Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix’s big night out puts Roxy in danger

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, worried that he might have cancer, Hendrix enters a downward spiral that threatens one of his friends’ lives.

It’s been a long week for young larrikin Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland).

The year 13 student was lucky enough to be crowned the winner of the Shorts and Briefs film festival’s student category. However, while at the festival, he got his testicles checked at a pop-up testing booth Karl (Alan Fletcher) had set up in the Lassiters complex.

Whilst there, he was informed that there was indeed a lump on one of his testicles. The consulting doctor suggested he make an appointment to get it checked out, but Hendrix ignored the advice.

Now, he’s going nuts (pardon the pun!).

This week, it becomes clear that the teen is fraught with worry. He’s been googling symptoms of testicular cancer, and his worry heightens further when he realises that the stomach ache he’s had for a few days might be a sign of a potential cancer.

His research is interrupted when high school deputy Jane (Annie Jones) arrives to drop off his prize – some editing software. When Jane gets onto how good the editing software will also be for the school, she startles her student.

It’ll be a lovely legacy for you to leave behind when you’re gone,” Jane innocently tells Hendrix.

When she senses his confusion, she explains that she means once he graduates. Yet, left with the Jane’s ominous words ringing in his ears, Hendrix’s fears continue to play over in his head.

Not long after, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) pops by to wish him good luck before his exam. He explains that he’s not feeling the best, and notes the pain in his stomach.

That afternoon, when Mackenzie runs into Jane, she learns that not only has Hendrix not shown up to school, but he’s missed one of his exams.

While Mackenzie processes the information, Hendrix is over-exerting himself on a furious run through Erinsborough. When she finally tracks him down, he’s still pushing himself hard, doing sit-ups on the exercise equipment near Lassiters lake.

She immediately begins to question his decision to miss his exam, noting how important it is – especially considering he went back to school to complete Year 13 after flunking the previous year.

Yet his out-of-character response shocks her.

I don’t care about marks or school, I’m never going back – none of it matters.”

Naturally, she’s beyond confused. After all the effort that he’s put in to get to where he is, Mackenzie can’t comprehend while he would throw it all down the drain right at the end.

She quickly tracks down Karl and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) to air her worries, and they’re both as surprised as she is to hear about Hendrix’s behaviour.

It seems Hendrix definitely doesn’t want to talk about it any more, as he ignores Mackenzie’s calls. However, when he finally returns to No. 24, he finds himself cornered by the three people who love him the most on the street.

Are you worried about what happens next?” Susan asks, as she tries to get to the bottom of his behaviour.

Hendrix, seeing an opportunity to get his loved ones off his back, and assures Susan that she’s right – “terrified,” he tells her. That much may be true, but Susan has no idea of the real reason why.

Although they try to talk him around, offering their support and love, Hendrix assures the trio that he’s done with school and that he won’t be going back.

When everything’s calmed down, Mackenzie catches up with her boyfriend and suggests that they go backpacking around the world, but Hendrix doesn’t think they should wait. Why not drop everything and go now!

She pulls him into the real world, reminding him of their current situations. So, to compromise, Hendrix offers up an alternative suggestion – they should have a night out!

Mackenzie is reluctantly forced to turn him down, having already promised to babysit for Toadie, and he’s okay with it. It’s odd behaviour, but Mack fails to click that there’s still something wrong.

As the pair say their goodbyes and Mackenzie leaves, Hendrix notices an envelope on the table. It contains the $500 in it that Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) brought around for Karl. Seeing a better use for the cash, he quickly pockets it.

With his first option for a night out having rejected him, he approaches Roxy (Zima Anderson). He’s heard of a party, and he really wants to go. After a little bit of convincing, Roxy agrees.

When the pair arrive, he’s quick to get the pair on the drink, looking to blow the $500 he stole from Karl.

But after throwing down multiple shots and mixing drink after drink, a drunken Hendrix accidentally breaks a glass. The bouncer comes over, wanting to check on the situation, but Hendrix blows up and soon finds himself forcibly removed from the venue.

Not taking no for an answer, he heads around to the back entrance to sneak in. However, when Roxy tries to stop him, he throws her off his arm and she flies backwards, hitting her head hard on an empty keg and falling to the ground!

Will she be okay? And will this be the wake up call Hendrix needs to seek help?

Keep an Eye Out!

This Monday sees a change in the opening title credits, and it’s a big one!

Not only is Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) back in a shot with David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson)…

… but long time guest and former regular Melanie makes a return to the regular cast in a shot with Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and his two children Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner).

Also this week… David and Aaron face losing Abigail again

With David and Aaron reunited with the real Isla, can they put the last few weeks behind them and forget about the bond they formed with baby Abigail?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 11th October (8707)

Leo and Britney agree to work things out between them, but the cracks in their dynamic quickly begin to show.

David and Aaron struggle to bond with Isla and a different option is laid on the table by David.

Hendrix convinces himself he’s dying of cancer, despite not being tested further.

Tuesday 12th October (8708)

It’s Amy’s first night in her own apartment, but it turns out to be a disappointing fizzer, rather than a fun celebration with her boyfriends.

Mackenzie brings Karl and Susan up to speed on Hendrix’s decision to leave school.

Melanie expertly deals with an awkward question from Nell, leaving Toadie even more enamoured with her.

Seeking distraction, Hendrix ropes Roxy into a night out that eventually turns ugly.

Wednesday 13th October (8709)

Roxy winds up with a twisted ankle after her night out with Hendrix.

When Karl can’t find the prize money Melanie said she left on his table, he accuses her of pulling a swifty.

Levi and Ned feel terrible about leaving Amy alone on the first night in her new place and decide to throw her a housewarming party.

Thursday 14th October (8710)

The prospect that there were three in Amy’s bed drives Sheila wild and leads her to gossip about it, leaving Amy deeply uncomfortable.

Aaron and David offer to babysit Abigail while Terese deals with an issue at The Waterhole, but it doesn’t sit well with Leo and Britney when they return home.

Friday 15th October (8711)

Aaron and David are glad to hear that Nicolette will be moving into No. 32, giving them a small reprieve from the news that Leo and Britney are leaving with Abigail.

After seeing Chloe wearing the engagement ring, Nicolette makes it clear for a final time that she wants to be left alone.

Paul invites Jesse to Melbourne to help win Terese back, but he doesn’t receive the intended response.

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