Neighbours Spoilers – Jesse leaves town, while Terese faces Julie Quill

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Terese faces her demons as she visits Julie Quill in jail. Will it give her the closure she needs? Plus, Paul makes it his mission to drive Jesse out of town.

2016 saw Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) endure every parent’s worst nightmare, as she said laid her son Josh (Harley Bonner) to rest. His death came as a result of an explosion which ripped through Lassiters’ reception and sent debris flying.

Both he and Daniel (Tim Phillipps) were trapped by a collapsed column. Daniel’s injuries meant that he needed urgent hospitalisation, but lifting the column meant that Josh would most likely die.

Terese has never fully dealt with the death of her son, Josh

Josh selflessly told Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) to lift the column anyway, saving Daniel’s life but ending his own. There was just enough time for his family to gather round and say a heartfelt goodbye, and Terese struggled to hold it together as she said goodbye to her son.

The explosion turned out to be caused by the hotel boiler, which had been tampered with by a mystery suspect. Paul (Stefan Dennis) was initially accused of the dastardly deed, but the perpetrator was eventually revealed to be the hotel’s new owner Julie Quill (Gail Easdale), who had messed with the boiler to try to claim on Lassiters’ insurance.

She never expected tampering with the boiler to result in deaths. She was sentenced to prison and still finds herself behind bars.

While Terese had managed to put the heartbreaking event behind her, it has been brought back to the forefront with the arrival of Jesse (Cameron Robbie). The seemingly dopey barman started working at the Flamingo Bar earlier this year, and appeared to be nothing more than a loveable but clumsy new resident of Erinsborough.

When the Quill Group began stealing Lassiters’ ideas for their own hotel, it became clear there was a mole in the ranks. Jesse was the last person anyone expected, but when Roxy (Zima Anderson) caught him snooping through financial documents in Terese’s office, she soon realised he was the one feeding confidential info to Lassiters’ main rival.

Why? Well, Roxy soon uncovered that Jesse was in fact Julie Quill’s son! While Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Paul initially tried to keep the news from Terese, it wasn’t long before she found out the truth.

The expected thing would have been for her to banish him from her hotel, and her life, for good, but she soon began to feel sorry for him. His mother may have been evil, but perhaps Jesse hasn’t inherited that trait?

Terese soon discovered that Jesse was only helping the Quill Group as his step-sister Shay blamed his mum’s criminal act for the hotel’s financial downturn, and wanted Jesse to make it up to her by acting as a spy. However, he soon found his allegiance to Lassiters growing as he was taken under Paul and Terese’s wing. They were starting to feel like family, and he didn’t want to lose that.

Julie has been in prison since 2016.

While Terese has grown close to Jesse, it soon becomes clear that she sees him as a surrogate Josh. It’s apparent that she still hasn’t fully dealt with the death of her son five years ago.

This week, Terese decides to visit Julie in prison, hoping to finally gain closure on the most painful time of her life.

Talking to TV Week, Rebekah explains, “Terese feels having the opportunity to confront Julie will bring closure. After all this time, she’s dreamt of what she would say to Julie if she saw her, and now is her chance.”

Jesse agrees to go with Terese to the prison, to make the journey a little easier. However, one person is about to stand in their way – yes, it’s Paul Robinson!

Paul put a stop to Terese’s plans to buy the Quill Hotel, as he’s just spent $1,000,000 buying a baby!

Terese wanted to buy the failing Quill Hotel, but Paul was forced to sabotage the deal after he paid Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) $1,000,000 to buy her baby, leaving him in financial turmoil.

Nobody apart from him, David (Takaya Honda) and Nicolette know the truth, but he’s worried that Terese and Jesse’s meeting with Julie will uncover that it was him who sabotaged the deal, and will lead to the truth about Nicolette coming out.

David is equally fearful of the truth coming out, wanting to avoid the risk of Nicolette taking the baby away, and Paul asks him to speak to Jesse. David encourages him to leave town, making it clear that Terese will be devastated if the truth is uncovered.

Jesse takes David’s advice and leaves Erinsborough

With such strong loyalty towards Terese, Jesse agrees and flees to Sydney.

Terese is forced to meet with Julie alone. The businesswoman seems to have changed and is utterly remorseful for what she did. It’s the catharsis that Terese was seeking, and makes her feel ready to close that chapter of her life once and for all.

However, when she discovers that Jesse has shot through, she’s confused and heartbroken – why has he left now?

These episodes will air in the UK at the end of September.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week’s Australian episodes:

Monday 6th September (8696)

Amy instigates a mature heart-to-heart with Evelyn to help her understand their relationship.

Melanie is keeping her distance after Toadie and Rose’s kiss, going so far as to meet up with her ex Justin Buke.

Tuesday 7th September (8697)

Toadie makes a bold romantic gesture, hoping to remind Melanie of what makes them great as a couple, but it backfires massively.

Levi decides to crash Amy’s sauna session, but Ned’s already there.

Kyle attaches a mini camera to Gary the pigeon, but the footage he captures is a little more risqué than Kyle could have imagined.

Wednesday 8th September (8698)

Terese insists on visiting Julie Quill in prison.

Rose wastes no time comforting Toadie in his heartbreak.

Paul is forced to reveal the full extent of his deception to David.

Thursday 9th September (8699)

Although dinner with Rose is fun, Toadie makes it clear that nothing is going to happen between them, just yet.

Terese is left feeling bereft when she learns that Jesse has handed in his resignation and is moving to Sydney.

Harlow learns that the Lassiters’ staff receive a free drink at the end of their shift without Paul’s knowledge.

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