Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette falls at the winery – will the baby survive?

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Nicolette’s anguish at Chloe’s absence results in an impromptu trip to the winery. Meanwhile, the Cannings are targeted and Toadie opens up about Sonya.

These episodes will air from Monday 19th July.

Poor Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) can’t seem to cop a break, and this week is no different. After weeks of putting up with Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) ex, she’s now struggling to cope with her new job.

In Nicolette’s mind, it’s bad enough that this job is taking her away from their relationship, but what’s worse is that she’s working with her ex Leo (Tim Kano)… an ex that Nic had no idea about until last week.

What Nic doesn’t know is that while she is wondering where Chloe is, Leo is being a comforting shoulder to her.

Nic and I are not exactly in a honeymoon period,” she tells Leo, who is surprised by the admission.

Chloe makes it clear that they’ve been going through a rough period, especially with Pierce’s (Don Hany) return and the misunderstanding on Fay’s (Zoe Bertram) birthday. But she assures Leo that everything will be okay between them.

It’s obvious from the get go that Leo isn’t convinced, but bites his tongue for the sake of their friendship.

Nic is let down again when Chloe cancels plans due to a lunch set up at the winery by Hendrix (Benny Turland) for her and Leo.

At the lunch, the business partners have a great time. As a result, Hendrix begins to question whether there’s anything else going on between them. After all, to him it looks like they are on a date.

As the hours tick by, Nicolette grows sick of Chloe’s absence and heads out to the winery with Hendrix.

However, her surprise arrival doesn’t pull Chloe away from her work and the red-head is left deflated once again.

In a plan to elevate Nic’s mood, Hendrix suggests a picnic. However, when she gets lost among the vines, it proves to be more dangerous than anyone thought.

As panic mounts, Nicolette falls. With a flat phone battery and cramps in her stomach, she calls out for help… but there’s no one around.

Will Nicolette and the baby survive?

Elsewhere, after Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson’s (Rhys Mitchell) arrival in Erinsborough last week shocked Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Levi (Richie Morris), it was decided that the youngest Canning would call off his pursuit of their pair. However it seems it might be a case of too little too late.

This week, Levi and Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) hide the fact that they are staking out the warehouse where the thugs who beat up Levi were pictured just a few days earlier.

When Kyle decides to make an impromptu trip to Hastings, he makes a discovery. The marked police car that Levi uses is outside the warehouse. Irate, Kyle confronts his cousin, who denies knowing anything about it. It’s not until Yashvi joins them at No. 30 that they learn she has been travelling down and scoping them out.

Kyle blasts the pair, but the trio are in for a bigger shock when they find that Hugo (John Turner) has a train – an exact replica of the one left on the Cannings’ doorstep.

Meanwhile, over at No. 26, Sheila has a feeling that there is someone in her house when she finds a carton of eggs in a different location to where she put them.

Shrugging it off, she cooks dinner. However, when dinner is finished, she hears a door open. Looking around the house, she realises it isn’t Kyle or Levi.

Sheila closes the door and turns around. As she does, her face blanches and she calls out.

Who’s there?

Meanwhile, having not heard hide nor hair from Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) rocks up in the evening to make plans to spend time with him. When he declines, citing back-to-back meetings, she’s a little taken aback.

The next day, Toadie downloads to Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), who are both disappointed to hear that he made up an excuse so as to not have to spend time with his girlfriend.

Urging him to be honest about what the issue is, Karl suggests it could be the best thing he can do for his relationship.

Realising that it is best, Toadie sits down with Melanie and explains that he was trying to work through his issues. When he couldn’t, he began avoiding her. Admitting that it wasn’t conducive, he reveals what happened.

I saw you standing in Sonya’s place,” he says, of her helping out at the nursery.

Melanie assures Toadie that she would never presume to push Sonya out of his life. However, he confirms that even though she isn’t trying, she is.

Fearful about what this means for her relationship, Melanie asks the question. What does this mean for their relationship?

Over a cuppa, Melanie relays the fact that she has been with a widower before – Joe (Mark Little). The difference between him and Toadie is that she was friends with Joe’s late wife, Kerry (Linda Hartley-Clark).

The best thing that came from this was that Joe and Melanie would frequently talk about Kerry and keep her memory alive.

But it’s the exact thing that Toadie can’t get his head around.

How can he keep Sonya’s memory alive, while moving on with another woman?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 19th July (8647)

Terese is shocked to learn that Paul is trying to match-make Harlow with Jesse.

In the wake of his flashbacks of Sonya at the nursery, Toadie shares his turmoil with Karl and Susan.

Roxy comes up with an idea to help Lassiters win the Shorts and Briefs film festival and suggests they produce a flirtatious ad starring Amy and Ned.

Tuesday 20th July (8648)

Harlow seems happier with her new job and dating life, but little do Paul and Terese know that she is enacting a secret plan of her own.

Yashvi has undertaken surveillance on Levi’s behalf and it turns out she hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Ned starts to realise the effect he is having on Amy and deliberately ramps up his efforts to tease a hot and bothered Amy.

Wednesday 21st July (8649)

Sheila fears that someone has been in her house, forcing Kyle and Levi to reveal what has been happening with Mitch and Nelson.

Chloe and Leo continue to bond as they prepare for the vineyard reopening, with Leo trying to get Chloe to open up about her relationship problems.

Nicolette assures Aaron and David that she’s not feeling possessive of the baby and promises not to behave like that again.

Thursday 22nd July (8650)

Levi’s at a loss of what to do to protect the people around him and, only seeing more danger looming, has a panic attack.

Convinced that Leo is interested in Chloe, Hendrix is determined to keep an eye on him.

Friday 23rd July (8651)

Toadie and Melanie decide to play cupid with another couple in trouble.

Hendrix plans to make Nicolette and Chloe a picnic lunch until something goes terribly wrong.

Toadie finally explains to Melanie how guilty he feels about the thought of replacing Sonya with her, and she reassures him that she is keen to keep Sonya’s memory alive.

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