Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie and Rose kiss, as Levi’s mum arrives

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On the next two weeks of Neighbours in Australia, Toadie and Rose share a kiss, while Levi’s mum arrives and isn’t happy with his new polyamorous relationship.

Since Rose Walker (Lucy Durack) arrived back in Erinsborough last week, she has made it perfectly clear that she has her sights set on Toadie (Ryan Moloney).

Toadie’s former flame heard from a lawyer friend Toadie and Melanie’s (Lucinda Cowden) ongoing relationship woes, and headed to Erinsborough planning to swoop in.

The revelation that Melanie had an affair with more than one of her old bosses has led to an exodus of clients for Rebecchi Law, and has left Toadie doubting whether he and Melanie can have a future together.

Last time she was in Erinsborough, Rose fell hard for Toadie, before eventually reconciling with husband James. She left town, leaving Toadie feeling used and like he’d lost out on a fruitful new romance. In the year since, James and Rose have broken up once and for all, with their divorce going through amicably.

Rose was upset over her marriage breakdown last year, but now she’s ready to move on

Late last week, Rose confessed to Hendrix (Benny Turland) that she wants Toadie back.

She knows that he and and Melanie aren’t right for each other, and hopes that she can speed up their breakup by reminding Toadie of the spark they shared when they first met.

She may have initially wrangled the job as Toadie’s PA to get inside information on her husband, but the spark she felt with her old boss was real.

Melanie’s numerous affairs with her bosses has made Toadie doubt her commitment to him

This coming week, she attempts to reignite things with a playful prank at the Shorts and Briefs film festival, but it ends up backfiring and landing Melanie in hospital. While she’s remorseful for injuring her, it doesn’t stop Rose from wanting to steal Melanie’s man.

With Rose fearful that the accident could result in a crippling law suit for the fledgling film festival, she seeks Toadie’s help.

Despite knowing that Melanie won’t be happy, he goes ahead and represents the festival, getting them out of a potentially stick situation.

Rose’s flirty nature was a breath of fresh air for Toadie. Does he crave a simpler life with her?

Rose is eternally grateful. Next week, in episodes airing from Monday 30th August, she shows him just how grateful she is by going in for a passionate kiss!

Toadie is taken aback; he had feelings for Rose before, but he and Melanie are finally in a good(ish) place, and he definitely doesn’t want to cheat on her. He pushes Rose away, and decides to come clean to Melanie as soon as possible.

Understandably, Melanie is distraught.

She suspected that Rose was up to something, but it’s painful to have it confirmed, and she’s terrified that she’ll lose Toadie to his former flame. She can see there’s still an attraction between them.

Who will Toadie choose?

Worse still, the kiss has reignited something for Toadie; Rose’s plan has worked!

The connection they shared last year really was something special, and it was his first relationship since Sonya that was just fun and flirty, without any excess baggage.

Things may be good with Melanie right now, but he knows that they’ve had plenty of issues in their short time together. When things are bad, it results in manure being dumped on doorsteps, and even his kids being put in danger. With Rose, it’s just flirtatious fun, and he’s definitely tempted to go for the easy life.

Who will Toadie choose?

This week also sees Neighbours delve a little deeper into Levi’s (Richie Morris) backstory, with the arrival of his mum Evelyn, played by Paula Arundell.

She has a conservative personality, with traditional views, and Levi is worried what she’ll think about his new polyamorous relationship with Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) and Ned (Ben Hall).

Not wanting to rile her up before they’ve even had a chance to reconnect, he decides to put a pause on the relationship, just for a little while.

He’s worried that him stepping back will give Amy and Ned a chance to see what life could be like as a “conventional” couple, but has no choice but to take the risk.

Meanwhile, Sheila is taken aback when she gets a frosty reception from Evelyn. Levi’s mum clearly has no intention of patching up their difficult relationship, leaving Sheila wondering just why she’s back.

However, she’s more than happy to make the most of the woman’s surprise arrival in Erinsborough. Seeing that her presence is getting in the way of Levi and Amy’s relationship, Sheila invites Evelyn to stay a little longer…

These episodes will air in the UK in mid September.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 23rd August (8688)

Terese is having doubts about whether they can justify Harlow’s new position, and is left furious when Paul makes a snap decision without confirming it with her.

Chloe realises that Jane isn’t coping and goes to Clive for assistance, but he only makes things worse with Jane dangerously close to her breaking point.

Tuesday 24th August (8689)

Amy wants both Ned and Levi as her dates to the launch party, but when they all decide to attend together Levi finds he has an unexpected visitor.

Hendrix is rattled by Jane’s unexpected show of aggression.

Wednesday 25th August (8690)

Levi is stunned his conservative mother Evelyn has turned up, telling Amy he’ll have to push the pause button on their polyamorous relationship while she’s in town.

When Rose attempts to reignite her spark with Toadie by playing a prank on him, an amused Toadie gets swept up in the fun as they try to one-up each other, but it all ends in horror for Melanie.

Sheila is confused by Evelyn’s frosty attitude towards her.

Thursday 26th August (8691)

Toadie feels completely responsible for Melanie’s accident and commits to being by her side as she recuperates in hospital.

Although Evelyn doesn’t seem to want to patch things with Sheila, Sheila takes advantage of her presence putting distance between Levi and Amy to invite her to stay longer.

Levi hates not being able to support Amy in the aftermath of the party disaster and doesn’t know how long he can keep up the façade in front of Evelyn.

Monday 30th August (8692)

Many of the staff at Lassiter’s aren’t happy about Harlow’s new role, and things are only going from bad to worse.

After their brief moment, Rose confesses to Toadie that she’s back in Erinsborough for him.

Tuesday 31st August (8693)

With the hotel staff on strike, Jesse spends the day helping out and as Terese expresses her gratitude, she makes a confronting Freudian slip.

Jane and Chloe open a package addressed to Nicolette, finding the engagement ring meant for Chloe.

Wednesday 1st September (8694)

Harlow blames Chloe for her demotion, determine to get her job back.

David is still stewing on Paul’s request to keep Terese in the dark over the loan with Leo, sure there’s something else going on.

Rattled by her slip of the tongue, Terese quickly smooths things over with Jesse, but when Paul confronts her, she’s defensive.

Thursday 2nd September (8695)

Terese supports Jesse’s decision to not visit Julie in jail, but Paul is worried she’s letting her own feelings about the Quills cloud her judgement.

Evelyn furiously reveals to Levi that she’s discovered his relationship with Amy and she’s not happy.

Paul comes clean to David, telling him he paid Nicolette to stay away after she handed over Isla.

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