Home and Away Spoilers – Theo’s meddling turns Summer Bay against him

As Home and Away returns to UK screens next week, Theo continues to rile up the locals, whilst Chloe calls time on her strained relationship with Ryder…

Since his dramatic arrival on Aunt Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) doorstep back in October, smooth-talker Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) has seemingly managed to get on the wrong side of half of Summer Bay.

Having watched Theo arrive with a police escort, the first to see through his charm was Leah’s boyfriend Justin (James Stewart). Dubious about Theo’s claims about being kicked out of home by his father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco), Justin wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear that there was more to the story—Theo had been ripping the customers off at Dimitri’s car dealership.

Although stopping short of letting Theo move in, Leah agreed to put up Theo in a local motel, but this wasn’t without its caveats—Theo had to earn his way, and what better way to do it than at Justin’s garage.

Predictably enough, Theo’s work ethic left a lot to be desired, after he turned up late, messed around taking selfies in a customer’s car, and then feigned a migraine in front of Leah in order to skive off to see Chloe (Sam Barrett).

Chloe’s boyfriend Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has undoubtedly been the one to be most affected by Theo’s presence though, as Theo persisted in making a play towards Chloe. Although Chloe hasn’t taken Theo’s ardour too seriously—as he boldly claimed she could do so much better than Ryder—Ryder has still seen Theo as a threat.

Things came to a head on the night of Ryder’s 21st, when Theo offered his services for the surprise party by bundling Ryder into the boot of his car to take him to the venue.

Ryder’s jealously got the better of him, and the evening ended with Ryder being escorted out of the club and Chloe spent the night walking and talking on the beach with Theo. If things weren’t strained enough between the pair, Ryder then proceeded to ask Chloe—in front of his family at his birthday lunch no less—whether she’d slept with Theo!

Next week, as Home and Away returns to UK screens, Ryder supports his grandfather Alf (Ray Meagher) as Martha (Belinda Giblin) battles for her life following the chemical attack at the surf club. Having been told to prepare for the worst, Alf tells Ryder that he can’t imagine a future without Martha.

The talk puts Ryder into a reflective mood, and he heads over to Chloe’s place to try and sort things out once and for all. He apologises for asking about whether she slept with Theo, and, whilst Chloe reiterates to him that nothing happened, she also explains that the fact he had to ask in the first place means that their relationship is not working.

As she glumly tells Ryder that it all feels too much like hard work, he again asks whether it has anything to do with Theo. Her point proven, Chloe replies that he shouldn’t have to ask… and Ryder accepts the inevitable—their relationship is over.

Meanwhile, at the diner, Theo is hanging out with Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who, in an act of spectacularly bad timing, invites Theo back to his place for dinner with Ryder, Chloe and Bella (Courtney Miller).

Theo suggests that things may be a bit awkward considering what happened between him and Chloe after Ryder’s 21st.

Nik is confused as Theo explains that he spent the night on the beach with Chloe… the whole night… and whilst he stops short of outright claiming to have had sex with her, the insinuation is all too clear.

I’m not allowed to kiss and tell“, he says with a coy grin on his face.

With Ryder and Chloe keeping their separation a secret from their friends, the dinner is an awkward affair, especially as Nik struggles to comprehend what Theo’s just told him.

He’s shocked when Ryder then turns around and apologises to Theo for his attitude at the party, and how he let unfounded jealousy take over. As Theo and Ryder shake hands in order to start over, Nik can’t stop staring at Theo.

Bella is equally dumbfounded when Nik confides in her the next day. She knows all too well the pain this could cause, and neither Nik or Bella know what to do for the best!

Theo heads back into the garage for another shift and meets Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) for the first time, getting off on the wrong foot from the get go.

I thought you would have been a guy,” he tells her, before she retorts back with, “And I thought you’d be on time, I guess we’re both wrong!”

Having been given the lowdown on Theo by Justin, Ziggy explains that he’ll be doing admin duties and making coffee.

Given the simple task of contacting a customer with a quote, Theo can’t resist slipping into old habits and inflates the price by $200, going on to take payment there and then despite Ziggy’s express instructions.

Impressed with his ingenuity, Theo can’t wait to tell Ziggy how he’s managed to make them some extra cash… but Ziggy is furious and quickly lays down the law!

When Theo sees a photo on Nik’s social media feed showing that he’s at the surf club with Chloe and Ryder, he decides he’s once again had enough of work and fakes another migraine.

Ziggy thinks it awfully convenient, considering it happened just after the notification on his phone, but Theo tells her she can ask Justin about the migraines and he’ll back him up. She’s left in disbelief as Theo boldly heads off.

But when Theo arrives at the surf club, his appearance causes a seething Bella to crack, as she tells Ryder that Theo claims to have slept with Chloe.

How’s Theo going to talk his way out of this one?

Home and Away returns to Channel 5 on Monday 3rd January 2022, in the later timeslot of 2pm, with the episode repeated on sister channel 5STAR at 6pm. The show returns to its usual time of 1:15pm on Tuesday 4th January.

First look viewers on 5STAR can catch the return episode on Friday 31st December, at the earlier time of 6pm.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 3rd January (Episode 7671)

Tane’s life hangs in the balance. Cash can’t believe his eyes. Martha is in grave danger.

Tuesday 4th January (Episode 7672)

Will Tane survive? Martha fights for her life. All roads lead to Felicity.

Wednesday 5th January (Episode 7673)

Chloe and Ryder make a decision. Felicity’s in hot water. Leah and Justin come to an agreement.

Thursday 6th January (Episode 7674)

Nikau and Bella learn Theo’s secret. Ziggy shows Theo who’s boss while working at the Garage. Is Dean’s return to work too soon?

Friday 7th January (Episode 7675)

Jasmine discovers incriminating evidence. Bella realises she’s not over the past. Ziggy makes Dean an offer he can’t refuse.

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