Home and Away Spoilers – Cash devastated by bad news about Jasmine

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash and Irene are devastated when the police deliver news of Jasmine, whilst Xander returns to old habits…

After six long weeks, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) was looking forward to the return of girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost), who has been away in the outer reaches of NSW on the Shaw family farm. Jasmine made a mercy dash to help her former in-laws, Ian (Frankie J. Holden) and Wendy (Amanda Muggleton), back in July, after Wendy had suffered a heart attack.

Jasmine had also left behind her recently discovered siblings Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who made the move to Summer Bay just over 3 months ago in order to get to know her.

Whilst Jasmine felt guilty for leaving them so soon after they gave up everything to be near her, Cash agreed to look out for them. After all, Jasmine would be back before they knew it…. wouldn’t she?

Whilst everyone was pleased with the news that Jasmine was finally returning home, Xander was thrilled to also learn that Cash was planning to propose to her!

With Cash having the Beach House to himself all afternoon, he put on his suit and laid out a spread of champagne and flowers as he eagerly awaited Jasmine’s arrival.

But as time ticked by, Cash’s concern began to grow. Whilst it’s a long drive from the farm in Mt Edgecombe, it shouldn’t take Jasmine this long…

As we pick up the action next week, Cash wonders whether his convincing Jasmine to come home early has caused issues, and so leaves a voicemail for her. But Jasmine doesn’t return Cash’s call, and as night falls, he heads to the diner to ask Irene (Lynne McGranger) if she’s heard anything.

Irene attempts to ring Ian but he’s also not answering, and Cash’s paranoia grows as he asks both Irene and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) whether they mentioned anything to Jasmine about the infamous Rose incident that he’s been worrying about for weeks. Neither have done so, so Cash is still at a loss as to what’s happened…

The next morning, with no word from the farm, Cash tells Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) that there must be something seriously wrong—it’s time for him to report Jasmine as missing.

John (Shane Withington) is concerned about Cash when he comes across him outside the surf club without Jasmine, and is quickly on the blower to Irene who updates him on the situation.

Cash calls the police station near the farm and asks them to do a welfare check, but when the police finally ring back, Cash is shocked by what he hears… “No, no, that can’t be right” he exclaims, as John looks on.

As Cash frantically takes his feelings out on a punchbag in the gym, John is forced to call on Irene again who begs Cash to tell her what’s happened—is Jasmine OK?!

She’s fine“, Cash replies. “They’re all fine“, before telling her that Jasmine isn’t coming home…

Cash explains that when the police called at the farm, Jasmine told them that she was staying there. She didn’t want to talk to Cash, and instead asked the police to pass the message on with her love and apologies.

As Cash takes some air, an upset Irene struggles to take it all in. She later asks Cash whether Xander and Rose know. It’s Jasmine’s responsibility to tell them, but Cash says he doesn’t want them to hear it over the phone.

He’s going to have to break the news himself—but how can he tell them that they’ve uprooted their lives for nothing?

Xander is already dealing with his own issues, as he continues to stuggle with the mental strain of his job as a paramedic. Having recently revealed to Rose that his coping mechanism when faced with patients dying is to get a tattoo in their honour, Rose realised that her brother needed help.

It was a talk with Cash that eventually saw Xander agree to reach out for support at work, and with his first session with a counsellor having already taken place, he takes on their advice by joining Cash for a gym session.

Xander’s keen to ask about the proposal, but Cash can’t bring himself to tell the truth, and simply states he hasn’t done it yet. As Xander explains that his counsellor has suggested he needs to talk more about the stress he faces, Cash knows that the news of Jasmine is going to come as a blow.

That evening Cash comes to the apartment in the hope that Rose will also be there, but with Xander alone, he realises he can’t put it off any longer.

Xander’s thrown by the news, even moreso when he hears that Jasmine hasn’t even given any rationale for her decision.

You’re seriously going to let her do this without giving you a reason?” he states. “You deserve an explanation!

Cash knows that Xander is right, so decides that he’s going to head up to the farm, and Irene insists on joining him.

That night Xander is in a particularly bad way as he tosses and turns in his bed, sirens constantly screaming in his head.

In a panic, Xander calls his counsellor, who suggests he tries breathing exercises, but he points out that nothing they’ve given him so far has helped.

At a loss as he sits sobbing on the edge of the bed, Xander decides to fall back on his own form of therapy.

Luckily, it seems Summer Bay has an out-of-hours tattoo artist on call, available for home visits, and as he directs the artist on where to set up the equipment, Xander quickly flicks through the catalogue and chooses a large design to go across his pec.

As the tattoo artist gets to work, a look of relief falls across Xander’s face…

Are Xander’s tattoos real?

Yes! All of Xander’s inkings are ones belonging to actor Luke Van Os, even his latest one. But how come we didn’t see it before?

Home and Away‘s head of makeup Laura Vazquez recently took to Instagram to reveal that they had covered up the large tattoo on Luke’s chest in previous scenes, in order to write it into the show at this later date. She even provided a timelapse showing the whole process.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 5th September (Episode 7846)

Lyrik put down roots in Summer Bay. Cash fears the worst. Ziggy’s apprenticeship plans get upstaged.

Tuesday 6th September (Episode 7847)

Has Theo signed up for life on tour? Cash struggles to accept his new reality. Roo’s first taste of freedom is unexpected.

Wednesday 7th September (Episode 7848)

Roo’s freedom feels like torture. Kirby and Theo channel heartbreak into music. Xander suffers in silence. Cash needs answers from Jasmine.

Thursday 8th September (Episode 7849)

Can a cop and a criminal find love? Xander hides his pain. The bikies send Tane a new employee.

Friday 9th September (Episode 7850)

Dean defends Bella’s honour. Tane puts himself on the line. Rose plays a dangerous game with Tex.