Neighbours Spoilers – Levi publicly declares his love for Freya

Coming up on Neighbours in the UK, Levi makes a grand romantic gesture as he finally decides to give Freya another chance – but does she still feel the same way?

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 30th May, and in Australia from Wednesday 22nd June.

Freya (Phoebe Roberts) and Levi (Richie Morris) have had a “will-they-won’t-they” relationship from the moment they met, but up until now they’ve never been interested in each other at the same time. With a little help from Chloe, that could all be about to change.

Levi first spotted Freya as she was rifling through the wreckage of the Flamingo Bar, and she immediately went on the defensive when he questioned what she was doing there.

Despite their frosty start, the pair soon began to develop a spark and grow close.

Sadly for Levi, Freya was only using him for his police credentials. She was already in a relationship – or so she believed – with a man called Gareth (Jack Pearson), who had recently cut himself out of her life, claiming to have gone on the run from corrupt cops.

She was trying to track him down, and getting close to Levi gave her the chance to use his police computer to search the database for info on her ex.

Levi fell hard for Freya, and thought she felt the same way, so he was surprised when she pulled away when he tried to kiss her on Ramsay Street. She claimed she just needed more time, but in reality she was still hung up on her ex.

Despite initially using Levi, she did develop a genuine connection to him, and feelings eventually followed.

She eventually discovered that Gareth himself was corrupt, and he kidnapped her during the River Bend trip before severely beating Aaron (Matt Wilson).

Gareth was severely injured when their van crashed and he went through the windscreen. Freya and David (Takaya Honda) could have treated him and kept him alive long enough to get to hospital, but they decided to leave him to die.

Eventually, Freya and David were forced to confess, and Levi was stunned by Freya’s ever-growing web of lies.

He completely cut her out of his life, to the point of ignoring her when he passed her in the street. However, he’s been slowly warming to her again in recent weeks, as she tried to rebuild her life and began volunteering at the Sonya Rebecchi foundation.

When she puts herself at risk to save Harlow (Jemma Donovan) this week, Levi finally begins to accept that she’s a good person after all, and starts to wonder whether he was too quick to push her away.

Next week, Chloe breaks the girl code as she tells Levi he needs to make things official with Freya before it’s too late.

He’s confused – he thought Freya was well and truly over him, but Chloe assures him that it’s worth him giving things one last try. With that, he decides to make a big romantic gesture, a way to tell Freya – and the rest of the street – how he really feels.

A call over his police car’s loudspeaker grabs Freya’s attention, as she heads out from No. 24 and onto Ramsay Street.

She’s bemused to find Levi standing there – just what does he have planned?!

Now that he’s got her attention, he makes his grand romantic gesture, announcing his feelings to her over the loudspeaker.

Does she still feel the same way?

He’s not alone for his grand romantic gesture – the announcement has been heard right across Ramsay Street, and it’s not long before the neighbours head out to find out what’s happening.


Thankfully for Levi, his plan pays off!

Freya is blown away by his gesture, and as Levi’s hat goes flying, the pair embrace and share a passionate kiss.

Aaron and David clap enthusiastically.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Mackenzie (Georgie Smith) clap along too, but it’s Hendrix (Ben Turland) who’s the most enthusiastic, as he throws his arms up in the air in celebration, before punching the air.

It’s smiles all around as Levi and Freya finally share a kiss.


A couple of days later, as they bask in their newly rekindled romance, Freya and Levi head for a romantic picnic together.

As months of pent up passion and frustration gets the better of them, things quickly go from sweet to steamy. Yet being outside, they’ve got nowhere private to go, and the pair end up getting jiggy in the bushes.

Things take a shocking turn when they emerge from the bushes to find their clothes have been stolen!

Will their sheepish walk back to Ramsay Street bring them closer together, or will the embarrassment of their naughty adventure put a swift end to things?

Here are the spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8857 – Monday 30th May (UK) / Wednesday 22nd June (Aus)

Hendrix’s curiosity has terrible repercussions.

Estelle’s arrival is a struggle for Terese and an opportunity for Paul.

8858 – Tuesday 31st May (UK) / Thursday 23rd June (Aus)

Hendrix struggles after losing his only shot at a transplant.

Harlow learns Prue’s dark secret.

Chloe pushes Levi to make a decision about Freya.

8859 – Wednesday 1st June (UK) / Thursday 23rd June (Aus)

Terese is shocked by Paul’s new love interest.

Hendrix and Mackenzie’s party plans grow wings.

8860 – Thursday 2nd June (UK) / Monday 27th June (Aus)

Terese and Estelle share a moment of warmth. Will mother and daughter be able to see eye to eye?

Glen succumbs to his pain and he turns back to the pills.

Things go from sweet to steamy on Freya and Levi’s romantic picnic.

8861 – Friday 3rd June (UK) / Monday 27th June (Aus)

Kiri begins to see Nicolette in a new light.

Glen’s on the brink of a slippery slope.

Greed gets the better of Estelle and she turns back to Paul.