Neighbours Spoilers – Terese learns the truth about Jesse

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Paul and Harlow use Jesse to their advantage. But when Terese learns who Jesse is, there is hell to pay!

These episodes will air from Monday 9th August.

They say that there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition, but when it comes to Lassiters vs Quill, it’s nothing but toxic. In fact, it’s been known to kill.

General manager Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) learnt this first hand when the CEO of the Quill Group, Julie Quill (Gail Easdale), had the hotel boiler tampered with, resulting in a massive explosion. As a consequence, Terese’s son Josh (Harley Bonner) lost his life.

Naturally, Terese has a strong animosity for the company.

Julie has been in prison since 2016.

So, when Paul (Stefan Dennis) and his granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan) learnt that bartender Jesse (Cameron Robbie) was actually Julie’s son, they were stunned. They knew they had to tell Terese the truth, but Paul saw an opportunity. They could turn the tables on the Quills and get their revenge.

With Harlow’s permission, Paul organised for Jesse to be fed false information to take back to Quill CEO Shay (Yasmin Kassim), which they would use to their own detriment.

This week, their plan is put into motion when Harlow explains to Jesse that if he would like to begin mentoring sessions with Paul, the time is perfect.

He is so upbeat,” she tells her faux boyfriend.

And with that, Harlow begins the deception. She explains that Paul has learnt that they dodged a bullet with the film festival, as the company organising it is facing a major lawsuit.

Jesse’s face drops as Harlow assures him that it will be terrible PR for the Quill group, who won the festival tender. Taking the bait, Jesse rushes off to tell his step-sister the “bad news”.

It doesn’t take long for the Quill Group to pull out, and Terese learns that Lassiters has been given the festival in their place. It’s great news for the entire team.

I could get used to this,” Terese tells Paul, with no idea that it was her husband’s deception that resulted in the win.

Later, Harlow approaches her grandfather and asks to be with him when he tells Terese the truth about Jesse. But Paul has a different idea – he is going to keep the secret for a little longer, and continue the deceit.

Feeling bad, Harlow urges him to call it off. However, Paul wants her to know that she shouldn’t think of it as using Jesse, but rather steering him in the right direction.

Justifying his position, Paul reminds Harlow of Terese’s connection to the Quills.

That family caused more grief for Terese than anyone deserves, so yes, I am going for the jugular.

The tense confrontation is broken by Jesse’s arrival. He heard that Lassiters is hosting the film festival and wonders why they would want to cop the bad publicity.

However, Paul reveals that there was no substance to the lawsuit. In fact, it was a toxic former employee making up allegations.

Jesse’s face says it all – but he still has no idea he’s being played.

Unfortunately, things begin to weigh heavily on Harlow’s mind and she heads up to Terese’s office to break the news. When she sees her staring at a photo of Josh, she backs down, realising she can’t break the truth to her just yet.

Heading straight back to Paul, Harlow confronts him. She won’t say anything to Terese, but there’s two condition she wants him to agree to. The first, he needs to make sure that Jesse is totally absolved from any wrongdoing.

The second, he has to stay out of her relationship with Brent and let them work through their long distance relationship. He can’t contact him, or even talk about him, unless Harlow brings it up.

Taking a moment, Paul is impressed.

Spoken like a true Robinson,” he says, with a smirk.

She has a deal.

A few days later, Paul delivers his coup de grâce. He organises for Harlow to spill the beans on Lassiters’ plans to buy a block of land next to an existing Quill property. Taking the bait, Jesse feeds it straight back to Shay.

What Jesse doesn’t know is that the land is compromised and unusable. Paul is hoping that in Quills’ bid to get the land before Lassiters does, they’ll fail to do their due diligence and hopefully, it’ll be a massive financial blow.

Meanwhile, it seems that Terese may not need to be told the truth by Harlow and Paul.

After witnessing Curtis (Nathan Borg) pushing Jesse over – a result of Jesse ending things so he can keep up his pretence with Harlow – she begins to do her own investigation and learns from Susan (Jackie Woodburne) that Jesse had been dating Curtis.

Realising something fishy is going on, and putting pieces of the puzzle together, Terese follows Jesse after his shift and finds him returning to the Quill Group.

Calling Paul and Harlow to her office, she confronts them and wants to know what is going on.

As Harlow reveals Jesse’s familial connection, Terese sees red.

So you’re telling me I welcomed the son of the woman who killed Josh into my home?” she asks.

Fuming, Terese orders her husband and granddaughter to start talking… now!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 9th August (8662)

With Paul and Roxy pushing her on, Harlow feeds false information to Jesse with the hope it will get back to the Quills.

Nicolette’s talk of future plans over a romantic brunch triggers another freak-out from Chloe.

Leo confesses to Paul that he does have feelings for Chloe.

Tuesday 10th August (8663)

Toadie brings Yashvi to the Nursery for one last surprise – a farewell gathering.

Although stunned, Chloe accepts Nicolette’s proposal but is worried she has made another huge mistake.

Wednesday 11th August (8664)

After Amy’s weekend away, both Ned and Levi appear at her house at different times wanting to pick up where they left off.

Harlow is unsure how to keep the ruse up when Hendrix and Mackenzie learn that Jesse is with Curtis.

Thursday 12th August (8665)

Harlow’s unnerved by the close call with Terese, telling Paul they better act fast against the Quills.

Ned wrestles with his hurt when he learns about Amy and Levi’s hook up.

A curious Terese is on a mission of her own, edging even closer to uncovering the truth.

Friday 13th August (8666)

Terese is appalled by Paul and Harlow’s deceit.

During their engagement party, Chloe feels suffocated, fleeing into the arms of the one person she trusts will understand – Leo.

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