dynevor) later shows Tim their exclusive invitation to the unveiling of Tommy Orpington’s (Matt Milburn) new bust at the Weathy County ground, and Tim’s gutted to realise that it’s on the day of Steve’s 50th.


Tim reluctantly tells Steve that he won’t be able to make his celebration after all, though leaves out the fact that he’s off to celebrate the man that ran off with Steve’s wife Tracy (Kate Ford).

But rather than be too disappointed, Steve takes it as a sign that there’s a surprise party being planned for him.

Later in the week, Steve overhears Sally telling Tim she’s off into town to buy a new outfit for the special event the following day, leaving Steve further convinced of his theory.


Meanwhile, Steve is secretly disappointed when he learns from Amy that Tracy’s planned visit home has been cancelled, with his ex having opted to stay in Spain. Any hopes of winning her back are now seemingly in ruins!

In the Rovers, Steve brings up his party when talking to Cassie (Claire Sweeney), Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Tyrone (Alan Halsall), but all of them deny having any knowledge of it. Whilst Steve smirks, thinking that they’re all playing their cards close to their chest, will his friends realise he’s just building himself up for more disappointment?

5) Kevin and Stefan face off

Also next week, Kevin updates Tyrone on the Stefan situation following his uninvited visit last week.

After wife Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine) was plagued by deepfake adult videos with her likeness uploaded onto the internet, the pair were flummoxed as to who would have both the money and the bitterness against Abi to commit such a crime.

When Bethany (Lucy Fallon) revealed that she’d scored a job at a magazine and her first assignment was to write a complimentary article on Corey Brent, the killer of Abi’s late son Seb, it didn’t take much digging to work out that the owner of said magazine was Stefen (Paul Opacic), Corey’s father.


With Stefan also being on the board of directors for the production company who were filming a documentary about Corey’s prison football prowess, at least until a campaign by Abi saw it canned, Abi was certain she’d found her culprit.

Kevin secretly asked Bethany if he could borrow her swipe card to gain access to the magazine’s HQ, and after sneaking into Stefan’s office, he pocketed a mobile phone. Unfortunately Kevin’s escapade was caught on a hidden camera, and after Stefan confronted him with the evidence, the two made an agreement.

Whilst both keeping the evidence against each other, Kevin wouldn’t hand over the phone to the police, whilst Stefan would pay for a company to monitor and remove all traces of the videos going forward.


However, next week Stefan decides to renege on the deal, not being willing to pay for the £60,000 per year it would take to delete the videos.

With Kevin still in possession of the phone, and Stefan now having called his bluff, how will he react?


Later in the week, as the fallout from earlier events continue, Abi informs Kevin that she is heading away for a few days to go and see her twins Charlie and Lexi, with their adoptive mother Lynsey, down in Essex.



With things already strained, Kevin tries to stay positive as Abi heads out with her bags.


6) Glenda makes George an offer

Over at the Rovers, Glenda (Jodie Prenger) is still determined to get what she is owed from her brother George (Tony Maudsley), after an alternative copy of their father’s will was discovered which revealed he had planned to leave her 50% of the undertakers.

Glenda has already asked Dee-Dee to serve George with papers detailing her intention to sue, and an attempted mediation in the Rovers didn’t manage to get the siblings to meet eye to eye.


Glenda’s new boyfriend Michael is beginning to get a little tired of Glenda’s crusade however, and his disapproval is becoming all too clear, with Glenda worried that he could be going off her already.


In an attempt to draw a line under things, Glenda heads over to the undertakers and gives George another proposition—given that George is living with partner Eileen (Sue Cleaver) anyway, she’ll drop the case against him if he gives her his house.

Will George agree?