Emmerdale Spoilers – Jai and Suni’s father Amit arrives with a dark secret

Tomorrow night’s episode of Emmerdale will see the introduction of Amit Sharma, the father of Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) and recently discovered biological father of Jai (Chris Bisson).

Jai’s world was shattered when he discovered an adoption certificate revealing that Rishi (Bhasker Patel) wasn’t in fact his real father. After several weeks of refusing to divulge any further details, Rishi finally admitted to Jai that he was the product of a fling that mum Georgia (Lin Blakley) had with his younger brother Amit.


However, only hours later and in a rush to attend Jai and Laurel’s wedding, Rishi tragically died after falling down the stairs at Holdgate Farm.

Last week, Jai finally revealed his real relationship to Suni, who was still under the belief that Jai was simply his cousin. But he’s barely had any time to process the information before their father Amit rocks up in the village.

Amit will be played by Anil Goutam, who soap fans may remember appeared as Ranveer Gulati last year in EastEnders.

Speaking to EverySoap and other media at a recent press event, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw gave an insight into the character.

Obviously, we found out not so long ago that Rishi was not Jai’s biological father, and actually Jai’s father is Amit, who is Rishi’s brother and Suni’s father,” Laura explained. “Clearly we weren’t going to leave that one hanging for too long before we brought Amit in!

What you’ll see with Amit is quite a dark and complex character, and although we see Suni wanting him to stick around, could Suni end up regretting that? Is Amit hiding another secret that threatens to blow the whole family apart?

Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana and Anil Goutam later joined us to explain further about Amit’s introduction.


I’m really pleased with how it’s been written,” Anil told us. “There’s lots of complexities in this guy. He has a darker side to him, but not in his own mind. In his mind, he does what he does to protect his family, and I think he can convince himself of pretty much anything being the right thing to protect his family.

He looks out for his family and that’s his raison d’être. He will look out for Suni, but his sister, in his mind, has taken on what Suni’s role should have been. Suni should be the right hand man in the business, and he should be the person who’s going to take over. But he hasn’t wanted to do any of that.

To be fair Suni wants to live his own life,” Anil continues. “But that’s not something Amit can easily let happen, because then things drift out of control. I’d say it’s a controlling relationship, but underneath that Amit does feel the need to look out for Suni and protect him.

With the truth now out about his being Jai’s real father, Amit is keen to build up a relationship with him, but how will Suni feel about that?


Suni and Jai have a really nice relationship,” Brahm explained. “Growing up he saw Jai as like an older brother. But to actually find out he is his brother, he feels like he’s been lied to his whole life. I think there’s an undertone of jealousy, because Jai is the sort of businessman that Amit would have wanted as his son.

It’s almost like Amit’s trying to impress Jai,” Anil added. “Obviously you’ve got to make up for all those years where there’s been no relationship at all, but on top of that he sees something of himself in Jai because he’s a success

Although we can’t yet reveal what Amit’s big secret is, Anil is enjoying exploring the character’s darker side.

It allows an insight into Amit which, when you first meet him, you would probably not guess is this person,” he stated. “If it was purely written like that I don’t think it would be much fun, it would just be a caricature. But it’s not, Amit’s written as a complex person.

Viewers can see Amit’s introduction on Monday 9th October at 7:30pm on ITV.