Home and Away Spoilers – Heather and Marilyn in rooftop showdown

Coming up next week as Home and Away returns to UK screens, it’s a race against time to rescue the hostages, as Heather takes Marilyn up to the roof… What does she have planned?

When we left the sunny shores of Summer Bay six weeks ago, several of the town’s stalwarts were in a rather perilous situation.

Having been summoned to a gathering by Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) long-lost daughter Heather Frazer (Sofia Nolan), Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker), Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) soon found themselves drugged and tied up in the grand house’s dining room.

Marilyn had herself not long awoken, having been knocked out by Heather the previous evening, and was forced to watch everything unfold on CCTV monitors in a disused part of the house.

Eventually brought down to join the others, Marilyn felt ashamed as she was forced to reveal Heather’s true identity to her closest friends, a secret she’d kept for the past 27 years.

As we return to the action, whilst Marilyn’s friends are blindsided by the revelation, the more pressing matter is Alf, whose dicky ticker has had a reaction to the drugs that Heather used to knock them out.

With Alf continuing to deteriorate, the group beg Heather to let them help him, but Heather is more interested in ensuring that Marilyn suffers—after all, she was the one who abandoned her to be brought up by a woman who never loved Heather as a mother should.

Meanwhile, back in the bay, Justin (James Stewart) is becoming concerned for Leah, who hasn’t returned for work. He asks Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) in passing whether there’s been any accidents that could hold up the roads, but they aren’t aware of anything.

Later, when Justin realises that no-one who went to the brunch has returned, he pays a visit to the police station, asking whether there’s been any news on Heather. Given Marilyn was looking for her just before the brunch invitations were sent out, Justin is smelling a rat.

Asked by Rose and Cash why Marilyn would be looking for Heather, he’s forced to reveal that she’s her daughter… with everything suddenly making sense, the officers make some enquiries.

As Heather explains that she wants Marilyn to know what it feels like to lose everything, Roo tries a different tact, telling her that Marilyn’s closest friends will never look at her in the same way again.

With that in mind, she tells Heather that she’s got what she wanted, so how about she call an ambulance for Alf? Heather says it’s not good enough though, and as the stalemate continues, we’re left wondering just where else the situation can go…

Back in Yabbie Creek, Rose learns that the police local to the Frazer family farm have been to the property and found a woman that they believe to be Heather’s stepmother…. her body was in a chest freezer! It suddenly becomes apparent that Marilyn and the others could be in far more danger than anyone had anticipated!

After Justin manages to remember some details from the invitation, Rose realises that the group must have all gone to Heather’s old school, Crestview Ladies College. Whilst they head off, it’s left to Justin to reveal to Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that his girlfriend is a suspected murderer…

When Heather hears police cars approaching, she grabs Marilyn and drags her back upstairs, leaving Rose and Cash to find the rest of the group in the dining room.

As Rose calls an ambulance for Alf, Cash heads out to track down Heather and Marilyn.

As Heather forces Marilyn along an upstairs corridor, Marilyn catches sight of Cash out in the courtyard and desperately shouts out to him from an open window.

Heather quickly silences Marilyn but it’s too late, and Cash sets off in hot pursuit.

As is usually the case for the sake of drama (for similar reasons we won’t question why Marilyn doesn’t just shake Heather off and walk away), Heather seeks her escape by heading higher up into the house…

Unsurprisingly, Heather manages to find herself cornered on a small balcony off the attic room, with a sheer drop behind them.

As a terrified Marilyn stands next to Heather on the balcony, Cash attempts to talk Heather down but she’s having none of it—it’s too late for talk. Heather then attempts a cunning escape, by stepping up onto the parapet and shuffling over to a nearby open window, dragging Marilyn up with her.

But when part of the parapet crumbles away under her feet, Heather plummets down onto the roof below!

Meanwhile, paramedic Xander (Luke Van Os) arrives to take Alf away, and Rose checks on Leah and Irene, apologising that she didn’t see the signs with Heather sooner.

At the hospital, Roo is concerned as Bree (Juliet Godwin) checks over an exhausted Alf.

Justin is relieved when he’s finally reunited with Leah, who tells him the whole sorry tale. Irene feels terrible for ever doubting Marilyn, and Leah wonders if she could have done anything to stop it.

As the pair check in with Roo to see how Alf is faring, all show their concern for Marilyn, who no-one has seen since Heather dragged her out of the dining room…

When an unresponsive Heather is then wheeled in, a shaken Marilyn is close behind.

Despite everything, Marilyn’s only concern is for Heather. But after seeing her fall from such a height, has Marilyn lost any chance of reconciling with her daughter?

Home and Away returns to UK screens on Friday 30th December with a ‘First Look’ on 5STAR at 6pm, and on Monday 2nd January on Channel 5 at 1:35pm and 5STAR at 6pm.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 2nd January (Episode 7901)

Ziggy and Dean get their parenting act together. Rose and Cash pursue a suspected murderer.

Tuesday 3rd January (Episode 7902)

Marilyn faces the real Heather. Dean has doubts about witnessing birth.

Wednesday 4th January (Episode 7903)

Marilyn runs to escape her shame. Remi is tormented by Jacob. Lyrik shoot their first music video.

Thursday 5th January (Episode 7904)

Felicity hides her wedding doubts from Tane. Ziggy and Dean confront the reality of childbirth. Bree warns Remi to stay away.

Friday 6th January (Episode 7905)

Kirby is hit by a blast from the past. Marilyn is nowhere to be found. Is Tane calling the wedding off?