Next Week’s Coronation Street Spoilers – 5th to 8th December

Coming up next week on Coronation Street, Gail and Audrey pressure Stephen into investing the £10,000 that Sarah needs, Alya threatens to report Griff to his employer, and the game is up for Summer.

Pressure continues to mount for Stephen (Todd Boyce) from all sides, as he tries desperately to hide his duplicity and murderous ways from his family.

When Elaine (Paula Wilcox) happened to come across Steven sprawled across the road in Bolton after coming off a takeaway delivery moped, Stephen’s smooth-talking managed to allay any curiosity that Elaine had, and she even offered him a bed for the night after receiving hospital treatment.


Stephen’s eyes lit up when Elaine explained that she was looking to sell her house, and so it’s time to turn on the charm…

Tim is intrigued to see his mother spending time with Stephen next week, but she quickly dismisses any concern he shows, as she explains that Stephen is nothing like her abusive ex-husband Geoff.

Making his way home, claiming to Audrey (Sue Nicholls) and Gail (Helen Worth) that he’d drunkenly fallen on his arm and stayed over at a friend’s, Stephen has some fast thinking to do with Gail asks about a phone call she’d received from the Six Fellas takeaway…


When Sarah’s (Tina O’Brien) meeting with a potential investor for her and Michael’s (Ryan Russell) loungewear business ends in failure, Gail and Audrey try to pressure ‘wealthy’ Stephen into investing the £10,000 that Sarah needs.


Stephen can only say yes after he’s put on the spot, and so the hole is dug deeper and deeper…

Having had a talking to from Tim, who was curious about Stephen’s intentions with Elaine and had told him about her history with Geoff’s controlling behaviour, Stephen believes he has the perfect bait to wind Elaine in.


Stephen sends an abusive text to his own phone, claiming it to be from his ex-wife Gabrielle (Helene Maksoud).

When Elaine suggests that Gabrielle is gaslighting him, Stephen explains to Elaine that he’s only getting what he deserves.

His manipulation tactic working a treat, Elaine sees all the classic signs of Stephen having suffered through a coercive relationship, and wants to help him…


When Adam suggests to Stephen that he could sue Six Fellas for the injuries he sustained, Stephen is almost at breaking point as he once again feels he has no option but to go along with things⁠—will it ever end?


Elsewhere on the street, still reeling from the popularity of the petition that Max (Paddy Bever) set up for Griff and his cronies⁠—which was opposing the creation of a refugee support centre on Victoria Street⁠—Maria (Samia Longchambon) is relieved to discover that the majority of signatures were from fake accounts.

Going full steam ahead with the plan, Maria puts forward a new proposal at the Christmas Market committee meeting. She wants to change the name to ‘Winter Market’ in order to support the refugees.


Councillor Cameron strongly objects to the suggestion, and is left seething when Maria overrules him.


Later in the week, Alya (Sair Khan) has another unpleasant encounter with Griff, and when she confronts him over his racist behaviour, she threatens to speak to his employer.


Griff warns her that that would be a big mistake, but will Alya be undeterred by his threats?


Plus, the game is up for Summer (Harriet Bibby), when Amy (Elle Mulvaney) finds her morning sickness pills in the bin. As Summer and Aaron (James Craven) are forced to admit that they lost the baby over a week ago, is their secret about to be blown apart completely?


Tyrone proposes to Fiz

Elsewhere, deciding that it’s time for some stability in the household, Tyrone makes the bold decision to propose to Fiz.

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Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes won’t be confirmed until closer to the time.

Monday 5th or Wednesday 7th December (Episode 10813-10814)

Gail and Audrey put pressure on Stephen to invest the £10,000 Sarah needs.

Maria proposes a change to the Christmas markets.

Eileen’s had enough of Tim and Steve’s bickering.

Tyrone decides it’s time to put a ring on it.

Wednesday 7th or Thursday 8th December (Episode 10815-10816)

Griff threatens Alya when she gets him fired.

Hope is deadly serious about talking to her dad.

Stephen plays a cruel trick on Elaine.

Sally calls a truce with Tim.

Thursday 8th December or TBC (Episode 10817-10818)

Griff uses Alya’s attack to further his agenda.

Fiz admits she wishes they could skip straight to their wedding day, giving Tyrone an idea.

Summer can’t keep her secret from coming out.

Brian is unsettled by Ken and Martha’s chemistry.