Neighbours Spoilers – Levi is propositioned by newcomer Felicity

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Levi finds himself the object of a newcomer’s affections, as Amy admits she has a major fear about the future of her polyamorous relationship.

These episodes will air in the UK in mid October.

The polyamorous relationship between Ned (Ben Hall), Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Levi (Richie Morris) is tested this week when one of the trio hides a secret, brought up by old relationship woes, whilst another finds a new suitor.

A few weeks have past, and the excitement and uniqueness of their situation has now well and truly worn off. After Levi’s mother visited and he was forced to temporarily halt his part of the relationship, Ned and Amy grew closer.

Feeling left out, Levi pulled out all the stops to try and claw his way back, much to Ned’s chagrin. But with gossip abound across Ramsay Street about the unconventional relationship, it seems that Amy is now the one having second thoughts.

Never one to be back in coming forward, the blond bombshell is lost for words this week as she hides the truth about something that is now worrying her. She’s had some very big changes in the last weeks, especially having moved out from No. 30 into her own flat as a way to give her more freedom to explore her new relationships.

But when her reticence is noticed by the boys, it seems clear that the gossip has got to her. However, it isn’t just other people’s opinions that are causing her to distance herself from her boyfriends – her own difficult relationship history has given her another reason to worry.

Finding the right time, Amy is forced to reveal the truth: she’s worried that she will turn her both of her boyfriends gay. While it might sound ludicrous, Amy’s track record with men isn’t the greatest. Both of her ex-husbands – Damien (John Ridley) and the unseen Eric – have both come out as gay during the course of their marriages to Amy.

As was seen some time ago in Channel 5’s promotional video, it seems that Amy’s ‘v’ shaped relationship is about to verge more on a throuple situation, with the promo showing a scene in which both Ned and Levi join her in the bedroom at the same time. Whether this is the triggering event remains to be seen…

Meanwhile, it seems that the polyamorous relationship isn’t just taking its toll on Amy. Levi finds himself once again questioning things, but this time, there’s an attractive stranger just around the corner, ready to take his mind off of things.

Enter Felicity Higgins, played by ex-Home and Away star Isabella Giovinazzo. The newcomer asks Levi whether he wants to have a drink… and how could he say no? She’s an attractive and intelligent woman, and better still, she has no ties to anyone that Levi knows.

Isabella Giovinazzo also stars as Caroline Wilder in ‘Lie With Me’

After his flirty encounter, he plucks up the courage to admit to Amy that he’d like to explore dating other people, and is surprised by her answer.

It seems that Felicity’s entrance might bring some risky and dangerous drama to Ramsay Street. Just what remains to be seen…

But one thing is for certain – Levi and Felicity look set to hook up!

Neighbours Spoiler Roundup

To take a deeper dive into what’s still to come in Erinsborough in the remaining months of 2021, be sure to check out our spoiler roundup, where we discuss the return of Paul’s siblings Glen (Richard Huggett) and Lucy (Melissa Bell), the arrival of Amy’s wayward daughter and speculate about the direction of the polyamory in Erinsborough.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 27th September (8708)

It’s Amy’s first night in her own apartment, but it turns out to be a disappointing fizzer, rather than a fun celebration with her boyfriends.

Mackenzie brings Karl and Susan up to speed on Hendrix’s decision to leave school.

Melanie expertly deals with an awkward question from Nell, leaving Toadie even more enamoured with her.

Seeking distraction, Hendrix ropes Roxy into a night out that eventually turns ugly.

Tuesday 28th September (8709)

Roxy winds up with a twisted ankle after her night out with Hendrix.

When Karl can’t find the prize money Melanie said she left on his table, he accuses her of pulling a swifty.

Levi and Ned feel terrible about leaving Amy alone on the first night in her new place and decide to throw her a housewarming party.

Wednesday 29th September (8710)

The prospect that there were three in Amy’s bed drives Sheila wild and leads her to gossip about it, leaving Amy deeply uncomfortable.

Aaron and David offer to babysit Abigail while Terese deals with an issue at The Waterhole, but it doesn’t sit well with Leo and Britney when they return home.

Thursday 30th September (8711)

Aaron and David are glad to hear that Nicolette will be moving into No. 32, giving them a small reprieve from the news that Leo and Britney are leaving with Abigail.

After seeing Chloe wearing the engagement ring, Nicolette makes it clear for a final time that she wants to be left alone.

Paul invites Jesse to Melbourne to help win Terese back, but he doesn’t receive the intended response.

Monday 4th October (8712)

Tensions rise as Nicolette tries to being back with Aaron and David, but she says something she instantly regrets.

Jesse makes a valid argument that Paul did the right thing, giving Paul hope that Terese will forgive him and take him back.

Tuesday 5th October (8713)

Nicolette feels the boys are constantly watching her, and while she understands their fears, she hates the feeling of being continually monitored.

Harlow offers to step up and help Terese at Lassiters when she learns that Chloe has taken off to Adelaide.

After feeling a mysterious pain, Hendrix becomes even more distressed and snaps at Mackenzie.

Wednesday 6th October (8714)

Amy is still struggling with the gossip, but hasn’t come clean to Ned and Levi about what her issue really is.

Levi is fed up with being the subject of workplace gossip and wonders if it’s all worth it, accepting an invitation for a drink from an attractive stranger.

Kyle suspects he knows what’s really going on with Hendrix and gives him an ultimatum he can’t ignore.

Thursday 7th October (8715)

Amy finally finds the right moment to come clean to the boys and admits her fears about them turning gay.

Hendrix comes clean to the Kennedys, leaving everyone on tenterhooks as he visits the doctor.

Levi opens up to Amy about wanting to date other people and is surprised by Amy’s answer.

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