Emmerdale Spoilers – Belle and Moira discover Chas’s affair!

Coming up next week on Emmerdale, as Chas finally appreciates what she’s got, is her affair secret about to be revealed…?

The Butlers Farm household continues to debate what is best for young Kyle (Huey Quinn) next week, after the 10-year-old killer’s return to school.

Kyle’s stepbrother Matty (Ash Palmsciano), who has only recently learned the tragic truth about Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) death, believes it will be best for everyone if they go to the police, and does his best to try and persuade Moira (Natalie J Robb) and Amy (Natalie Jamieson) that it’s the only way forward.


When Kyle refuses to go to school, explaining that he misses his dad Cain (Jeff Hordley)—who is currently locked up whilst covering for Kyle—Moira and Amy’s concerns grow about his erratic behaviour.

Desperate to keep things under wraps, Amy is eventually forced to strike a bargain with Kyle—if he goes to school, then she’ll see if Cain will agree to see him in prison.


Moira doesn’t think Kyle visiting Cain is a good idea, and is frustrated that their united front is beginning to crumble, but agrees to go along with the plan in the hope that seeing Cain might be able to help Kyle in some way.

But could it end up doing more harm than good?

The next day Matty tries to push Amy and Moira into considering some professional help for Kyle, and as the two worry that Matty may be right, little do they know that Kyle has overheard every word. Although he’s excited to visit his dad, he’s now feeling worse than ever.


As he finally sees his dad for the first time in weeks, in the prison visitors’ room, Kyle is overwhelmed with guilt. As the young lad breaks down, struggling to contain his emotions, Amy and Cain worry that they’ve done the wrong thing.

Whilst the visit was designed as a way to reassure Kyle, it’s done the exact opposite! The two are now more worried than ever that their son could be a loose cannon, and their secret could be revealed…


Meanwhile, the other big Dingle family secret looks set to be blown apart, as Chas is forced to admit the extent of her affair with Al to Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper). Although Belle had discovered Al and Chas coming out of a hotel together back in August, Chas had managed to convince her that it was all over, and Belle agreed to keep quiet.

When Chas comes across some of Faith’s possessions next week, she becomes emotional, and is appreciative when Paddy (Dominic Brunt) is there to support her. Whilst at the time of Al’s death she was all ready to run away with him, Chas is now coming to realise the grass wasn’t necessarily greener on the other side.


As she and daughter Eden (Bella James) decorate the Christmas tree together, Chas is more grateful than ever for her family, which is only further cemented following a dinner with Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Marlon (Mark Charnock). Chas feels she’s finally able to put Al in her past where he belongs, and put her full attention into appreciating her loving family.


When a loved-up Paddy presents Chas with a surprise gift, she’s secretly ashamed of herself—how could she have ever considered leaving him?

But as Chas decides to put everything behind her, things are stirring elsewhere in the village.

When Chloe (Jessie Elland)—who has been determined to find out who Al was cheating on her mother Kerry (Laura Norton) with—reveals that Al was wining and dining his mystery woman at Westgrove Hall Hotel on the night that Faith (Sally Dexter) died, it doesn’t take long for the penny to drop for Belle.

It’s the same hotel where she caught Chas seeing Al, it’s now obvious Chas has been lying about ending her affair.



Chas is backed into a corner when Belle confronts her about where she was that night, and she’s forced to admit that she was indeed in a relationship with Al right up until the day that he died.

Things begin to fall into place for Belle as she then theorises that this was the real reason that Cain ‘killed’ Al, and Chas is torn as to whether she should admit to believing the theory too.

Chas is petrified that Belle is about to reveal all to the family, so is delighted when Paddy announces that he’s booked a surprise getaway for them. Perhaps the time away will allow things to cool down and she can move on with her life.

In the meantime, Belle breaks down in front of Moira, and she offloads everything she knows about Chas and Al. Moira is fuming as she comes to realise that this was the missing link that Cain refused to tell her about, the whole reason he had confronted Al in the barn in the first place.

Their family has been ripped apart, and it’s all because of Chas…


The next day, Chas is preparing for her trip, relieved to be getting away from it all… but will the awful truth about her deceit catch up with her sooner than she thinks?

Here are next week’s Emmerdale Spoilers:

Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes are subject to change.

Monday 12th December (Episode 9543)

Matty tries to persuade Moira and Amy to go to the police. When Kyle doesn’t want to go to school as he misses his dad, Amy and Moira grow more concerned over his state of mind.

A family dinner leaves Chas more in love and grateful for Paddy and Eve than ever before.

Mandy is horrified to find Vinny battered and bruised.

Wednesday 14th December (Episode 9544–9545)

Kyle breaks down when he sees Cain, and Amy and Cain worry he will reveal their secret.

Chas and Charity are delighted to have Marlon back at the pub.

The competition for Home Farm’s Nanny gets hotter with the arrival of Nicky, a handsome male nanny.

Thursday 15th December (Episode 9546–9547)

Chas prepares for her trip away with Paddy, but are they really getting away from it all?

Ethan’s flustered as Greg arrives but is placated by calming Marcus.

Friday 16th December (Episode 9548)

When Bear bails as the Shop’s Santa, David steps up, leaving leaves Victoria impressed. Will David misread her enthusiasm for something more?

Marcus attempts to dismiss his own misgivings.