Neighbours Spoilers – Nell meets with Sharon Davies in Melanie search

Nell’s deception worsens on Thursday’s Neighbours as she connects with an old friend of Melanie’s – can Sharon Davies help her get to the bottom of Mel’s disappearance?

Since calling a ceasefire last week following the family’s counselling session, Nell Rebecchi (Ayisha Salem-Towner) has seemingly accepted the dissolution of her father Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) marriage to Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden).

It’s been a year since Melanie left the family unit and although it took a while, Nell finally made peace with this fact following a counselling session last week.

However, yesterday, her interest was once again piqued when she overhead Sharon Davies (Jessica Muschamp) mention to principal Jane Harris (Annie Jones) that she had lost all communication with Melanie in the preceding weeks and it seems she’s moved house.

Viewers will remember that Sharon was last seen in the series finale last June, sending well wishes to the happy couple following their wedding.

Worried about the woman she holds dear to her, Nell questioned Jane.                        

So, she’s moved house and disappeared?” Nell asked an unnerved Jane, who told her she shouldn’t be listening in to other people’s conversations. Things were exacerbated further when Nell approached Toadie with the information.

Next time you want to talk about Melanie to Nell, don’t,” Toadie warned Jane, their relationship already on rocky territory thanks to Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) winning a bid to develop the land currently home to Erinsborough High.

Nell took things to a new level following this interaction when she realised that Jane had left her phone in the Waterhole. Making a beeline for it, she searched for Sharon’s number and jotted it down, before later calling her and organising a coffee meet.

The drama kicks off in Thursday’s episode when Nell lies to Toadie and Terese, telling them that a peer at school wants help on her economics assignment after Nell blitzed hers, with the help of Terese. The couple are happy she’s being open and honest, but little do they know that once Nell leaves, she heads straight for The Tram.

There, she meets Sharon, who notes that Nell looks different from the photos that she’s seen – perhaps a nod to the recast from previous actor, Scarlett Anderson. Nell, perplexed, questions what photos she’s seen, and it’s then that she learns that Melanie has albums full of photos – she had a special spot for her and Hugo.

As the pair talk, Nell learns more about Sharon’s past, including that she used to live on the street with Jane, Mrs Mangel (Vivean Gray), who Nell is named after, and her sister Bronwyn (Rachel Friend), who went on to marry Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan).

Although the small talk is comforting, Nell is only there for one reason – she knows that Melanie’s missing and she wants Sharon to tell her everything she knows.

Sharon concedes that she is worried about Melanie as it’s been a few weeks since she’s heard from her. It is concerning, but Sharon reassures Nell that it’s very in character for Mel – she has always been impulsive.

“Whatever the reason, it will be kooky and completely typically Melanie,” Sharon assures her.

But it’s still not enough information for Nell. She continues to probe, but Sharon can’t give her anything else, as she admits that Melanie was very vague about her break up with Toadie. She can’t add anything more to what Nell already knows, except for one piece of comfort.

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Even though it didn’t work out between Mel and your dad, she still loves you very much,” Sharon tells her, which warms the cockles. Yet it’s quite the surprise for Nell, considering Melanie claimed she left as she wasn’t ready to be a stepmother to Nell and Hugo.

Following their coffee, Nell walks Sharon to her car. Although it has left more questions than answers, Nell is grateful that Sharon took the time to try to appease her, and if she does hear from Melanie, Nell would love to know.

Though night has fallen, the lighting around the complex where Sharon’s car is parked is bright enough for Nell to be spotted – by none other than Jane!

“What were you doing with Sharon Davies?” Jane asks!

Caught out in a lie, Nell has no other option but to come forward and admit what she’s been up to. With the truth of her deception exposed, Nell begs Jane not to mention anything to Toadie. Jane tells her that she won’t be keeping any secrets, but understands Nell’s concerns.

I just want to know Mel’s okay – please don’t tell dad,” she begs Jane.

Clocking Nell’s desperation, Jane comes to a compromise. If Nell promises not to go on any fact-finding missions, Jane won’t tell Toadie. Nell agrees and the pair have made a deal.

However, if next week’s spoilers are anything to go by, it won’t be long before Nell breaks her end of the bargain, and this time, there’s danger…

TV WEEK reports that Nell will go missing, as she embarks on a search to track down Melanie.

Deciding to skip school, armed with new information about Melanie, Nell heads off in search of her former stepmother. When Toadie, Terese and Andrew (Lloyd Will) get a lead on her potential whereabouts though, they find her belongings, but no Nell…

Will her quest to find Melanie end in more heartache for the Rebecchi clan?

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