Neighbours Spoilers – Glen confesses his love for Terese

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Glen admits that he’s in love with Terese, but is the confession just a way of hiding his much bigger secret?

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 18th April, and in Australia from Thursday 12th May.

Glen has certainly had an eventful six months in Erinsborough, after he made a shock return back in October.

He was spotted by Paul (Stefan Dennis) at the Lassiters conference in Queensland, sitting on a bench across from the conference venue, and Paul couldn’t believe he was coming face to face with his half-brother for the first time in three decades.

Glen was in a wheelchair the last time he was around, having fallen from the roof of Lassiters. However, it was revealed that his paraplegia had been misdiagnosed, and he eventually regained the use of his legs, but that the experience had driven him to drink.

He remained out of touch with the rest of his family for close to 30 years, until his sudden reappearance at the conference.

Since then, Glen has struggled to reconnect with his estranged half brother, and spent his first few months quietly trying to get revenge on Paul for his past actions. While relations have warmed slightly, it’s fair to say their relationship remains strained.

He’s formed a close but unusual bond with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). It transpired that he had taken her wedding ring when she dropped it on the beach, and he kept it in an attempt to block Terese and Paul from reuniting.

Harlow (Gemma Donovan) has always suspected something unusual in Glen’s behaviour, and after her breaking into his hotel room for clues proved fruitless, she employed Paul’s trusty PI John Wong (Harry Tseng) to investigate him.

John came back to her with a dossier of documents on Glen, including a big revelation. Harlow took the dossier to Terese, wanting to expose Glen and prevent Terese from falling for him, but Terese tossed it off the roof of Lassiters before reading it, keeping Glen’s big secret a mystery.

When Terese, who had bonded with Glen over their struggles with alcoholism and love of card games, asked Glen to move into No. 22 with her, their friends and family were in shock.

It was Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) who was most concerned, as Glen had recently confessed to her that he had developed feelings for Terese. She tried to talk him out of the move, but Glen assured her that he could put his feelings to one side.

However, while the pair have so far remained platonic, Glen’s feelings have never gone away.

Paul soon realised that there was a spark between his estranged wife and half-brother, and he warned Glen off, telling him that they would have no chance of a cordial relationship if anything ever happened between Glen and Terese.

And that’s how things have remained, up until the recent bombshell that Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson), the boss of the River Bend retreat, was Glen’s daughter. Kiri, of course, has no idea.

Glen had headed to the holiday resort to see his daughter in the flesh, but didn’t expect for things to spiral quite the way they have.

Kiri, having formed a bond with Nicolette during the Ramsay Streeters’ holiday, decided to head to Erinsborough in search of her. Glen managed to stop Kiri and Nicolette’s romance in its tracks by cruelly telling Kiri about Nicolette’s past misdemeanours, but it hasn’t stopped Kiri from sticking around.

She left her job at River Bend after the fateful trip away impacted bookings, and has now moved into No. 24 alongside Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts).

Plus, Leo offered her a job at the vineyard, meaning the secret daughter who Glen was trying to avoid is now not only his neighbour, but his work colleague. There’s no escape. He’s sure he’s going to slip up soon, and it’s terrifying him.

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, and a little over 3 weeks later in Australia, Nicolette throws a party at No. 32 to officially welcome Kiri to the street. There’s no turning back, she’s officially a resident of Ramsay Street.

Nicolette has already noticed the spark between Chloe and Nicolette, but still holds out hope that she may be able to win Kiri over. However, thoughts of romance are soon pushed to one side when Chloe notices that Glen is acting weird around Kiri and spending a lot of time with her, and talks to Nicolette about it.

Nic agrees – she knew something was up from the moment Glen told Kiri about her history; he had no reason to do so, it made no sense. Chloe and Nicolette, on the same page for the first time in months, decide to team up to get to the bottom of things.

While the party is in full swing at No. 32, Glen is busy making the most of an empty No. 24 to look thorough Kiri’s stuff and find out more about his daughter – but what is he hoping to find?

Nicolette and Chloe decide to ask Leo (Tim Kano) to talk to Glen, hoping that their work friendship means that Glen may open up to him.

Leo doesn’t think that Glen has any bad intentions, but he agrees to help them. However, the situation quickly becomes an ambush, and Glen is forced to think quick as he’s interrogated by Leo, Chloe and Nicolette.

Digital Spy have now revealed that, in the spur of the moment, Glen tells them that he’s in love with Terese to throw them off the scent!

His plan works perfectly and the trio believe that the revelation explains the weird way he’s been acting – but is his story really just a way to get them off his back, or has he really fallen in love with Terese?

And, considering how close Chloe and Leo are to Terese, will one of them tell her what Glen has confessed?

Here are the spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8827 – Monday 18th April (UK) / Thursday 12th May (Aus)

Nicolette throws a party to welcome Kiri to the street.

Chloe shares her suspicions around Glen to Nicolette, who agrees.

A desperate Freya turns to her estranged brother Zane to beg for the money.

8828 – Tuesday 19th April (UK) / Monday 16th May (Aus)

Still needing models, Amy sets her sights on Harlow and Corey, leaving Ned very uncomfortable.

Karl starts to question his investment in Montana.

Running out of options, David and Freya are forced to make a shocking decision…

8829 – Wednesday 20th April (UK) / Tuesday 17th May (Aus)

David and Freya make their confession at the police station, and finally discover the identity of their blackmailer.

Ned receives a fiery serve from Harlow.

8830 – Thursday 21st April (UK) / Wednesday 18th May (Aus)

David and Freya are surrounded by support, but their meeting with the lawyers is painful.

Mackenzie basks in Montana’s praise, but panics when her next photoshoot conflicts with law school. Will she choose her degree or modelling?

Karl’s nervous about lying to Susan over his investment.

8831 – Friday 22nd April (UK) / Thursday 19th May (Aus)

Feeling betrayed by Karl, Susan decides to ask Montana for their money back, but Montana soon overhears Susan badmouthing her.

Chloe and Nicolette team up when they see Glen acting strange around Kiri.

Mackenzie’s increasingly blasé attitude towards school worries Hendrix. Is she becoming self-obsessed?