Next Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 12th to 16th December

Coming up next week on Coronation Street, Jacob’s dad arrives, Summer reveals the truth about her miscarriage, and Fiz is confused when she finds Gemma in a wedding dress!

The game is finally up for Summer (Harriet Bibby) and Aaron (James Craven), when they’re forced to reveal the truth about the baby to Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther (Vanessa Hehir).

Whilst the teen couple had agreed to an illicit plan to give their unwanted child to Mike and Esther—who have had trouble conceiving naturally and were willing to pay handsomely for the privilege—Summer tragically suffered a miscarriage two weeks ago.


With £10,000 already received, which was used to put Aaron’s dad into rehab, Summer has been reluctant to tell the couple, worried that it would break their hearts (not to mention being unable to currently pay the money back!).

When Mike and Esther insist on dropping Summer off at the hospital for her scan, they agree to wait outside. Aaron and Summer go along with their charade by buying time inside the hospital, but are surprised when Mike suddenly appears, having decided that he wants to attend the scan after all.


With nowhere left to hide, Summer and Aaron take a deep breath as they prepare to tell Mike the truth.


Now left with £10,000 to find from somewhere, Summer plays another game of deception as she calls Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), Todd (Gareth Pierce), and Paul (Peter Ash) together and asks if they can help herself and Aaron raise £10k so they can go travelling for a year. The three gents are dubious however, as they question the plans.

It seems there’s a light at the end of the tunnel though for Summer and Aaron, with one huge caveat. Mike and Esther announce that they’d be willing to forget all about the money…and even give them more… if Summer agrees to be their surrogate!

When Billy catches wind of the scheme he’s determined to put a stop to it, but Mike points out that it’s Summer’s decision to make, not his. As Billy threatens to report Mike and Esther to the police, how will Summer react?

Elsewhere, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) is anxious when she reveals to Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) that she’s found a lump on her breast.

On Jenny’s advice, Daisy breaks the news to partner Daniel (Rob Mallard) who is understandably shaken, given that he lost his late wife Sinead, mother of his son Bertie, to cervical cancer only two years ago.


It’s his worst nightmare that it would either happen to him or someone else that he cares about,” Rob reveals “Then doubly worse this is someone that Bertie is growing closer to, a second chance of a mother figure for him and yet again this woman he loves might be struck down with cancer. It triggers all of the possible responses you might expect.

It’s quite a selfish response, you think I’ve been through this once and I can’t do it again because you know what’s going to happen, you know what each of you are going to go through,” Rob continues. “When you’ve not been through it before it’s almost easier, because you don’t know what’s round the corner, but when you’ve been through it before and you know exactly what each step is going to be like, the knowledge of that is almost worse than going through it again and it just makes him want to run away.


Attempting to put a brave face on, Daniel promises to meet Daisy at the medical centre for her appointment, but all doesn’t go to plan when he ends up in the Rovers to find some dutch courage.

He does something that all Barlows seem to do, he gets smashed,” Rob explains. “I believe it’s even a term, getting Barlowed!

He doesn’t mean to, his plan is to meet her at the GP surgery but he’s so nervous he finds himself in the pub having a whiskey. Daniel’s a lightweight so he was thinking if I have something quite strong it should calm me down enough to handle it. But he keeps on going to the point where he’s obviously drunk.

“Then the thing that was supposed to give him courage ends up being another reason why he can’t turn up.


Jenny is horrified when she realises that Daniel has let Daisy down, and as Daniel announces to everyone that Daisy might have cancer, he staggers out the door. Realising he’s too drunk to support Daisy now, Daniel continues to drink in the gardens, where he’s given a pep talk by Peter (Chris Gascoyne) who convinces him that he needs to be there for Daisy.

As a result, a determined Daniel gingerly walks round to the medical centre.

At first he thinks he’s pulling it off, he’s had his little pep talk from Peter in the garden and he thinks he can do this, kind of forgetting how much he’s had to drink,” Rob continues. “He thinks he’s got his focus back, Peter’s told him he can do this but the fresh air combined with the alcohol makes it become one hundred per cent apparent that he’s had way too much to drink.

Daisy isn’t too impressed when, having gone to her appointment alone, an inebriated Daniel comes bursting through the door!

She understandably tells him to leave, as you would after being embarrassed in such a serious situation,” Rob adds. “It’s not what she needs, he’s not stepped up for her. It’s a good indicator of how someone reacts under those kinds of pressures, and what they’ll be like in the future.

“It’s easy to talk about a what if and say I’d be there for you, I’d be strong, but it’s how someone reacts when the chips are down. So I do think she does take this as a character assessment of Daniel and goes maybe you’re not strong enough for me actually.

Whatever the outcome of Daisy’s scare, will the incident make Daisy reconsider her relationship with Daniel?

Also next week, having decided to throw a surprise wedding for Fiz on Christmas day, Tyrone (Alan Halsall) reveals his plans to Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Abi (Sally Carman). But when Tyrone then reveals the hideous dress that he and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) have picked out for Fiz, Abi is quick to point out that Fiz will hate it!



When Beth (Lisa George) agrees to make some adjustments to the dress, Gemma models it for her as she goes about pinning… only for Fiz to walk in on them!



Fiz is very confused, what on earth is going on?



Plus, Jacob is horrified when a familiar face calls out to him as he’s walking down Victoria Street, it’s his dad, Damon (Ciaran Griffiths)!



Damon claims to be passing through and just wants to say hello, but a bitter Jacob is quick to tell him where to go… is Damon here to cause trouble?

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes haven’t yet been confirmed.

Monday 12th December (Episode 10819-10820)

Summer and Aaron brace themselves to tell Mike the truth.

Ken’s stunned when Martha suggests he should move to Hull with her.

Alya pushes her career aspirations to the side.

Hope is spellbound as she listens to her John Stape tape, as Fiz and Tyrone remain unaware.

Abi tells Tyrone his choice of wedding dress for Fiz is hideous.

Wednesday 14th December (Episode 10821-10822)

Mike and Esther agree to forget the £10k if Summer agrees to be their surrogate.

As the truth comes out, will Martha re-think her future with Ken?

Daisy finds a lump.

Fiz finds Gemma modelling a wedding dress and wants to know what’s going on!

Friday 16th December (Episode 10823-10824)

Daisy attends her doctor’s appointment alone, until Daniel stumbles in drunk.

Billy’s determined to stop Summer’s surrogacy plan.

Nick reveals the bistro repair costs are spiralling, as he continues to deceive Leanne.

Griff presents Max with a new laptop to help him edit films and run the gang’s social media.