Home and Away Spoilers – It’s relaunch time! Felicity makes her mark on Salt

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Felicity is keen to prove herself as Salt’s new co-owner, with a little help from some old friends…

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purivs) makes her mark as Salt’s new co-owner this week, when she organises a special gig to mark the restaurant’s relaunch.

Faced with a huge debt to add to her existing ones, following her fine for running illegal poker nights, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) felt she had no option but to put Salt up for sale last week.

Although she and Flick had met with a number of investors, with one even making a generous offer, Mac ultimately decided that she couldn’t relinquish a majority control of her business to a perfect stranger.

As the restaurant went on the market, Flick suddenly had a brainwave, and after consulting with brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) she made Mac an offer—she’ll use her inheritance, her half of the sale of their late father’s farm, to invest in Salt.

Mac immediately shut the idea down, which came as an insult to Flick, until she later explained that she didn’t want to risk her friend’s money after losing all her own.

It was a pep talk from Cash, explaining that Flick really believed they could turn the business around, that eventually saw Mac swallow her pride and agree to join forces with Flick.

The group celebrated the new partnership before heading off to see solicitors in the city.

This week Flick returns and is thrilled to announce to boyfriend Tane (Ethan Browne) that she is now officially the new co-owner of Salt.

A bedroom session ensues, but their celebration is interrupted by some commotion outside in the street, they’re confused to hear loud music playing…

It suddenly dawns on Flick what is happening, and after throwing on some clothes she rushes outside to find a full-blown concert being performed in the cul-de-sac!

Tane is still none the wiser until Flick explains that these are her old mates that she was telling him about, having arrived for an impromptu visit.

Flick’s new friends much like her are full of energy!” Jacqui told Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’re a part of a band that used to work at the same bar she worked at, so they have a lot of fun history!

The group definitely bring the playful, spontaneous side of Flick out” Jacqui added, “which is always a fun ride.

The band, Lyrik, consists of lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett), keyboardist Kirby (Angelina Thomson), guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland), and bass guitarist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

As the mates catch up, they explain to Flick that the band has been on the road for over a year and things are pretty tough, they’re feeling burnt out and a lot of their friendships are strained. Bob and Kirby, who are a couple, are particularly feeling the pressure.

Flick has the perfect solution, the band can play at Salt for their re-launch!

The only problem is that Flick hasn’t yet cleared it with Mac, who is quick to disapprove of the idea—it’s not quite the sort of look that would suit the restaurant, and plus they barely have any funds available to pay the band.

Flick eventually convinces Mac to go ahead with the gig, but she’s warned that it’ll have to be on her head if it’s a spectacular failure!

In the meantime, Flick invites the band to stay at the house, where they quickly get under Tane’s nose. There’s equipment strewn about everywhere he looks, and eventually it becomes too much as he unplugs their amp mid-jam and asks them to start cleaning up after themselves!

It seems all fears were unnecessary when the band goes down a storm with the customers later in the week, but there’s one member of the audience who is keen to try and make a quick getaway—Cash.

The reason soon becomes clear when Eden spots him, jumping straight off the stage and into his arms.

Hello stranger!” Eden says seductively, “Long time no see!

There’s clearly a history between the two, something which it seems Flick was very much unaware of… until now!

Confronting Eden at home later that evening, Flick asks if there’s something she wants to tell her about Cash…

If she hadn’t already caused enough of a wave, Eden later decides to crash with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) in his bed, asking him to budge over as she barges in during the middle of the night.


Nik’s protests don’t make any difference as she plonks herself beside him, and puts her hand over his face to shush him as she turns over to go to sleep.

This surely won’t go down well if Nik’s girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) finds out, but Eden isn’t the only woman Nik has to worry about.

Bella is currently in New York for three months, and in her absence Nik has already struck up a friendship with nurse Naomi (Jamaica Vaughan), after saving her sister from drowning during a beach patrol.

Nik was reluctant to accept her offer of lunch until John (Shane Withington) talked him into it, and the two ended up crossing paths again when Nik spent a night in hospital last week after stepping on a sea urchin.

The two spent most of the night talking and found they really enjoyed each other’s company, with Nik keen to catch up again soon.

But this week, it becomes obvious that Naomi is starting to see Nik as more than just a friend, and Nik finds himself in a terrible dilemma when he finds himself accidentally agreeing to go on a date with her!

In a panic, Nik’s immediate response is very confusing to Naomi.

With Nik so devoted to Bella, is he going to stop himself from having any female friends altogether?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 4th July (Episode 7829)

Felicity’s friends arrive in Summer Bay. Nikau accidentally agrees to a date. Chloe can’t juggle two jobs. Can Ziggy save Theo’s apprenticeship?

Tuesday 5th July (Episode 7830)

Felicity and Mac clash over business. The band take over Tane’s house. Can Nikau have a girl as a friend?

Wednesday 6th July (Episode 7831)

The Parata house has been invaded. Can Felicity pull off a band night at Salt? Lyrik’s bandmates face a clash of egos.

Thursday 7th July (Episode 7832)

The crowd goes wild at Salt. Cash gets a blast from the past. Jealous Dean woos Ziggy back.