Neighbours Spoilers – Haz mystery sees Holly’s bank account emptied

Next week on Neighbours, the mystery surrounding Haz continues as he’s sent another threatening video, while Holly finds her bank account emptied.

Something very strange is going on with Haz Devkar (Shiv Palekar). It’s been a couple of weeks since he entered his beloved Harold’s café one morning to find the place trashed, and things haven’t been the same since.

Haz was touched when the residents of Ramsay Street rallied around to tidy up and help him re-open, but he was rocked to the core just a matter of hours later when he realised that the attack was personal.

That evening, as he sat alone on the sofa at No 32, he received a video alongside the message “I know the truth about you.”

The sinister video appeared to show Haz in a dark hoodie, smashing up the coffee shop himself.

Since then, Haz has been acting very strangely.

When lawyer girlfriend Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) offered to take a look through his business insurance and help him put in a claim, Haz told her that he’d already submitted the forms – something which later turned out to be a lie.

After reading through his insurance documents anyway, Mackenzie learnt that the break-in could actually be financially beneficial for Haz, thanks to his comprehensive policy.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

As viewers were left wondering whether Haz smashed up his own café as an insurance job, he made sure to reveal to his housemates that he has a brother, who many describe as being “exactly like him.” Could this never-before-mentioned brother actually be to blame?

Last week, Mackenzie attempted to get security cameras installed in Harold’s, prompting anger from Haz, who insisted that he would never install cameras in the venue.

As Mackenzie later expressed her concerns to Byron (Xavier Molyneux) about how weird Haz has been acting since the break-in, we saw him sitting alone in Harold’s, listening to their conversation after bugging their phones.

We already learnt that Haz is something of an IT whiz just days before, when he stepped in to save Krista’s (Majella Davis) big presentation after Chelsea (Viva Bianca) corrupted the only copy. Now he’s using his IT skills to spy on his friends – but why?

Haz isn’t the only one to be targeted by unusual behaviour, as Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Jane (Annie Jones) fall victim to a cruel ‘deepfake’ prank.

Aaron received a phone call from his late husband ‘David’ (Takaya Honda) at the end of last week, while a sexy video of Jane spreads around Erinsborough High this week – both turn out to be AI-generated, but are worryingly realistic.

Did Haz really smash up Harold’s, or is the video another deepfake, made by the same person who’s targeting Aaron and Jane?

Next week, the mystery continues. Having hit her savings goal, an excited Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) ropes in Byron to go car shopping with her. Neither of them has any idea that Haz is once again sitting alone, listening in to their conversation.

Soon after, Haz’s anxiety skyrockets as he receives a USB stick containing another video. This time, it features an animation of himself as a creepy skeleton, accompanied by a hostile message.

Later, Byron mentions that he saw someone watching him over the backyard fence, and Haz’s paranoia grows further. It seems someone really is out to get him.

Haz soon slips up as he makes an innocent comment about the car Holly was planning to buy, leading Holly to question how he knew that particular detail – she never mentioned it to him!

Realising that he only knew it because he’d been listening in, Haz is forced to think on his feet and awkwardly cover. 

As Holly joins Mackenzie in growing concerned by Haz’s recent odd behaviour, she checks in with him, but a stressed Haz tells her to get off his case.

Not long after, Holly is distressed to discover that her bank account is completely empty – her $20,000 of car savings are gone!

Unbeknownst to her, the money has mysteriously made its way to Haz’s personal bank account…

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

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Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

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