Neighbours Final Spoilers – Terese and Paul prepare to say goodbye

Next week on Neighbours, Terese finds herself back in Paul’s orbit. Is there time for one final reconciliation before we say goodbye for good?

These scenes will air in the UK from Monday 25th July, and in Australia from Tuesday 26th July.

Terese and Paul are the ultimate will-they-won’t-they couple. They married in 2019, but it took many years for them to even get together, despite there being an attraction between them from relatively early on.

Paul had to compete with Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) and his limber ladybird, and later found himself competing against his own son as Terese struck up a relationship with Leo (Tim Kano).

Finally, the power couple found each other again, and had a pretty happy relationship for a number of years, with Paul moving out of his prized penthouse and becoming a fully-fledged resident of Number 22 Ramsay Street.

There were problems at times, but things really went downhill after Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) agreed to have David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) baby, with the three agreeing on a complicated co-parenting agreement.

Paul always hated Nicolette, and he eventually drove her out of town with his harsh words, with Nicolette disappearing to Canberra with the unborn baby in tow. Paul tracked Nicolette down and offered her $1million on the agreement that she hand over the baby and stay out of their lives forever.

Nicolette agreed to his crazy demand, but actually handed over another baby – Abigail, daughter of Britney Barns (Montana Cox), who, unbeknownst to everyone (including Leo), was also the daughter of Paul’s son Leo.

Things got very confusing, but when the truth about Paul’s schemes came out, it was too much for Terese to bear. She left Paul, kicked him out of No. 22, and they’ve been separated ever since.

It’s fair to say their separation has been far from easy, with Terese turning back to alcohol. A lonely Christmas Day afternoon ended with her hanging from the roof of Lassiters Hotel

Things became even more difficult when Terese developed feelings for Paul’s half-brother Glen (Richard Huggett). As revenge, Paul revealed to Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) that Glen was actually her father, which did nothing but push Terese and Glen closer together.

When Terese’s mum Estelle (Maria Mercedes) arrived in town, Paul tried using her to get to Terese, inviting her out to dinner and even buying her expensive jewellery. While Paul insisted he loved Terese, it seemed he would stop at nothing to hurt her.

However, Paul’s stance has softened in recent weeks. Wanting to finalise their divorce and move on with his life, Paul offered to buy Terese out of Lassiters, a move which would set her up financially.

This week, Terese gets a surprise offer as she’s given the opportunity of buying River Bend. Wanting to put the past behind her, and spurred on by Glen and Kiri, she seriously considers it.

Paul also contemplates a fresh start. Later this week, he video chats his three adult children, Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond), Elle Robinson (Pippa Black) and Andrew Robinson (Jordan Patrick Smith), and it makes him realise his future may actually lie in New York.

As he faces the prospect of selling Lassiters to Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), a move away would be the perfect fresh start.

Better still, the final week sees David decides to join him – also wanting a fresh start after everything he’s been through in the last few months. Nicolette is up for it too after falling out with Jane (Annie Jones), meaning they can carry on with their co-parenting agreement stateside.

Then, Chris Pappas (James Mason) arrives in town with Annie, his daughter with Paul’s sister Lucy (Melissa Bell). Warmed by the Robinson family reunion, Leo joins David and Paul in deciding to move to the US.

It’s official, the Robinsons are moving to New York!

In the final week, Terese and Paul are packing up their lives, both ready to move on from Erinsborough. However, they both find themselves thrown into each other’s orbits once again, and it starts to stir up old feelings.

Then, a surprise discovery leaves Terese emotionally overwhelmed and ready to blow up at Glen. As she comes out fighting for Paul, just what has she discovered?

Glen is shocked by Terese’s continued allegiance to Paul. It’s not the first time he’s suspected there’s something between them – it was only last week that he discovered Terese had secretly helped ensure the antiques fair at Lassiters was a success, and wondered why Terese was helping Paul out after all they’d been through.

While Terese tries to convince Glen that there’s nothing to worry about, he comes to a painful realisation.

As Toadie and Melanie’s wedding gets underway in the show’s final episodes, Terese and Paul confront their unresolved feelings.

Will they or won’t they get back together?!

Neighbours’ final ever episodes air in Australia in a three-part special on Thursday 28th July, simulcast on 10 and 10 Peach from 7:30pm.

UK viewers will see the final three episodes a day later, Friday 29th July on Channel 5. The first of the three episodes will air in the show’s usual daytime slots of 1:45pm and 6pm, and the final two will air in a special primetime slot at 9pm. Read more…

Here are the spoilers for the final week of Neighbours:

8897 – Monday 25th July (UK) / Tuesday 26th July (Aus)

Refusing to be pushed around by Izzy, Susan put her own plan in motion.

Already juggling some major life decisions, Chloe is reeling from her surprise visitor.

Jane’s encouraged not to give up on Clive.

8898 – Tuesday 26th July (UK) / Wednesday 27th July (Aus)

As Byron reveals all, Nicolette and Jane find themselves back at odds.

Susan regrets her ultimatum.

Toadie makes a bold choice to allow him and Melanie to look forward to their future.

8899 – Wednesday 27th July (UK) / Wednesday 27th July (Aus)

Both packing up to move, Terese and Paul are once again thrown into each other’s orbits.

Toadie is surprised by a visit from an old friend.

Jane is upset to discover Nicolette’s plans to move to New York.

8900 – Thursday 28th July (UK) / Wednesday 27th July (Aus)

Glen comes to a painful realisation.

Leo joins David and Paul in deciding to move to the US.

Dazzled by his wealth, Izzy soon crosses a line with Shane Ramsay.

8901 – Friday 29th July (UK) / Thursday 28th July (Aus)

As Karl and Susan prepare for confrontation, Izzy’s next move surprises everyone.

Toadie and Melanie are thrilled when Callum arrives, but Amy is still missing.

Clive’s grand gesture is thwarted by the return of Mike Young.

8902 – Friday 29th July, 9pm (UK) / Thursday 28th July (Aus)

Jane and Mike embark on a sentimental journey through time.

Susan grapples with the departure of all her neighbours.

Toadie and Melanie’s wedding gets underway.

Old feelings are confronted.

8903 – Friday 29th July, 9pm (UK) / Thursday 28th July (Aus)

The past and present collide as we say goodbye to Ramsay Street.