Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe and Leo spend the night together

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, after freaking out about her engagement, Chloe seeks solace in Leo. When she wakes up at the vineyard with no memory of the night before, she fears she’s thrown everything away.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 19th July, and in the UK from Monday 16th August.

Ever since Pierce Greyson (Don Hany) and Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) arrived back in town within weeks of each other, the future has looked bleak for Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly).

They have only been together a matter of months, but they’ve already been through a lot. For Chloe, navigating a relationship in which Nicolette is having her brother’s baby is already tough enough, but the recent return of two of her old flames had made things even more complicated.

Pierce’s return brought out Nicolette’s jealous side, and she struggled to keep her cool as Pierce and Chloe reunited and relived some old memories. When Nicolette destroyed the former married couple’s wedding album, it left Chloe deeply hurt.

A slip of the tongue almost ruined everything, as Nicolette inadvertently told Pierce that she was giving Chloe something he never could – a baby of her own. Of course, that definitely isn’t the case, and it left David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) worried that Nicolette wasn’t fully committed to their shared parenting agreement.

When Leo returned from New York to buy Pierce’s vineyard, he was quickly brought up to speed by Paul and Pierce. Both of the businessmen are suspicious of Nicolette, with Paul worried that she’ll end up hurting David and Aaron, and Pierce worried that she’ll hurt Chloe.

Leo, who still cares for Chloe after their brief fling back in 2018, decided to keep an eye on things. He ended up offering Chloe a job overseeing the redevelopment of the vineyard, leaving the old flames working closely together. While Nicolette has tried to keep her cool, not wanting to be seen as the jealous girlfriend once again, this time she really does have something to worry about.

In episodes airing in Australia later this week, Nicolette proposes to Chloe. She thinks that they’re in a better place than ever, and that now is the right time to commit to one and other once and for all. While Chloe gets caught up in the moment and says yes, it doesn’t take her long to get cold feet.

She instantly feels like things are moving too fast. It hasn’t been long after she and Pierce got divorced, and she’s well aware that she rushed into things with him after her Huntington’s diagnosis. She’s fearful that she’s making the same mistake again with Nicolette.

When she becomes overwhelmed at her surprise engagement party at the end of this week, she turns to Leo for support.

Rejoining the action in episodes airing on Monday 19th July, Chloe tells Nicolette that she’s heading to Aaron and David’s place for the evening. However, in reality she escapes with Leo to the vineyard, opening up to him about her relationship concerns in light of her engagement.

Talking to TV Week about next week’s episodes, April explains, “Chloe needs some time to collect her thoughts, away from the pressure. She asks the boys to cover for her with Nicolette to buy herself some time and space without worrying her unnecessarily.”

Leo is of course more than happy to listen. He’s accepted that he his feelings for his old girlfriend have returned, and now wants to win her back. Surrounded by bottles of wine, it’s no surprise that the alcohol flows easily, and the pair find themselves drinking more and more as the night progresses.

The next morning, Chloe wakes up in the vineyard, nursing a horrific hangover. She has no recollection of the night before, but wakes to find herself wearing nothing but Leo’s jacket. All the signs point to her and Leo sleeping together… but she can’t remember for certain whether they did.

She knows that she needs to tell Nicolette the truth about what happened. Unfortunately, Nic figures out that something’s up before she has a chance to come clean.

She sees footage from the Erinsborough Film Festival taking place at the vineyard, and spots both Chloe and Leo’s cars parked there. Considering Chloe had told her she was spending the night at Aaron and David’s, why did she lie?

When Nicolette confronts Chloe, she has no choice but to admit the truth. She spent the night at the vineyard, she may have slept with Leo, but she can’t be certain. What’s more, David and Aaron knew she was going to spend the evening with Leo, and kept it from her.

Nicolette is devastated. Just days earlier she was proposing to Chloe, and now her fiancée may have cheated on her. That, topped with the fact her soon-to-be co-parents lied to her too, makes her feel completely alone.

Paul takes his anger out on her as well. He blames her for the situation and his only concern is making sure she follows through with the co-parenting agreement.

It all becomes too much and she skips town, leaving Erinsborough behind and leaving Chloe, David and Aaron worried.

David blames his brother for the whole situation, knowing that he’s the one who was actively perusing Chloe. However, Leo refuses to give in, and claims that it’s David and Aaron’s fault for picking someone as hot-headed as Nicolette. In the heat of the moment, David takes his anger out on his brother with a punch.

Meanwhile, Leo couldn’t care less about Nicolette’s plight. He’s all too aware that Chloe thinks they slept together, so thinks she must be open to reigniting their old relationship. As they meet up again, this time sober, Leo goes in for a kiss.

Will Chloe kiss him back?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 19th July (8667)

Chloe escapes to work where Leo is more than happy to be a supportive ear while the vino flows.

Karl and Jane are both excited about the local talent category for the Shorts and Briefs film festival, but Karl is thrown when he realises Jane and Clive are streets ahead with their entry.

Chloe begs Aaron and David to lie to Nicolette, saying she’s staying at their place.

Tuesday 20th July (8668)

Nicolette’s getting the vibe that something’s off between Chloe, Aaron and David, and when evidence of the lies Chloe’s been telling lands in her lap, it’s only a matter of time before the explosive truth comes out.

Chloe wakes up alone in the vineyard, surrounded by evidence of the alcohol-fuelled night before, wearing only Leo’s jacket, and a hazy memory where she can’t rule out that she slept with Leo.

Wednesday 21st July (8669)

Nicolette is devastated when Chloe confesses about her drunken night with Leo, and hurt even more when she learns that David and Aaron had been lying to help Chloe.

When Paul finds out about going on, he takes it out on Nicolette, making sure she knows she is still expected to follow through on the original plan with the baby.

Thursday 22nd July (8670)

Shock sets in as Ramsay Street realises Nicolette’s disappeared, and tension is running high between David, Aaron and Chloe.

Amy’s bitterly disappointed when Levi has to cancel on their date as he’s helped in the search for Nicolette.

Friday 23rd July (8671)

After a confrontation with David, a wounded Leo packs his bag and moves into No. 22.

When Harlow learns that the Quills bought the dodgy land, she tracks down Jesse who admits he wanted to find a way to apologise for what he did, setting his family up for the fall.

Aaron unleashes his rage and disappointment on a vulnerable Chloe, who leans on Leo for support, resulting in him making a big move.

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