Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 26th to 29th February

Next week on Neighbours, we meet Andrew’s brother Felix for the first time, as the show returns to the question of JJ’s parentage.

Elsewhere, Aaron’s return riles up Nicolette, Karl says goodbye, and Slade and his cronies continue causing trouble all over Erinsborough.

1) Is Andrew’s brother JJ’s father?

The end of this week saw Andrew (Lloyd Will) surprised to receive a mysterious letter from Warrinor Prison. It turns out his brother Felix (James Beaufort) is incarcerated there, but he’s soon due for parole and is hoping to come stay with the Rodwells on Ramsay Street.

Andrew doesn’t think it’s a good look for a convicted criminal to come and live with them, considering his job as a police officer, but Wendy (Candice Leask) reminds him that Felix only got caught up in the robberies, implying that he wasn’t to blame.

However, there’s a bigger problem at play as we finally learn what Andrew read in Phillipa’s diary late last year.

Andrew learnt that his brother was planning on donating his sperm to Phillipa all those years ago, the sperm which Phillipa went on to give to Cara Varga-Murphy (Sara West). As a result, he may be JJ’s (Riley Bryant) dad!

Andrew heads to prison to visit his brother, and the two enjoy catching up. Andrew eventually broaches the topic of the sperm donation, but Felix reassures him that he never went ahead with his plan – he’s not donated his sperm to anyone.

Andrew is convinced his brother is telling the truth, and agrees to help him with his parole application. After getting Sadie’s (Emerald Chan) blessing, he also agrees to let him stay with the family on Ramsay Street if his application is successful.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Yet with spoilers for March showing Felix spending more and more time with JJ, was he telling the truth about his ‘donation’?

2) Karl makes an exit

Last week saw Karl (Alan Fletcher) tell Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) that he would soon be heading to Sydney to visit Susan (Jackie Woodburne), who has been in the city since Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Elly (Jodi Gordon) left for their European honeymoon.

The storyline saw Susan discover that Elly’s mum Liz had left Elly’s daughter Aster (Amelia Gavin) alone for hours while she hung out with her new boyfriend.

Elly took the decision to exclude her mum from the wedding, and Susan opted to head to Sydney to look after Aster while the newlyweds headed to Europe for an extended honeymoon.

The move allowed Jackie Woodburne some time off from the show. Now it’s Alan Fletcher’s turn for a break, and he’s set to be off the show for the next few weeks.

In next week’s episodes, Karl tells Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) that he’s heading to Sydney the following morning to see Susan, before telling Toadie to give him a call if he needs anything.

Karl is expected to be off-screen for the next few weeks, before returning to Erinsborough with Susan.

3) Sadie hooks up with Byron?

Next week’s Neighbours sees Sadie confess to best friends Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) that she’s never had sex.

The pair are surprised, considering (in their words) sex is all Sadie ever talks about, but Sadie explains that while she definitely feels like she’s ready for a sex life, she’s waiting for the right man to come along. The only problem is, that man doesn’t seem to exist.

Holly soon convinces her that perhaps it’s not worth waiting for Mr Right, and that maybe she should find Mr Right Now to take her virginity.

The trio head out for a night on the town with Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Haz (Shiv Palekar), but while Haz and Mackenzie spend the night making out against the wall, the three singletons return to Ramsay Street empty-handed.

As they nurse hangovers the following day, Holly notices how affectionate Byron acts towards Sadie and has a brainwave – perhaps kind, gentle and experienced former escort Byron would be the perfect man to take Sadie’s V-plates.

Sadie agrees, and sets about working out how to proposition Byron. She spots an opportunity as she looks to hone her makeup skills, and the pair grow ever closer as Sadie gives Byron a makeover in the kitchen of No. 26.

However, when push comes to shove, she can’t bring herself to ask the question, realising she risks throwing away a wonderful friendship in the pursuit of getting physical.

Yet this is Neighbours, the story is far from over… will Sadie pluck up the courage to ask Byron for help?

4) Aaron returns to Nicolette’s ire

This week’s episodes saw Aaron skip town after his grief over husband David’s (Takaya Honda) death got too much for him.

He’s been refusing to engage with Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker), feeling too emotionally unstable to parent his daughter, much to Nicolette’s (Hannah Monson) ever-growing annoyance.

Next week sees Aaron return, and he’s frustrated when Nicolette immediately lays into him for disappearing, demanding to know where he’s been hiding out.

When Aaron offers an apology, she remains stubborn in her feelings and won’t back down, despite Aaron’s continued grief.

When Aaron brings up the time that she took off to Canberra when pregnant, Nicolette finally begins to soften, realising that they can all do selfish things when stressed.

Can they finally find a way through their shared grief and learn to support each other?

5) Toadie and Terese’s anguish continues

This week saw Toadie reveal to wife Terese that Melanie wants him back, and that she told him so in no uncertain terms.

Jackson Finter / Amazon Freevee

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Toadie’s reaction left Terese fearful that Toadie’s feelings for his ex-wife were reciprocated.

Next week, Terese won’t come home and won’t answer Toadie’s calls. When she does finally return to No. 22, she’s cold and refuses to listen to his apologies, reminding Toadie just how bad he would feel if she was having heart-to-hearts with Paul (and she’d never do a thing like that…!)

As the week progresses, Toadie does his best to redeem himself, including taking Terese coffee before her important meeting with ‘The Department’ at Erinsborough Highrene Rising, but Terese still can’t get Melanie and Paul out of her mind.

When Lana from the Education Department comes to visit the construction site, Terese is too distracted to think clearly, and Jane faces an uphill battle to hold the meeting together.

Is it too late for Toadie to redeem himself, and will Terese’s lack of concentration put her development in jeopardy?

6) JJ seeks protection from Slade

Slade (Charlie Di Stefano) and his ‘gang’ have been causing mild havoc in Erinsborough for the past few weeks, and the worst is yet to come.

JJ has been fearing for his safety ever since he witnessed Slade and his friends graffitiing the Drinks Divas van on Ramsay Street, and revealed to Andrew that the gang were to blame.

Next week, as Slade shows up at Erinsborough High and bumps into JJ, he makes it clear that JJ needs to watch his back.

When JJ and Dex (Marley Williams) later bump into Slade on the outskirts of the complex, Dex scarpers, leaving his brother to cop the full force of Slade’s anger as he punches him, knocking him to the ground.

JJ later hides his embarrassment as he keeps the attack to himself, but the experience leaves him fearful. When at Harold’s, he spots an opportunity and swipes a chef’s knife that Haz (Shiv Palekar) left on the countertop, as a way of protecting himself.

He’s later forced to hide the knife in the school, stashed between the lockers and the wall, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s found by Curtis (Nathan Borg), who immediately puts the school on lockdown.

The police jump into action, but when Slade has an alibi, and Andrew learns that the knife was taken from Harold’s during the lunchtime rush hour, all eyes are on Dex, JJ and Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner), who were the only Erinsborough High students in the café at the time.

JJ eventually confesses that he was the one who took the knife, landing him a two-week suspension. He admits that Slade attacked him, but he’s flabbergasted when Andrew laments that Slade will likely avoid punishment, as there was nobody around to witness the punch.

With the rivalry between JJ and Slade growing, will JJ face further danger?

7) Chelsea’s gold-digging continues

As Paul remains wrapped in grief, Chelsea (Viva Bianca) continues to take advantage by wielding her newfound power as acting manager of Lassiters.

She makes a large order for her signature scent, planning on placing a bottle of her perfume in every room. Paul is surprised, but doesn’t have the heart to argue, especially after she’s taken such good care of him in recent weeks.

When Chelsea overhears Toadie talking about David’s will, she has a brainwave. With full access to Paul’s office, she sets out to find Paul’s own will, hoping to find out exactly what’s on offer.

When Krista (Majella Davis), who is still breathing over her shoulder, walks in as Chelsea is snooping around, Chelsea is clearly shaken.

Terese later confronts Chelsea over her taking advantage of Paul, furious that she’s using his grief as a way to advance her cosmetics business.

Chelsea reminds Terese that she no longer has any say in Paul’s life or the runnings of the hotel, before making a vindictive move which is set to leave Terese devastated…

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next three weeks:

Monday 26th February (Episode 8996 / 93)

Sadie makes a surprise confession.

Toadie struggles to redeem himself.

Andrew has a big decision to make.

Tuesday 27th February (Episode 8997 / 94)

Andrew goes out on a limb.

Sadie has her eyes on someone.

JJ finds himself in trouble.

Wednesday 28th February (Episode 8998 / 95)

JJ makes a poor decision.

The Education Department throw a spanner in the works.

Nicolette struggles with her resentment.

Thursday 29th February (Episode 8999 / 96)

The walls close in on an anxious JJ.

Chelsea attempts to control the narrative.

Tension simmers in Number Twenty-Four.

Monday 4th March (Episode 9000 / 97)

Nicolette makes a divisive choice.

Chelsea is taken on a ‘Paul Robinson’s Greatest Hits’ tour.

Toadie seeks comfort in all the wrong places.

Tuesday 5th March (Episode 9001 / 98)

Sadie’s night takes an unexpected turn.

Jane struggles to keep her family together.

Mike has an update.

Wednesday 6th March (Episode 9002 / 99)

The Rodwell house expands as three become four.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Byron feels betrayed.

Toadie is propelled into action.

Thursday 7th March (Episode 9003 / 100)

Felix is confronted by a terrifying possibility.

Paul embarks on a less than glamorous mission.

Toadie’s commitment wavers.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Monday 11th March (Episode 9004 / 101)

The residents of Erinsborough come together for the Longest Lie-In, but it’s not long before tensions begin to simmer.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Tuesday 12th March (Episode 9005 / 102)

The reveal at the Lie-in leads to major consequences for those involved.

The Lie-In ends with surprising winners… And losers.

Aaron receives a call that shakes him to the core.

Wednesday 13th March (Episode 9006 / 103)

Toadie struggles with his new reality.

Felix is drawn to JJ, despite his best efforts.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Hugo finds himself in grave danger.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 14th March (Episode 9007 / 104)

Toadie tries to keep a level head in the face of a terrifying situation.

JJ draws on Felix’s advice.

Felix makes a fateful decision.