Emmerdale Spoilers for 14th to 17th November

Next week on Emmerdale, Cain is left alone as Amy and Moira take the kids away, Vinnie says one last goodbye, Nicola tries to move on, while David’s entire livelihood is in jeopardy.

Moira felt her life had been ripped apart when husband Cain (Jeff Hordley) was arrested by armed police for the murder of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), but the real shock came after Cain chose to plead guilty to the crime.


Realising that Cain would never normally go down without a fight, Moira realised that something more had to be going on, but she never expected the heartbreaking truth that Cain was covering for his 10-year-old son Kyle (Huey Quinn).


At the same time that Cain was confessing the truth to Moira, a traumatised Kyle was at home coming clean to his mum Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson).


With Cain refusing to entertain any other option than to take the rap himself, Moira knows that it’s her duty to keep Kyle safe as per Cain’s wishes.

She’s fighting for Kyle and his mental health“, Natalie J Robb explains. “They’ve got to try and stick together to protect Kyle and ensure he doesn’t go into a correctional facility. Moira’s trying to keep the family together

However what Moira hadn’t banked on was Amy taking matters into her own hands, by fleeing the village with Kyle.

Whilst she knew that Cain had suggested she do so, after his concern that Kyle had already opened up to one person about the crime, Moira had thought she’d managed to talk Amy out of it.


Moira is agitated when she goes to visit Cain, and he’s taken aback when she admits that she’s not cut out for this, suggesting that perhaps Amy has had the right idea after all by running away.

As a result, Moira makes the decision to also leave the village, with her and Cain’s son Isaac (Bobby Dunsmeir).

I think it’s all too much for her at that point, and she loses the plot a bit,” Natalie reveals. “She feels the best thing she can do is get away from the situation, and all the circumstances surrounding it, so no-one says anything that they shouldn’t.


Eventually, Moira learns that Amy has arrived safely in Belfast with Kyle, so she makes the decision that she and Isaac will join them over there.

She is relieved,” Natalie explains. “But her mission after that is to keep Isaac and Kyle together, and also to keep an eye on the situation.

It’s left to Moira’s brother Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) to visit Cain in prison and break the news. Cain is furious to learn that Moira has gone ahead and left the village, not to mention the fact that Mack now knows the truth about Kyle.


So is this the last we’ll see of Moira? Thankfully, as Natalie reveals, Moira does eventually get her head around the situation, and resolves to be a ‘prison wife’.

She comes back from Belfast and says ‘It was a blip!‘” she laughs. “But she’s okay now and says we can make it work. Deep down she doesn’t really know if it’s something she can do, but at this stage she thinks she’s got to give everything, as Cain’s the love of her life and she has family to him.”

We have scenes where Moira says she’ll do everything she possibly can to keep this family together,” Natalie adds. “It’s always been Moira’s thing, she’s fierce about her family.

Also coming up next week…

After their dramatic showdown in court, Naomi (Karene Peter) gives a heartfelt apology to assault victim Nicola (Nicola Wheeler).

Although Naomi had not taken part in the assault itself, which was instead perpetrated by her former friends, Nicola had been determined that Naomi face justice.


Touched by Naomi’s sincerity, Nicola finally feels a sense of closure over the whole affair. Will she finally be able to move on without living in fear?


Elsewhere in the village, David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) whole livelihood is in jeopardy when he receives a speeding ticket.


Hoping to expand the services his shop offers, David is planning on setting up a delivery service when he gets the notification through the post.


Realising that the points accumulated could cost him his licence, David resorts to desperate measures by asking a shocked Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) if she will take the blame for him!


Meanwhile, the time has come for Vinny (Bradley Johnson) to say a last goodbye to his beloved wife Liv (Isobel Steele), as he prepares to scatter her ashes outside the village cricket pavilion.


Vinny struggles with the finality of it all, wondering if he’s ready to say goodbye, but his new dog Chip has other ideas.


As Chip jumps up, he manages to knock the table holding the urn… and despite Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) best efforts, Liv’s ashes go flying!


As Vinny ends up in a heap on the floor, covered in his late wife’s remains, he erupts into tearful laughter…

Paddy grows suspicious of Chas

Also next week, Kerry turns to Chas for support as she learns that Al was having an affair, while Paddy questions whether there’s more to Chas’s grief than she’s letting on…

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Samson pushes Amelia to give up the baby

Samson goes to extreme lengths to banish Amelia and baby Esther from his life, before Sam suffers a sudden collapse.

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Here are next week’s Emmerdale Spoilers:

Monday 14th October (Episode 9719)

Chas is thrown when Kerry asks if she’ll accompany her to Al’s funeral.

Moira tells Cain she isn’t cut out for this and that Amy got it right by running away.

Nicola is touched by Naomi’s sincerity and gains a new sense of closure.

Tuesday 15th November (Episode 9720)

Vinny is not ready to say goodbye to Liv, but Chip has other ideas…

Cain is furious that Mackenzie knows about Kyle, while Moira has left with Issac to Belfast.

Paddy is thrown as Chas lets out her upset after reading Al’s order of service.

Wednesday 16th November (Episode 9721)

Samson tells Amelia that she should put baby Esther up for adoption.

Thursday 17th November (Episodes 9722–9523)

David’s business plans are in jeopardy when he faces losing his licence.

Dan and Amelia get a visit from a social worker. A complaint’s been made about Esther’s welfare!

The truth about Al comes one step closer to being revealed.

Friday 18th November (Episode 9724)

Kerry is reeling from the betrayal but finds support from Chas.