Home and Away Spoilers – Christian and Tori are moving to London

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Tori and Christian’s casual chat about honeymoon destinations leads to Christian making a suggestion nobody expected… 

We don’t need to remind you what an eventful few months it’s been for Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey), but finally things are back on track. Their engagement is back on, Rachel is a distant memory, and their only big decision of late has been on a new wedding venue.

Last week, Brody and Simone announced that they were having a baby, putting paid to the idea of hosting the wedding at their vineyard in Victoria.

Tori loves planning, and now there’s one last thing to sort out

Tori and Christian couldn’t come to an agreement on a replacement venue, but it turns out alcohol was the answer. A few bottles of wine later and they woke up to find they’d seemingly planned and booked the whole thing, with their bank accounts taking a huge hit in the process.

This week, things aren’t quite so plain sailing.

Logan has reminded Christian how fun their time abroad was

The arrival of Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) has been a breath of fresh air for Christian. The two medics met overseas while working for Doctors Without Borders, and have spent the past weeks reliving old memories of their adventures abroad, much to Tori’s chagrin. She still hasn’t forgiven Logan for taking over her ED to save Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) life, and sees him as completely full of himself.

She’s soon going to be seeing a lot more of him. After he passed out with concussion last week – a result of hitting his head during another of his famous helicopter rescues – he needs somewhere to stay where there’s people around to check on him.

Without a second thought for his fiancée, Christian offers up his and Tori’s house! It’s fair to say Tori won’t be happy with that!

But has Logan’s arrival in Summer Bay had an even bigger impact on Christian than Tori realises?

TV Week reveals that this week, having been so distracted by their wedding venue, they realise that there’s one last thing they haven’t decided upon – a honeymoon destination!

Once again, they soon realise that they’re not on the same page. Tori wants somewhere relaxing, where she can spend the days lounging on the beach and practicing yoga – a desert island would be just perfect.

Skinny dipping, sky diving, speeding – Christian still wants that adrenaline rush

Christian, however, is still looking for that adrenaline rush.

It seems he regrets not getting to partake in that last minute skydive, and would rather they go somewhere like New Zealand or Nepal, where they can go bungee jumping or trekking through the jungle. Two things that just aren’t on Tori’s bucket list at all!

Ditch explains to TV Week that the two have had very different upbringings, and want very different things out of life. “Christian has lived and worked in many places outside his comfort zone, and is very aware that Tori hasn’t.”

“She’s had to bear the responsibility of her family and raising Grace alone, while absorbing the pressure of the emergency department.”

However, there’s another location on Tori’s suggestion list, and it might just be one Christian can get behind – London.

Tori isn’t ready to leave Summer Bay behind

There’s just one catch. The more he thinks about it, the more he realises that the UK capital would be the perfect place for them to move to. If not forever, maybe as an extended honeymoon?

Does Tori jump at the opportunity? Of course not! She loves her life in Summer Bay, she loves running the ED, and she’s close to her friends and family. She begins to freak out when she realises Christian is serious about moving half way across the world, and lists all the reasons why they shouldn’t go.

Will Christian win her round?

Do Christian and Tori leave for London?

Are Christian and Tori leaving Home and Away? That’s the question that’s been on the lips of Home and Away fans for the last few months.

The outdoor scenes that make ‘Summer Bay’ come alive are actually filmed at Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Lucky fans of the show often get to witness scenes being filmed, and these often give us our first clues as to what’s coming up over the next few months.

Tori and Christian in happier times. Could Tori still be happy living abroad?

Many fans have noticed that neither Ditch Davey nor Penny McNamee have been spotted filming at Palm Beach for a number of months.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean anything – the indoor shots are all filmed in a closed studio, and Tori and Christian are most often seen at the hospital or at the Morgan house – it’s been enough to make some fans speculate that the two characters are soon set to leave Home and Away behind for good.

Whether or not that’s true, we just don’t know. However, it’s fair to say Christian’s idea of moving to London will come as no surprise to spoiler-obsessed fans, who have been expecting their departure for a while.

Perhaps it’ll just be an extended honeymoon after all, and the two will come back relaxed and refreshed after a few months. Or is this goodbye for good?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

Trouble for Tane and Felicity?

Elsewhere this week, Tane and Felicity’s one-night stand looks set to lead to more, but one of them is more into it than the other…

A new promo for this week’s episodes shows Felicity, the flirty and confident new arrival, make a move on Tane. As he sits alone at Salt, she asks if he’s waiting for a date. When he says no, she invites him to an impromptu date with her instead.

Before he knows it, they’re back at the Parata house and recreating their first drunken encounter together.

As the week goes on, Felicity begins to get more attached to Tane. Yet having just broken up with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), he certainly isn’t looking for anything serious.

He’s forced to let her down, telling her that she wants more than he’s able to give her. However, the promo hints that Felicity isn’t ready to give up without a fight, as Tane has a surprise waiting for him when he gets home.

Read more…

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 30th August (7638)

Can Leah bring John and Justin back together again? Logan is the one house guest Tori never wanted. Jasmine and Cash have a roadblock called Felicity.

Tuesday 31st August (7639)

Jasmine learns of Cash’s traumatic past. Nikau tries to make things right with Bella. Tane and Felicity are drawn to one another.

Wednesday 1st September (7640)

Dean struggles with his recovery. Bella is furious with Nikau. Tane puts a stop to his romance.

Thursday 2nd September (7641-7643)

The air goes out of the Nikau and Tane’s road trip. Ziggy and Mackenzie clash over what’s best for Dean. Ari and Mia seek out John’s advice.

Nikau gets mixed results with his olive branches. Ari and Mia adopt some hope from John. Can Ziggy and Dean get back on the same page? Tane manages to avoid Felicity… well, almost.

Christian’s idea of an extended honeymoon doesn’t go over well with Tori. The Felicity and Tane tornado continues to spin. The joy of Martha and Alf’s return is short lived.

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