Emmerdale to air flashback to Al’s death as Kyle confesses

Tonight’s Emmerdale will finally reveal the full truth about Al Chapman’s death, following Friday’s shock reveal that Cain’s 10-year-old son Kyle Winchester was actually responsible.

Viewers had seen Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Al (Michael Wildman) in a dramatic showdown last Monday, after Cain lured his long-time nemesis to a barn following the discovery of his affair with Cain’s sister Charity (Lucy Pargeter).


Cain had initially held Al at gunpoint, before revealing he was actually there to fight him

As the two pummeled each other, eyes fell on the nearby shotgun, and a further struggle ensued.

We then cut to outside as a gunshot was heard, and by the time we returned to the barn, Al was lying dead on the floor with a shot wound to the chest, as Cain stood over him in disbelief over what had just happened.

When Al’s fiancee Kerry (Laura Norton)—who was nearby and came to investigate after seeing Al’s car outside—walked into the barn to find Cain wiping down the gun, it seemed an open and shut case.



But as the week went on, people began to realise that things weren’t adding up, and viewers began to theorise what had actually happened during those moments we didn’t see inside the barn.

Whilst Cain had initially stated that he’d found Al dead and was simply putting the safety catch on, he later shut down and refused to discuss what happened. Many speculated that he could have been covering for Charity’s son Aaron (Danny Miller), who whilst apparently having already left the village earlier in the day, had threatened to kill Al after discovering his mother’s affair.

But during this time, other subtle clues were being laid.

It became clear that Kyle (Huey Quinn) had been deeply affected by the day’s events, which was put down to seeing his father dragged away by armed police. The youngster had begun wetting the bed, and has been desperate to talk to Cain.


As the day of Cain’s hearing dawned, both Kyle’s stepmother Moira (Natalie J Robb) and mother Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) were confused to find Kyle making his own breakfast and washing up after himself, determined to step up and be the man as per Cain’s request just before his arrest.

When Moira returned from the hearing, in shock that Cain had pleaded guilty, Kyle overheard her talking about Cain going away for 20-30 years and proceeded to smash up Cain and Moira’s bedroom.

As Moira went to the prison to seek answers from Cain, she told Cain that Kyle likely needed some sort of therapy because of his actions, which prompted him to immediately shut the idea down.


Kyle can’t speak to anyone,” Cain insisted. “Because it was him Moira… I didn’t shoot Al, Kyle did!

Moira is shocked to the core by Cain’s confession,” reveals Natalie J Robb. “I think deep down she knew something wasn’t quite right but she had no idea that Kyle had been involved in the shooting.


Tonight, as Cain explains all to Moira, viewers will see flashbacks showing exactly what went down in the barn.



At the same time, back at Butler’s Farm, Amy also learns the devastating truth, as her son opens up over the events of that day.


Cain feels helpless as he watches Moira break down, as she tearfully explains that the truth is much worse than the lie he had been telling.

Cain argues that he has to do everything it will take to protect his son, but will he be able to count on Moira to keep the lifechanging secret under wraps?

I think the audience will really sympathise with Moira’s dilemma,” Natalie continues. “She will do everything she can to keep her family together, Kyle may not be hers by blood but she sees him as her own. She has a lot of extremely difficult decisions to make.


This is a fascinating story to play,” Natalie adds. “There are so many twists and turns that will cause a ripple effect to other characters in the village that are not yet aware of the true circumstances.

Moira, as a mother and a wife, has such a turbulent time ahead which is great as an actress to get stuck into.

Here are this week’s Emmerdale Spoilers:

Monday 7th October (Episode 9713)

There are emotional times in the Dales as Moira is heartbroken and Cain feels helpless

Tuesday 8th November (Episode 9714)

Kim is happy she’s got her family back again as she offers Dawn and Billy free lodgings.

Manpreet makes a bad situation much worse by trying to manipulate Nicola into speaking favourably about Noami in court.

Nate admits to Naomi that he slept with Tracy.

Wednesday 9th November (Episode 9715)

As the trial begins, Naomi’s blindsided when Saskia’s barrister argues the defendants were no longer friends with Naomi.

Naomi’s barrister runs rings around Nicola on the stand, highlighting to the jury that her case against Naomi is lacking credible evidence.

Thursday 10th November (Episodes 9716–9517)

April is hurt when Cathy’s plan to get her and Arthur together backfires.

When the defence barrister gives Naomi a hard time in her cross-examination, Naomi erupts as she comes clean about Saskia’s threats.

Saskia retaliates but immediately regrets her loss of control.

Friday 11th November (Episode 9718)

Chas announces that she’s finally dropped Faith’s ashes off at the factory to become a firework.

Vinny is feeling lost and depressed as he comes to the realisation that Liv is never coming back.