Coronation Street Spoilers – Summer loses the baby

Coming up next week on Coronation Street, as tragedy strikes for Summer and Aaron, they’re left with an impossible dilemma…

When teen couple Summer (Harriet Bibby) and Aaron (James Craven) learnt they were expecting a baby, it didn’t take too long for them to agree that a termination would be the best option, given Summer’s past health issues.

But those plans soon went up in the air when married couple Mike and Esther Hargrave (Tom Lorcan and Vanessa Hehir), who have struggled to conceive naturally, offered to adopt her baby. In return, they would offer her ‘financial security’.


Summer’s guardian Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) was horrified after overhearing them talking, given that Summer would essentially be selling her baby, but it made Summer think.

Deciding to go ahead with the scheme, Summer kept quiet about the fact that she had not gone through with the abortion, and told Mike and Esther the good news—but asked them for £10,000 up front. That money, she’d decided, was to pay for Aaron’s alcoholic father Eric (Craig Cheetham) to enter rehab.


Aaron was shocked when Summer revealed the plan, but she managed to convince him that two good deeds to help others would be coming out of it.

The couple moved into 19a Victoria Street with Jacob (Jack James Ryan) and Amy (Elle Mulvaney) in the hope of hiding the initial stages of her pregnancy, but it was never going to be a long-term solution…


Next week, Summer returns to the flat to find Eric there with Aaron, having been released from rehab. Now on the long road to recovery, Eric is able to admit to the pair that he is an alcoholic, but is determined to stay on the wagon. When he questions how Summer and Aaron managed to find the funds to put him into rehab, they lie and say that it was borrowed from Billy.


As their lies continue to mount up, Summer tells Aaron that there’s no way Billy can find out about the baby. As a result, she thinks the only way to stop that happening is for them to both move away until after the birth.

When Summer reveals her plans to Mike and Esther, they immediately come up with an alternative solution—she could move into their spare room! Realising that she would be in a safe place, with people who’d ensure she has her every need catered for whilst pregnant, Summer tells them that she’d be delighted.

However the meeting is cut short when they receive word from Jacob that Eric has been drinking again. They rush from Mike and Esther’s, and Aaron angrily confronts his father.

But there’s quickly a change in priorities when Summer, who’s clearly in pain, tells Aaron that she’s bleeding.


They rush to Weatherfield General where they learn the terrible news they’d been dreading—Summer has suffered a miscarriage.


As the devastated couple return home, they still have an inebriated Eric to deal with, who by now has blood pouring down his face. When Eric begins to again become aggressive towards Aaron, Aaron forces him into a taxi and tells the driver to take him to A&E. After all they’ve done for Eric, this is the last thing Aaron needs, on today of all days.

Summer later receives a message from Esther, telling her much they’re looking forward to her moving in, and her heart sinks.

Not only do they have to break the heartbreaking news to Mike and Esther, there’s also the issue of the £10,000 they’ve already paid out…

Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and Carla (Alison King) are concerned for Summer when she doubles over in pain at the factory, and send her home where Billy calls in to check on her.

Aaron later reveals that Eric has agreed to return to rehab, so that’s one issue sorted for now… but there’s still the problem of Mike and Esther.


Summer and Aaron exchange guilty looks when the couple come over and announce that they’ve redecorated for spare room for her. Excited for what the future holds, Esther places her hand on Summer’s stomach.


At that point, everything becomes too much for Summer and, completely overwhelmed, she rushes out.

Will Summer and Aaron be able to tell Mike and Esther the awful truth?


Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Sunday 27th November (Episode 10805-10806)

Leanne tells Nick it’s time to admit that they can’t afford to buy the bistro. Will Harvey save the day?

Ken realises that he’s torn between two women.

Summer’s lying gets out of control.

Monday 28th November (Episode 10807-10808)

Nick lies to Leanne about the source of the bistro money.

Summer has a plan to keep her pregnancy secret, before she receives some devastating news.

Aaron and Summer return home to Eric drunk with blood trickling down his face.

Stephen’s job interview doesn’t go well, and he accepts a delivery job in desperation.

Dylan confides in Todd that since Sean and Laurence split, Shaun he won’t leave him alone.

Tuesday 29th November (Episode 10809-10810)

Stephen tells Nick that he thinks Audrey has been drinking again, before trying to spike her drink.

Todd urges Sean not to give up on Laurence.

Max warns Maria that Griff won’t be happy she’s restricting his right to free speech.

Steve returns from Spain in a wheelchair, but wants to keep the truth of his accident a secret.

Wednesday 30th November (10811-10812)

Stephen and Elaine circle each other.

Sean accuses Laurence of copping off with Todd.

Griff protests the refugee support centre.

Will Summer come clean about her pregnancy?

Steve finds a scratchcard in Tim’s old jacket and discovers he’s won £250.