Home and Away Spoilers – Christian’s new wild side is too much for Tori

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Christian shows off a new adventurous side after his recent near death experience… but Tori isn’t too happy with her boyfriend’s personality transplant.

It’s been a little under three weeks since Christian’s (Ditch Davey) heart stopped beating when Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold), still traumatised from the death of his wife Anna, took him hostage in an unused ward of Northern Districts Hospital and injected him with a lethal drug concoction.

Christian was technically dead, with his heart having stopped thanks to Lewis’s actions

It was only some quick thinking by Tori (Penny McNamee) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) that enabled them to discover the neurosurgeon in time. The drugs had taken affect just seconds before Tori and Jasmine stormed into the abandoned ward, and Tori spent minutes desperately performing CPR on her fiancé to help restart his heart.

Now that Christian is out of hospital and on the road to recovery, he doesn’t want to waste any time resting. Ignoring the same advice he would give his patients, he takes the Justin Morgan approach to recovery and starts pushing himself too far.

This week, he has a new zest for life. He wants to make the most of every moment, pushing to one side the family-friendly and work-focussed life he’s been living since he moved to Summer Bay to settle down with Tori.

Christian started having flashbacks during a yoga session, remembering things he couldn’t possibly know

He finds a partner in crime in Jasmine. The two recently bonded over the supernatural, after Christian was unable to explain how he remembered so much of what went during the time he was technically dead.

As he recalled to Tori, he remembered her and Jasmine storming into the room, remembered Tori ordering Jasmine to get away from him, and remembered the exact drugs that the nurses administered to help get his heart started.

None of those things make any scientific sense – as a doctor trained in medical science, he’s well aware that when a patient’s heart has stopped, they are technically dead. They shouldn’t have any awareness of what is happening around them. It’s logical, it’s what he’s been taught at med school, it’s the scientific answer… but it’s completely at odds with his own experience of events.

Tori can only see things from a scientific perspective, so doesn’t believe Christian’s story

The events have completely disorientated him. “I was dead, and I could hear you, how can you explain that?!”

Tori almost laughed off his concerns, knowing there was no way he could possibly remember what happened. She simply presumed that he was so well versed in the resuscitation routine that his brain just filled in the gaps.

Jasmine is far more open to an explanation outside of science

Yet when he explained things to Jasmine, she was a lot more open to the idea that there’s a world outside of science. She assured him that his heart had indeed stopped, but explained that she’s had plenty of patients who claim to have had an experience just like his, and that there are certain things that science just can’t explain.

As a result of their chat, she even undertook a tarot card reading to figure out why she’s been subjected to so much bad luck over the past two years. The two are definitely more on the same page than Tori and Christian.

This week, the unlikely pairing end up bonding further as they both try to make the most of their post-Lewis lives.

They bump into each other on the beach – a regular occurrence in the seaside town – but in an unexpected twist, the pair end up spontaneously running into the surf together. They’re almost fully clothed, with Jasmine in her bra and shorts, and Christian in a t-shirt, shirt and shorts! Photos from TV Week show them getting get up close and personal, with the shots seemingly showing Jasmine pushing Christian towards the water, as he grabs her arm.

After their shared traumatic experiences – Jasmine having fallen for the murderer who almost killed Christian – are they getting a little too close?

Ditch Davey spoke to Aussie magazine TV Week about his new fun-loving personality, stating that “Christian is feeling grateful and wants to live in the moment. He doesn’t want to take anything for granted and he’s enjoying this new freedom.”

Christian strips off this week as he finds a new lust for life

It’s not his only venture into the water this week. The following day, he wakes early to watch the sunrise on the beach and be alone with his thoughts, as he still tries to explain how he remembers events that happened when his heart wasn’t beating. Yet when Tori arrives at the beach for a morning stroll of her own, she’s gobsmacked when she finds her fiancé in the water, totally naked!

This isn’t the Christian she’s in love with, the Christian she wants to raise a child with. She’s worried he’s acting out of character and doesn’t know where it’ll stop.

While Christian understands why she may think he’s being a bit unpredictable, Ditch explains that his character sees himself as just finally embracing life. “In his mind, he’s just living life to the fullest,” he told the publication.

Tori almost lost her fiancé; now she wants stability, not an adventure!

He suggests to Tori that they book a trip to Norway to go Arctic free-diving. It’s a million miles from what Tori wants them to do, which is calmly plan their upcoming wedding. She ends up telling him that she wants the old Christian back, leading to a massive argument.

The usually sensible neurosurgeon jumps in his car and speeds off! Is his worrying behaviour just a new passion for life, or did the minutes without oxygen reaching his brain change him forever?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 10th May 2021 (Episode 7554)

Can Nik and Bella handle the fashion party scene?

Tori is shocked by Christian’s reckless behaviour.

Ryder’s bludging angers Alf.

Tuesday 12th May 2021 (Episode 7555)

Ziggy is worried about Mac.

Chloe and Ryder devise a plan.

Christian and Tori are not seeing eye to eye.

Leah brings in the reinforcements.

Wednesday 13th May 2021 (Episode 7556)

Mac continues to spiral.

Christian searches for answers.

Leah’s crusade strengthens.

Thursday 14th May 2021 (Episode 7557–7559)

Has Christian finally freed his past?

Dean gives Mac a dose of hard love.

Justin tries to be more supportive of Leah.

Mac pushes everyone away.

Ryder and Chloe’s dream comes true.

Tane wants to take his relationship to the next step.

Nikau’s life is being managed for him.

Bella’s plans are blown.

Ziggy makes a decision.

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