Neighbours Spoilers – Has Toadie had enough of Melanie?

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Toadie is forced to lie to Melanie when he wants an evening to himself. Meanwhile, Levi has his heart set on finding his attackers’ whereabouts.

These episodes will air from Monday 5th July.

When Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) first hooked up with Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), their relationship was invigorating, fun and something he really enjoyed.

She brought colour and passion into his life that he hadn’t felt since before his wife Sonya (Eve Morey) passed away.

Likewise, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) was once a good friend of the loveable lawyer. Similar to Melanie in her vivacity and boisterousness, Amy brought a certain energy to Toadie’s life that he’d been lacking in recent years.

So, when Amy moved into No. 30, Toadie thought it could be the start of a fantastic new chapter in the lives of him and his children Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner). It seems Toadie couldn’t have been more wrong, as he begins to long for some peace and quiet.

This week, when Toadie runs into Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) in the living area, he slowly begins to realise that he isn’t the only one that is struggling with Amy and Melanie’s continual presence in his life.

Yashvi bemoans the group chat that Amy created and added the residents of No. 30 to. She’s now added Melanie and the pair are ping-ponging ideas off of each other, a constant stream of social activities that are filling up their evenings, weekends; practically every waking moment.

Toadie explains that she should just mute the chat, but even still, the calendar of events that Amy and Melanie have constructed is something Yashvi doesn’t want to deal with, especially when she’s mourning the loss of her and Ned’s relationship.

At first, Toadie thinks it is nice that Melanie and Amy want to do things as a household unit. However, when he gets to work, he realises just how much Melanie is taking over.

Running into Karl (Alan Fletcher) in the complex, Toadie is asked about participating in the podcast – something he’s keen to do – but Melanie quickly interrupts and tells Karl that he doesn’t have time. She has just booked a getaway for the pair and doesn’t think he can fit it in.

Later, as Toadie and Kyle (Chris Milligan) discuss having a much needed blokes’ night, Melanie interjects, as she expresses how lovely it would be for them to double date with him and Roxy (Zima Anderson).

Feeling more than a little overwhelmed by having his life planned for him, Toadie laments to Yashvi. When Melanie pops up out of nowhere once again ready to whisk her boyfriend away, Yashvi creatively makes up a new case that Toadie has to work on that will take up most of his night. Toadie gives her a look of confusion… until suddenly the penny drops.

Melanie offers to stay and help, but the pair are adamant that he would be better off doing it alone. He can focus and smash it out.

As Melanie leaves, Toadie shoots Yashvi a surprised look.

What are you going to do with your night off?” she asks her uncle.

Toadie can’t believe it – he’s free!

Arriving home to an empty house, Toadie, in his t-shirt and boxers, cracks open a stubbie and grabs himself a big bowl of chips. Freedom! However, just as he puts his beloved wrestling on, he hears a car door close.

Realising it’s Melanie, he grabs his beers and chips and makes a beeline for the door and the back fence.

Throwing himself over, he ends up in the backyard of No. 28, much to the surprise of the Kennedys!

Caught by Karl and Susan (Jackie Woodburne), Toadie has no choice but to come clean.

He’s feeling suffocated by both his girlfriend and his new housemate. As a result, he was forced to make something up to get some alone time.

I told her that I was working late so I could have some time to myself to pig out and watch the wrestling,” he guiltily admits.

Believing he’s not being fair, Susan calls him out. She doesn’t understand why he had to resort to lying to get some time to himself.

He explains it is because he truly likes Melanie and he’s worried that telling her the truth might upset her. Karl’s quick to go to Toadie’s defence, but it doesn’t stop Susan being disappointed in his actions.

After Susan finishes her tirade, Karl tells him that he has beers so he might as well stay for dinner. Reluctantly, Susan agrees on the proviso that he tell Melanie the truth about his feelings in the morning.

Go and put a pair of his tracky-dacks on,” she advises Toadie, as her and Karl resume cooking dinner.

However, just minutes into their dinner, there’s a knock at the front door. Guess who! How will Toadie get out of this one? Will he finally be honest with Melanie?

Meanwhile, still struggling in the wake of his breakup with Bea (Bonnie Anderson), Levi (Richie Morris) decides to go on the hunt for the men that bashed him as a child.

Contacting Nathan Packard (Jackson Gallagher), Levi is able to track down the names of his attackers and their general location.

Knowing there’s only one way to find them, Levi decides to give searching the police database a go. Unfortunately, he’s caught before he has a chance to.

Instead, he resorts to doing his own research at home. But when Kyle gets wind of what he’s doing, he urges him to be careful.

While it’s obvious that he is trying to find information on Mitch (Kevin Hofbauer) and Nelson (Rhys Mitchell), he should avoid doing anything dodgy that could jeopardise his safety or his job.

Despite promising to heed his cousin’s advice, Levi sneaks out and heads to the cop shop at night to give his quest for information another shot. This time, he’s successful. As he prints out the wrap sheets for the two men, Levi ponders his next step.

What is the young police officer playing at?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 5th July (8637)

Roxy spills her knowledge about the fire in Cairns, resulting in a cat fight with Amy that Paul and Terese have to break up.

Sheila resolves to keep Levi busy by giving him a series of small, menial tasks around the house.

Tuesday 6th July (8638)

When Melanie obviously thwarts Toadie’s attempts to hang out with Karl and a boys’ night with Kyle, Toadie goes to drastic measures to get some much-needed alone time.

Levi attempts to access the police database to find details on two mystery people.

Wednesday 7th July (8639)

When Melanie is left hurt by Toadie wanting space from her, Susan suggests that she and Melanie spend the morning together, leaving Karl and Kyle to take Toadie off for a boys’ day.

Levi covertly prints out the police records of his attackers, and deliberates about whether or not to act, eventually heading off on a mysterious mission.

Seeing Chloe and Pierce’s wedding album out, and unaware that it’s Fay’s birthday so Chloe is grieving, Nicolette’s jealously is piqued by Chloe’s distance.

Thursday 8th July (8640)

Chloe is left shocked to see the remains of her destroyed wedding album.

Amy and Roxy work together to make the Longest Workout a success, but Roxy still privately hopes Amy’s poor managerial skills will speak for themselves.

Hendrix accuses Pierce of causing trouble, and challenges his dad to stop interfering in Chloe’s relationship.

Friday 9th July (8641)

Erinsborough’s Longest Workout kicks off, and Karl and Kyle’s competitiveness ramps up.

To Amy’s surprise, Roxy takes partial blame for the fire accident, and the two begin to realise how similar they are.

Paul becomes determined to get Harlow out of her long-distance relationship with Brent, mulling over a potential match with Jesse.

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