New Home and Away promo suggests Christian breaks Tori’s heart

A brand new Home and Away promo currently airing in Australia suggests that Christian could be set to break Tori’s heart, as he gets cold feet for their upcoming wedding. You can watch the new promo in full below.

Recent episodes of the show have seen Christian (Ditch Davey) undergo a big personality change after his near-death experience at the hands of Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold).

The usually calm and collected neurosurgeon has started living life at a million miles an hour. His first act after escaping Lewis’s clutches was to tell Tori (Penny McNamee) he wanted them to bring their wedding forward, and get married in just a few weeks’ time.

Tori was shocked, but quickly agreed, and set about preparing the myriad spreadsheets, roles and responsibilities needed to make their big day come together. The last minute nature of the plans meant that finding an available venue was nigh on impossible, but Brody saved the day when he agreed to let them use his and Simone’s place in Victoria.

They even offered to handle the catering – meaning two of the biggest tasks were sorted. Preparations for the big day were suddenly well under way.

However, Christian soon discovered that organising and planning is not how he wants to spend his days – instead, he’s taken to waking early to watch the sunrise, skinny-dipping in the sea, and speeding through the town in his car. All of which are at odds with Tori’s much calmer, family-orientated life.

Their wedding is meant to be just a couple of weeks away, but the new promo hints that as the big day arrives, something is set to get in the way.

The emotional promo begins recapping the moment that Christian asked Tori to marry him. Yet, despite Christian’s claims otherwise, so much has changed since then.

“…so nothing’s changed?” asks Tori in the next shot, clearly concerned that Christian’s weird new behaviour has affected how he feels about their relationship.

Christian reassures her, shaking his head and telling her “nothing’s changed.”

Yet it seems he may not be telling her the whole truth.

In the next scene, Tori expresses her concerns to Leah, telling her “something’s wrong.” Is she noticing that her fiancé suddenly seems less interested in talking about their impending wedding?

Cutting to a scene from last week, we’re reminded of the new wild side to Christian’s personality, as he speeds along an empty road in his car.

Over text reading “is he getting cold feet?” we hear a panicked Tori say “we’re supposed to be leaving for our wedding right now.”

What happens to stop them from leaving for Victoria on time?

“I love you so much,” Christian tells her, but there’s a hint of sadness in his voice. Will his confession of love come with a “but…”?

“How did you have a complete personality change in a matter of weeks?” asks an angry Tori.

Christian’s cold feet are set to impact the whole family. He and Justin (James Stewart) have developed a close bromance over the past few months, to the point where Justin “sacked” Christian as his doctor so that their friendship wasn’t affected by his ongoing back pain. Yet their friendship could be about to come to an end.

Pointing and raising his voice, Justin warns Christian that “you can’t leave my sister half way to the alter, mate.”

What is Christian thinking?!

The promo cuts to two shots from an upcoming scene in which both Tori and Christian looking devastatingly sad. The promo doesn’t give us any dialogue from this scene, but do their reactions follow Christian making a heartbreaking confession that he’s having cold feet?

In the most heart-wrenching scene of the promo, the previously infatuated couple are at Northern Districts Hospital as Christian tells Tori that, “I know we’re supposed to be on the road.”

“Yeah, to get married,” interrupts a frantic Tori.

“But I can’t leave now!”

“What?!” His words leave her blindsided, and she looks on devastated as he walks away.

Home and Away promos often do a good job of leading us astray, and we wonder whether his confession that he “can’t leave now” is because he’s really having cold feet, or if it’s simply the case that a work emergency, such as an urgent brain surgery patient, means he can’t leave.

Will he break her heart? We’re set to find out soon, in an eventful few weeks in Summer Bay. Keep reading for the spoilers from the next week of episodes, with more hints of what’s in store.

Do Christian and Tori get married?

The truth is, we have no idea whether Christian and Tori’s wedding actually goes ahead in the next few weeks.

Although his new way of viewing the world may give him cold feet about walking down the aisle, and while the pair may clash on whether there’s a truth outside of science, we don’t suspect he’s set to have a complete change of heart about their relationship.

Whether their hastily arranged Melbourne wedding happens next week or not, we’d be very surprised if Tori didn’t walk down the aisle and marry her doctor fiancé eventually.

Either way, the cast and crew of Home and Away appear to have been filming a wedding over the last couple of days… or so Instagram would have us believe.

Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, posted an Instagram story on Monday, showing her, James Roberts (Justin) and Ada Nicodemou (Leah) filming an outdoor wedding scene with a sticker reading ‘Baby it’s cold outside’.

With Home and Away typically filming about 6 months in advance of episodes hitting screens, if this was in fact filmed recently, and depicts Tori and Christian’s wedding, then they decide to put it off for a considerable time – but maybe enough time for Christian to fully recover from the trauma of what he’s been through?

Of course, the timing of Emily’s post could be misleading. The actors have been known to post behind the scenes photos to Instagram months after they were actually taken, so Emily’s photo could well have been from many months ago, depicting a wedding that will in fact take place next week.

Or could the cast have been filming the wedding of another Summer Bay favourite? Ada is seen under a pink jacket in Emily’s story, and while many fans believe she’s simply huddling for warmth in the brisk Australian autumn, some fans have speculated that the large puffer jacket is to hide her wedding dress.

Penny McNamee also took to Instagram yesterday, posting a photo from the makeup chair with Home and Away’s head of makeup Laura Vazquez, and leading some fans to speculate that it could be her wedding hair and makeup.

Tori and Christian, Leah and Justin, or another couple entirely? With nothing likely to be confirmed before the scenes hit our screens, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Wednesday 19th May 2021 (Episode 7562)

Nikau confronts a manipulative Sienna. Dean struggles to help Bella with her career crossroads. Alf’s work stress builds to a peak. Ari encounters a few curveballs on his last day off.

Thursday 20th May 2021 (Episode 7563–7565)

Ziggy worries about Justin’s mood swings. Concerns for Dean after discovering he is now aware that Ziggy and Tane are living together. Ari discovers what Tane has been doing at work.

Jasmine’s job news receives mixed reviews. Justin’s erratic behaviour does not go unnoticed. Roo comes to Alf’s rescue.

Mackenzie gets in a fight with Ryder and Chloe. Justin manages to hide his true motives. All Christian needs to do is pick up his suit.

Monday 24th May (Episode 7566)

The battle between Ryder, Chloe and Mac intensifies. Christian finds his meaning. Jasmine starts her new role with a shock discovery.

Tuesday 25th May (Episode 7567)

Leah makes a grim discovery. Alf isn’t himself. Christian can’t give Tori the answers she needs.

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