Home and Away Spoilers – Is Bree in danger as her husband arrives?

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Remi fears for Bree’s safety as her husband arrives in town, while Ziggy makes a surprising decision about her pregnancy.

It’s been nearly two months since new doctor Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) arrived in Summer Bay, but other than her job and her love of surfing, Bree has been quite reserved with details about her private life.

Fellow newcomer Remi (Adam Rowland) was quick to latch on to the new doc, and after his numerous attempts to ask Bree out, she eventually agreed to have a drink with him—but just as a way of making friends in her new home town.

Bree continued to bat away Remi’s pick-up lines, but when he finally grew tired of her rejection and asked why—Bree revealed that she was married!

Remi was embarrassed, pointing out that she could have told him weeks ago and saved him from making a fool of himself, as Bree explained that she didn’t wear a wedding ring due to them being an infection risk.

Bree went on to tell Remi that her husband Jacob was her high-school sweetheart, and he worked as a fly-in, fly-out mechanic in the mines. It means they’re away from each other a lot, they currently haven’t seen each other for over two months, but they manage to get along.

Despite her revelation, and Remi promising to behave himself, it was clear that Bree felt a pang of jealousy when she saw that Remi had lied about a band rehearsal in order to hook up with nurse Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri)—seemingly Bree did like some of the attention Remi was giving her after all…

This week, Bree is surprised when Jacob (Alex Williams) rocks up in Summer Bay unannounced, and it’s clear that there’s a lot more going on with their relationship than first meets the eye.

This is cosy,” Jacob comments in tonight’s episode, as he approaches Bree and Remi on Salt’s balcony.

Bree immediately jumps to her feet and embraces Jacob, and whilst Remi extends his hand to greet his friend’s husband, he’s met with a cool reception.

Bree and Jacob head out, where he immediately accuses her of flirting with Remi. Bree denies it, but Jacob isn’t interested in her explanation as he turns his back on her, telling her “I don’t want to hear it.”

Meanwhile, having picked up on the tension, Remi talks with Xander (Luke Van Os) and explains that Bree seems freaked out by her husband’s arrival.

Bree’s reaction to her husband’s arrival gives Remi cause for concern, as he wonders what’s going on in Jacob’s mind.

Things take a sinister turn behind closed doors, when Bree and Jacob head over to the motel. Bree is almost paralysed with fear as Jacob grabs hold of her wrist, as he forces her to look him in the eye.

Tell me again that nothing’s going on between you two…” he says menacingly.

It was revealed in advance of Bree’s debut that the character had a past that would be explored over the coming months, and that she was heading to Summer Bay in hope of a fresh start.

“At first, she settles into the Bay well – she loves her new home, the epic surf and the welcoming locals,” Juliet later told TV Week. “But as weeks go by, we learn there’s rather more to Bree’s story.”

With Remi already suspecting that there’s something going on, will it be long before Jacob’s true colours are exposed?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, expectant parents Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) finally reach a milestone as their pregnancy reaches the second trimester.

Ziggy has struggled over the past few weeks with both morning sickness and dizzy spells, as the pair attempted to keep the news from all but their closest family until the 12-week mark.

Although Dean’s sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir) guessed what was going on, and Ziggy’s parents were also informed, Ziggy chose to keep the news from boss Justin (James Stewart) after he offered her a promotion.

When Ziggy collapsed in the garage, after the smell of some chemicals caused a funny turn, she was forced to explain the truth to Tane (Ethan Browne) who found her passed out on the floor.

There were some initial concerns for the baby, but a phone call with the nurse soon put Ziggy’s mind at rest.

However this week, Ziggy suddenly becomes paranoid that the baby won’t survive to full-term. As such, she cancels the 12-week scan, fearing what the doctor will say to them!

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Sophie Dillman admitted that playing out Ziggy’s pregnancy opposite her real-life partner Patrick O’Connor has been an odd experience.

All of a sudden, all these feelings and thoughts come into it like oh my god, what happens if we actually have a baby?” she said. “Is this how it works? Will you be scared, I’m scared! Am I meant to be this sick?

I don’t think you think about [pregnancy symptoms] properly until you’ve actually experienced them,” Sophie continued. “But I’m fake experiencing them, so I now have to think about it. It’s really weird, but it’s been really fun. Really, really fun playing a pregnant woman with food cravings and nausea and mood swings.

It appears that Ziggy soon gets over her latest wobble, as the synopses show them finally announcing the news during Thursday’s triple-bill.

But it seems the next hurdle is round the corner, as a later spoiler suggests that Dean might not be able to stomach witnessing the actual birth…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 3rd October (Episode 7897)

Felicity crumbles under engagement pressure. Eden bares her heart for Cash. Bree welcomes a surprise visitor.

Tuesday 4th October (Episode 7898)

Roo wants answers from Marilyn. Remi fears for Bree’s safety.

Wednesday 5th October (Episode 7899)

Ziggy’s baby fears keep the doctor away. Are Marilyn’s friends walking into a trap?

Thursday 6th October (Episodes 7900-7902)

Ziggy and Dean announce their big news. Lyrik’s new song is a hit, but could it be bigger? Unhinged Heather holds Marilyn’s friends hostage.

Ziggy and Dean get their parenting act together. Rose and Cash pursue a suspected murderer.

Marilyn faces the real Heather. Dean has doubts about witnessing birth.

Also this week… hostage drama for Heather!

A brand new Home and Away promo sees newcomer Heather take a number of Summer Bay residents hostage as she continues to seek revenge on Marilyn.

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