Home and Away Spoilers – Christian punches Lewis as he’s investigated for malpractice

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Lewis’s continued attempts to undermine Christian results in a brawl. Unable to excuse the violence, will Tori finally turn on her boyfriend?

For the past few weeks, Lewis Hayes’ (Luke Arnold) digs at Dr Christian Green (Ditch Davey) have been slowly wearing the neurosurgeon down. Lewis blames Christian for the death of his ex wife Anna, and has no intention of letting the doc forget it.

Ever since he wrangled a position at Northern Districts, Lewis has been keeping a watchful eye over the doctor’s every move, just waiting for him to slip up once again.

After Tori and Christian’s engagement party, the pair were forced to return to the hospital to treat an urgent case, but as Christian went to prepare for surgery, Lewis put a dramatic stop to proceedings. He accused Christian of having drunk alcohol and refused to let him operate, despite Christian’s legitimate pleas that he’d only had one small sip of champagne.

That patient died, potentially due to the delay getting them into surgery, and Christian laid the blame firmly at Lewis’s feet. Of course, the nurse felt differently, and saw Christian’s decision to drink while on call as the reason for the patient’s premature death.

In recent weeks, Christian has been having a further run of bad luck with his patients, with a number of them dying under his care. None of them had been difficult cases, and Christian hadn’t spotted anything out of the ordinary. With no reason to explain why they’d taken a sudden turn for the worse, their deaths have hit him hard.

He’s begun doubting his own ability – if he thought the patients were fine, why didn’t they pull through? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Little does Christian know, there’s a perfectly good reason why his patients are suffering an untimely death. It was recently revealed that Lewis has been behind it all, using his unfettered access to the hospital wards to tamper with their medication and bring about their early, but untraceable, demise.

Last week, he even tried to do the same to Ari Parata. It seems he’s convinced himself that his actions are for the greater good – that by ruining Christian’s successful career as a neurosurgeon, he’ll be saving the lives of tens, if not hundreds, of his patients in the future. When preparing the lethal medication for Ari, he told him “If there was any chance for you, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

“At least this way your death won’t be for nothing. I’m going to make sure Christian Green never works again.”

However, it seems that although he’s convinced himself he’s only speeding up patients’ deaths, and only doing it to patients who wouldn’t have otherwise survived, he’s very wrong. Lewis was interrupted by Mia seconds before he administered the drugs that would have ended Ari’s life, and the nurse was shocked when Ari was successfully brought out of his coma a few hours later.

Will Lewis regret his actions now he knows he might have killed patients who would have otherwise survived? Based on his actions this coming week, it seems not.

With so many of Christian’s patients dying, the hospital administration have begun to suspect that something is going on. At the end of last week, Christian received the phone call he’d been dreading – his recent craniotomy patient died, and they’re calling a review into his recent cases.

This week, the administration suggest that because Christian has lost a number of recent patients, there may be a pattern emerging. Of course, nobody but Lewis has any idea of the real reason behind the recent spate of deaths.

While Jasmine (Sam Frost) is shocked at the thought that something could be amiss with the doctor set to marry one of her best friends, Lewis gleefully tells her that “let’s just say that Dr Green’s career is hanging by a thread.”

The last thing that Christian needs is further torment from the man he already knows hates him. In an uncharacteristic way of coping with the stress he’s under, he turns to alcohol. His mental health is taking a serious beating, and even he doesn’t know if he’s at fault.

He spends the afternoon drinking at Salt, turning to the bottle to drown his sorrows.

When Tori finds him there, she takes him home… but sadly an encounter with Lewis and Jasmine is about to stand in their way, and make things a whole lot worse.

Christian can’t help himself, and storms up to Lewis,, asking him: “You happy? This is what you were after all along, wasn’t it?”

When Lewis taunts a drunk Christian by bringing up his last alcohol-related incident – “Just one sip of champagne again, doctor?” – Christian can’t hold back any longer. His arm goes back and he swings one hell of a punch at Lewis, hitting him square in the nose and knocking him to the ground.

As Tori and Jasmine check on Summer Bay’s newest nurse, Christian storms away, angry at Lewis but partly suspecting he may be onto something – maybe he is losing his touch after all?

For Lewis, Christian’s anger is just perfect, adding fuel to the idea that the doctor can’t be trusted.

Talking to Australian magazine TV Week about this week’s dramatic developments, Luke Arnold said: “Dismayed at how things have turned out, Christian punches Lewis in the face – something Lewis is actually quite happy about.

“To Lewis, Christian getting drunk and assaulting him is just another example that he’s been right all along about the surgeon.”

What’s more, Tori is beginning to doubt her fiancé as well. She can’t excuse violence, and stuns everyone when she gives Lewis the green light to report the punch to the hospital board.

Is this the beginning of the end for Christian?

Also this week… will Mac lose the baby?

While Mac agonises over whether to keep her and Ari’s baby, it looks like the decision may be taken away from her.

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 5th April 2021 (Episode 7524-7526)

Christian struggles to deal with his patient’s death. Mackenzie comes to a decision about her pregnancy. Concern grows about John’s wellbeing.

Mackenzie’s life hangs in the balance. Tane’s offended when Ziggy misjudges him. Lewis gives Jasmine an ultimatum.

The truth comes as a shock to Mia. Mac is rushed into hospital. Alf battles the aftermath of Susie.

Tuesday 6th April 2021 (Episode 7527)

Ryder attempts to ask Ari if he can date Chloe. Ari and Mia reminisce about the life they lost. Dean becomes the most unlikely confidant.

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (Episode 7528)

Justin blames John. Bella feels lost in the chaos. Roo learns about Ryder and Chloe.

Thursday 8th April 2021 (Episode 7529)

Dean performs a dangerous rescue. Christian’s boredom sets in quick. Willow wonders what her future looks like.

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