Seven announces Home and Away Classics on 7Plus

The Seven Network has announced that classic episodes of Home and Away will be available to stream on 7Plus.

The announcement was made in an email from the network during tonight’s season finale.

Touting “Stay in Summer Bay This Summer”, the email gave viewers a glimpse of what they’re in for.

You can get your Home and Away fix this Summer and watch the most iconic episodes, starting right back at the beginning with the 1988 pilot!

We have hand-picked the most memorable episodes including births, deaths, weddings, and tragedies – such as the epic 2002 bus crash and the great storm of 2011.

Amongst the episodes are said to include Leah and Vinnie’s wedding and Kit giving birth to Archie.

7Plus, the digital platform for the Australian network, currently has a large back catalogue of Australian dramas and has dedicated “fast channels” for network dramas such as All Saints and Blue Heelers.

Designed for fans to immerse themselves, “fast channels” air episodes of dedicated series 24/7.

This isn’t the first time that the streaming service has released old episodes of Home and Away. A few years back, the network released 65 episodes, covering the series’ biggest births, deaths and marriages. This was followed up with “Most Shocking Moments”, which covered the biggest tragedies in the show’s history.

Currently, My5 in the UK is airing one episode from every year of the show’s history in the lead up to the series’ 35th anniversary in January 2023.

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Home and Away returns on Monday, 9th January 2023 on Seven and 7Plus.