Neighbours Spoilers – Aaron and Jane targeted in new ‘Deep Fakes’ storyline

Next week on Neighbours, Aaron, Jane and Haz find themselves the victims of a cruel deep fake prank, but who is behind it?

Neighbours has just kicked off a new deep fakes storyline, and it’s not yet clear how many Ramsay Street residents are involved.

At the end of this week, Aaron (Matt Wilson) is shocked to his core when he gets a phone call from David.

We’re sure that nobody needs reminding that David died back in February, bleeding out after falling down a steep embankment with bad boy Eden (Costa D’Angelo).

Aaron has spent the past two months mourning the death of his ‘boo’, so when he has a full two-way conversation him in this Thursday’s episode (28th March), it leaves him wondering whether he’s still alive after all.

Ben King / Amazon Freevee

In next monday’s episode, Nicolette (Hannah Monson) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) are forced to manage Aaron’s expectations as he tells them what just happened.

They attempt to rationalise it as a grief response, but Aaron is hurt that they don’t believe him, insisting that his two-way conversation with David wasn’t a hallucination or a dream.

Thankfully, Jane (Annie Jones) takes Aaron seriously, and offers for them to find a logical explanation to the call together. Yet she has no idea that she’s about to be taunted by a deep fake of her own…

Jane is growing increasingly fed up of her long distance relationship, with no end in sight to Mike’s (Guy Pearce) motorbike tour of the UK. He was only meant to be there for three months, but recently extended it for another three, and it’s making Jane feel like they’re growing apart.

This week, Nicolette offers her own brand of advice when she tells her mum that a spicy video may be what they need to keep the spark alive despite the thousands of miles between them.

Conservatively-minded Jane is appaled by the risqué suggestion… so when an explicit video starts spreading around Erinsborough High, showing the school principal in a sexy video chat with fiancé Mike, either she had a change of heart, or something very strange is going on.

Next Tuesday (2nd April), Jane has no idea that a video of her is being shared by her pupils. She’s confused when the students imitate her peeling a banana and leave bananas on her desk.

Dex (Marley Williams) feels bad and wants to tell Jane what’s going on, but JJ (Riley Bryant) insists it’s nothing to do with them, and telling her will only make them look guilty.

However, as the students continue to make Jane the butt of their jokes, Dex’s conscience gets the better of him and he shows the video to Jane.

Nicolette can’t believe her mother was so lax with her internet security and gives Jane a lecture on being more careful with her ‘private content’, but Jane is appaled that her daughter thinks the video is real!

As they connect the dots, it finally dawns on Jane, Aaron and Nicolette that both the video and Aaron’s phone call with David were likely deep fakes – AI-generated video and audio.

Despite his relief at having an answer, Aaron’s grief is fed by the cruel reminder that David is really gone.

While nothing has been confirmed by Neighbours bosses, fans are wondering whether Haz (Shiv Palekar) was also a victim of the deep fake villan, when he received a video purpoting to show him smashing up Harold’s Café.

Haz seemed genuinely shocked and upset when he walked into Harold’s last week to find the place ransacked, with chairs and tables smashed, and his beloved coffee machine broken.

So when he was later sent a video of himself carrying out the act, along with the message ‘I know the truth about you’, something didn’t add up.

Who is creating the deep fakes, and what do they want with the residents of Ramsay Street?

Elsewhere next week, things are tense between Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) after Karl’s return to Ramsay Street.

While Karl was in Sydney, Melanie and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) spent the night together, fracturing the already fragile marriage of Toadie and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

Melanie was fearful that Karl would rip into her when he returned to Erinsborough, but he’s stayed uncharacteristically silent, which only serves to make Melanie more uncomfortable.

Next week, Melanie discovers a newspaper with a number of apartments circled, and becomes convinced that Karl is prepping her to move out of No. 28.

Krista (Majella Davis) suggests that Melanie combats this by being the perfect housemate, but as Mel launches a spring clean offensive, it comically makes things worse.

Finally, Melanie admits her fears to Karl, but he explains that the newspaper belonged to someone else – he wasn’t circling apartments as a hint. Karl explains that while he’s disappointed over the Toadie situation, he would never turn his back on either of them – they’re family.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 25th March (Episode 9012 / 109)

Felix is shocked by JJ’s loyalty.

Holly faces a setback.

Krista continues to impress Paul, much to Chelsea’s ire.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 26th March (Episode 9013 / 110)

JJ battles with a moral dilemma.

Andrew discovers an uncomfortable truth about his daughter.

Vengeful Chelsea takes things too far.

Wednesday 27th March (Episode 9014 / 111)

Krista faces her darkest hour.

Melanie feels the distance between her and Karl.

Mackenzie is unsettled by Haz’s behaviour.

Thursday 28th March (Episode 9015 / 112)

Chelsea grapples to regain control.

Aaron receives a haunting phone call.

Nicolette challenges Jane’s approach to long-distance flirtation.

Leo reconsiders his stance.

Monday 1st April (Episode 9016 / 113)

Felix faces a setback.

Wendy and Andrew struggle to accept their evolving relationship with Sadie.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Aaron deals with a fresh wave of grief.

Tuesday 2nd April (Episode 9017 / 114)

Jane is cruelly targeted.

Andrew oversteps the mark.

JJ steps up for Felix.

Wednesday 3rd April (Episode 9018 / 115)

JJ’s decision has catastrophic consequences.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Felix is focused on his endgame.

Melanie reads between the lines.

Chelsea makes an inspired declaration.

Thursday 4th April (Episode 9019 / 116)

The Rodwell family process Felix’s deception.

Chelsea’s jealousy blooms.

JJ prepares for a tough conversation.