Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and Leah targeted in break-in

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin and Leah find themselves the target of a shock break-in, and Leah thinks she knows the culprit!

Heather Frazer’s (Sofia Nolan) sweet facade continues to unravel next week, as Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) suspicions cause Heather to target her.

Leah is the only person who Marilyn (Emily Symons) has confided in regarding Heather, the long-lost daughter that she gave up over 27 years ago.

Heather has been playing games with Marilyn since her arrival in Summer Bay, but Marilyn is now of the belief that Heather has come to forgive her, and is hoping to get to know her daughter. Little does she know that Heather’s still pulling the wool over her eyes, and continuing to try and turn all her friends against her.

John (Shane Withington) had already voiced his doubts about Heather, and told her that he believed she was behind a spiteful message that was sent to his and Marilyn’s son Jett (Will McDonald).

Later that day, John found his car tyres has been slashed. Whilst he was quick to point the finger at Heather, he was thrown when she falsely claimed to have been with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) at the time.

Naturally, eyes then began to turn to Marilyn, who had been angry at John for giving Heather a hard time, and even John found himself questioning whether she’d done it.

Next week, as Marilyn’s loved ones continue to be concerned about her apparent actions, John approaches her on the beach to apologise for the accusation.

Marilyn explains how much it hurt her, but John reassures her that he knows she’d never do something like that, and is determined to help put things right.

Marilyn’s grateful that she’s got someone else on her side, noting the irony that her ex-husband is being more supportive to her then her best friends.

John decides it’s time to get the police involved, but when Rose (Kirsty Marillier) asks Heather to confirm her whereabouts, Nik lies and tells her that Heather was with him the whole afternoon. With Heather apparently in the clear, Roo (Georgie Parker) observes that it’s not looking good for Maz, who overhears the comments.

When Marilyn later asks Heather about John’s tyres, she’s stunned when Heather confirms that she was indeed responsible. She goes on to explain that she was hoping to get John to back off with all the questions, claiming that it was making it difficult for her to keep Marilyn’s secret.

Feeling that she doesn’t have much to lose with most of her friends already suspicious, and in the hope that the sacrifice will bring her closer to Heather, Marilyn then goes to the diner and confesses to the criminal act herself!


John doesn’t buy Marilyn’s explanation for a second—which is only proven when he tests her by asking exactly how many tyres were slashed—but Marilyn walks away rather than answer any more questions. As her friends look for an explanation for Marilyn’s behaviour, she later claims that she had stopped taking her medication.

When Leah eventually hears about the latest developments, she challenges Marilyn herself, who is forced to admit that she’s covering for Heather.

Whilst Marilyn believes she’s done the right thing, Leah is concerned about what else Heather could be capable of, and takes it upon herself to confront her.

Explaining that she knows the truth about who she really is, Leah tells Heather that she can see how she’s been manipulating Marilyn from the beginning, and that it needs to end now.

Rather than deny it, Heather asks Leah how she plans on stopping her. But Leah isn’t intimidated by Heather’s threats, and promises to go to the police should Heather do anything to hurt Marilyn.

Yet Heather isn’t intimidated either. When Leah comes home that evening, she finds that the house has been trashed!

Justin (James Stewart) and Theo (Matt Evans) rush home on Leah’s request, but are confused by the fact that nothing appears to be missing.

Whilst Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) believes it could just be kids mucking around, Rose suggests that it may be a personal vendetta, as she asks Leah whether there’s anyone who could be upset with her.

Leah immediately suggests Heather, and both Rose and Cash begin to wonder about the newcomer to town whose name keeps popping up.

Realising that she owes Justin an explanation for her suspicions, Leah is later forced to admit to him that Heather is Marilyn’s daughter, and following her threat, she believes that this is a message for her to back off.

Refusing to bow to intimidation, Leah returns to Heather’s van the next day only to find that Rose is already there…. and the van is empty!

Has Leah managed to scare Heather away?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is furious when she learns exactly where Cash has been disappearing to.

Flick has had renewed concern about her brother’s mental wellbeing since he was subject to an investigation at work, after he used excessive force against a suspect.

Confiding her concerns in Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi (Adam Rowland), Flick explains that she feels like her brother is slipping away from her, and asks Eden if she can keep an eye on him. But little does she know that Cash and Eden have been having casual hook-ups, something which Remi has already cottoned on to.

Remi gives Eden a knowing look as she feigns ignorance about Cash’s state of mind.

That evening Cash refuses to talk to Flick as he heads out for the evening, again not telling her where he’s going. But as she watches him leave, she notices him heading to Eden and Remi’s place across the road.

When Eden doesn’t show for a band meeting the next morning, with Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Remi claiming that she’s hungover, it doesn’t take long for Flick to put two and two together.

Flick reveals that she saw Cash heading across to their house last night, and from Remi’s reaction, she realises that he already knew that.

So I guess my question is…” Flick reponds. “How long has Eden been sleeping with my brother?

Flick heads over to the Lyrik house and storms into Eden’s room, catching the two kissing in bed.

When I asked you to look after my brother,” Flick fumes at Eden. “I did not mean this!

Will Flick ever be able to trust Eden again?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 7th November (Episode 7891)

Tane has big plans for Felicity. Xander gets back in the game. Marilyn confesses to a crime.

Tuesday 8th November (Episode 7892)

Ziggy refuses to accept her limits. Xander and Bree’s prank pays off. Marilyn lies to protect Heather.

Wednesday 9th November (Episode 7893)

Is Leah the target of a personal attack? Dean cops Ziggy’s pregnancy mood swings. Mackenzie makes Justin an offer he can’t refuse.

Thursday 10th November (Episode 7894)

Felicity follows a trail of suspicion. Has Leah sent Heather packing?

Friday 11th November (Episode 7895)

Eden’s betrayal ends a friendship. Tane plans a surprise for Felicity. Has heartbroken Cash become the heartbreaker?