Tori and Christian’s wedding arrives in new Home and Away promo

A brand new Home and Away promo is currently airing down under, giving us an extended look at Tori and Christian’s big day as they get married in front of their closest friends in next Thursday’s triple episode.

Watch the 1 minute promo in full further down this article.

The wedding of the year is finally here. It has only been 7 months since Christian (Ditch Davey) first popped the question to Tori (Penny McNamee) in an impromptu proposal on the beach, but so much has happened since then.

They were literally days away from getting married when Christian’s trip to a skydiving centre changed everything. One breakup and reconciliation later, and it’s time for their second shot at tying the knot.

Despite having been here before, Tori seems a lot calmer this time, as she tells Christian that “this time tomorrow, we’ll be married.”

This time, there’s no mad dash to collect Christian’s suit, meaning no opportunity for last minute adrenaline-filled trips to skydiving centres. This time they don’t even need to leave town – Tori and Christian are staying in Summer Bay for an intimate wedding in their garden, watched on by their closest friends.

As is customary in any good Home and Away promo, we get a number of flashbacks.

We’re taken back to the day – just a matter of weeks ago – when an exhausted Christian proposed to Tori in the lift at Northern Districts Hospital, his grand plans of a proposal on the pier thwarted by Dean’s car crash and the resulting medical emergencies.

Instead, he got down on one knee in the place they first kissed, and it was an instant “yes” from Tori when he popped the question with an emphatic “will you please marry me?”.

“And I can’t wait,” he assures her, back in the present day.

Then, the big day finally arrives. There are no fancy hotels or expensive wedding venues. Instead, Tori gets ready in her living room, with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) in charge of hair and makeup.

There’s some sadness in store across the week, as Brody and Raffy reveal that they won’t be able to make it, meaning Justin is left as the only family member there to witness Tori’s big day.

A close up of Tori’s eye makeup is the first glimpse we get of the blushing bride, as we hear Justin’s excitement at being “the one to actually give you away.”

He’s initially reluctant to be the one to accompany her down the aisle. He fears that he’ll be in floods of tears, and doesn’t want to show up the bride when all of the attention should be on her.

However, when Brody reveals he can’t make it, Justin has no choice but to play his part as the only Morgan brother left to play the important role.

As the one to accompany her down the aisle, her brother is the first person to see her in her dress. She holds her bouquet in preparation, with bridesmaid Leah beams behind her.

He’s blown away, and lets out a smile as he asks, “you ready?”

“I think so.”

As we first saw in the show’s Olympic Return promo, Baby grace scatters rose petals down the aisle, before the bride to be walks down the aisle with her brother by her side.

It’s been many months since they were first meant to get married, but “the wedding you’ve been waiting for” is well and truly here.

Christian stands in eager anticipation, facing away as his soon-to-be wife and brother in law reach the top of the aisle.

As he turns to face them, he sees Tori in her wedding dress for the first time, and lets out a huge beaming smile. It may have taken a while, but there’s nothing he wants more than to marry the love of his life.

“I didn’t find love,” we hear Tori say, as she reads her wedding vows. “It found me.”

The final walk begins, as Tori heads to join her groom.

After more flashbacks – their awkward initial encounters in the elevator at the hospital, Christian kissing Tori as she practices yoga on the beach, and the couple having fun with baby grace – the ceremony can begin.

“You ready?” Christian asks.

Beaming back at him, Tori is very much ready, as she responds with “let’s get married.”

“The wedding all of Australia is invited to” airs as part of Home and Away’s triple bill, next Thursday evening on Seven.

What the future holds for Tori and Christian remains to be seen.

Australian viewers recently saw that the couple’s chat over honeymoon destinations caused them to make a life-changing decision, when Christian suggest that they shouldn’t just honeymoon in London – they should move there instead!

While Tori was initially against the idea, she changed her mind when she realised it could be an amazing opportunity, and recent episodes have seen her applying for jobs in the UK capital. Could their marriage spell the end of their time in Summer Bay?

If you watched the promo closely, you’ll notice a large number of boxes stacked up in the background. Lavish wedding gifts, or removal boxes ready to be loaded up and flown to the other side of the world?

Is this goodbye? It won’t be long until we find out.

UK viewers will see Tori and Christian’s wedding day arrive a little under 7 weeks later, on Tuesday 9th November.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 20th September (7656)

Mia and Ari’s future treads in murky waters. Does Theo really have his aunt wrapped around his finger? Ryder’s reality comes to a head.

Tuesday 21st September (7657)

Ari secures his future with Mia. Tori gets exciting news. Nikau seizes an opportunity.

Wednesday 22nd September (7658)

Tori has to make the ultimate choice. Bella recognises unhealthy behaviour. John calls on a friend for help.

Thursday 23rd September (7659-7661)

Ziggy’s return isn’t welcome. Jasmine considers her relationship’s momentum. Irene comes to John’s rescue.

Jasmine lightens her expectations. Martha digs deep for inspiration. Ziggy becomes Dean’s greatest hurdle.

Jasmine wakes with debilitating guilt. Nikau and John’s worlds grow smaller. Tori and Christian’s big day arrives.

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