Neighbours Spoilers – Evelyn finds out about Levi’s polyamorous relationship

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Evelyn learns the truth about Levi’s involvement with Amy and Ned. Was Sheila behind the discovery? Meanwhile, Rose has an idea, but she needs Karl’s help.

These episodes will air from Monday 20th September.

Ever since Evelyn Farlow’s (Paula Arundell) arrival in Erinsborough, poor Levi Canning’s (Richie Morris) relationship has suffered.

Trying to keep the truth a secret about his polyamorous relationship with Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Ned (Ben Hall) has been hard, but it’s been successful thus far.

But Evelyn isn’t backward in coming forward and has been very vocal about her thoughts on Amy and Ned’s relationship, even without knowing about her son’s involvement.

There’s an age difference – won’t work out,” Evelyn tells her son and Sheila (Colette Mann) this week in the Waterhole, when they all cast eyes on the flirtatious couple.

Seeing the pair together does bring up the topic of Levi’s love life. Evelyn makes comment about how it’s been quite some time since Bea’s (Bonnie Anderson) departure and that maybe it is time for Levi to throw his hat back in the ring.

Knowing the truth, Sheila tries to agree with Evelyn, but in doing so, makes it out that she thinks Levi should sleep around. Bandying around terms like ‘spoilt for choice’ makes Evelyn believe he’s being pushed to play the field. She wants her son to find stability.

But it’s clear that the whole conversation – and the hidden truth – is making Levi uncomfortable.

When Levi meets with cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan), he explains that seeing Ned and Amy together all the time is making him feel like he’s being pushed out of the relationship. Together, the pair hatch a plan. Kyle will distract Evelyn so that Levi can send some much needed alone time with Amy.

The following day, the pair put the wheels in motion. Kyle takes Evelyn out, while Levi claims he has to spend the day working, but it’s not long before they’re caught red-handed.

Catching Levi and Amy together at the Waterhole, Evelyn questions what he’s doing. He told her that he was at work, but when she went to the station, they said he wasn’t there and now she’s found him at the bar, not even in uniform.

Thinking on his feet, Levi explains that he is under cover and Amy is part of the investigation he’s undertaking. The pair breathe a sigh of relief when Evelyn  seems to buy the story and wishes them well on their way.

While Evelyn ignorantly bids them adieu, Kyle can barely hold it together.

Later, Kyle is forced to excuse himself to go to work and complete the roster. When he mentions that the perks of being the boss means he can give himself all the good shifts, Evelyn makes a snide remark about his work ethic that takes Sheila by surprise.

In true Sheila style, she immediately goes on the defence.

First you accuse me of encouraging Levi to be promiscuous and now you’re calling the whole family a pack of bludgers,” she says.

Sheila questions why, if the Cannings are really so bad, did Evelyn leave Levi with them when he was little. Evelyn rebuts by saying that her parents made her do it while she was going through university, she had no choice.

But a war of the words has started. Before she knows it, Sheila verges on throwing Levi under the bus when Evelyn states that she believes he turned out alright – despite who he grew up living with.

Well, you may find out he’s not quite as pure as you think,” Sheila comments in the heat of the moment, before catching herself.

The statement piques Evelyn’s interest. It’s clear that she’s curious and wants to know more, but Sheila refuses to give up any more details.

Some time passes, and Levi says goodbye to Amy at the conclusion of their date. But once she leaves, the young police officer is approached by his mother. Suggesting they go to the botanic gardens together, he’s thrown when she states that maybe he would want to go with someone else.

Then Evelyn drops the bomb – she knows the truth about Amy!

Seething, Levi knows exactly who told her. He tracks down his grandmother in the Lassiters complex and lets rip, in front of the passers-by. She promises that it wasn’t her, but there is no fibre of his being that believes her.

Is Sheila telling the truth? And if she is, just who revealed the truth to Evelyn?

But more importantly, how will his mother’s disapproval of his unconventional relationship affect Levi’s connection with Amy?

Meanwhile, with the film festival fast approaching, PR manager Rose (Lucy Durack) believes she has found a way to honour the ‘briefs’ part of this year’s ‘Shorts and Briefs’ theme.

Approaching Karl, she explains that she has seen an initiative that started in NZ where they have pop up testing booths for testicular cancer.

Karl knows what she’s talking about – telling Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) that the doctor sits behind a screen and conducts the examination through a hole. This saves the patient the notional embarrassment during a regular examination.

Believing it’s a great idea, Karl approaches the hospital and gets the tick of approval.

Rose is ecstatic, but does this initiative mean that there is a chance one of our Ramsay Street favourites could have a major battle ahead of them?

Also this week… Harlow is demoted

After the Lassiters staff go on strike, Paul and Terese are forced to make an upsetting decision. Meanwhile, a slip of the tongue threatens Terese’s relationship with Jesse.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 20th September (8692)

Many of the staff at Lassiters aren’t happy about Harlow’s new role, and things are only going from bad to worse.

After their brief moment, Rose confesses to Toadie that she’s back in Erinsborough for him.

Tuesday 21st September (8693)

With the hotel staff on strike, Jesse spends the day helping out and as Terese expresses her gratitude, she makes a confronting Freudian slip.

Jane and Chloe open a package addressed to Nicolette, finding the engagement ring meant for Chloe.

Wednesday 22nd September (8694)

Harlow blames Chloe for her demotion, determine to get her job back.

David is still stewing on Paul’s request to keep Terese in the dark over the loan with Leo, sure there’s something else going on.

Rattled by her slip of the tongue, Terese quickly smooths things over with Jesse, but when Paul confronts her, she’s defensive.

Thursday 23rd September (8695)

Terese supports Jesse’s decision to not visit Julie in jail, but Paul is worried she’s letting her own feelings about the Quills cloud her judgement.

Evelyn furiously reveals to Levi that she’s discovered his relationship with Amy and she’s not happy.

Paul comes clean to David, telling him he paid Nicolette to stay away after she handed over Isla.

Friday 24th September (8696)

Amy instigates a mature heart-to-heart with Evelyn to help her understand their relationship.

Melanie is keeping her distance after Toadie and Rose’s kiss, going so far as to meet up with her ex Justin Buke.

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