Home and Away Spoilers – Irene catches Martha talking to “Kieran”

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Irene is in for a shock when she finds Martha talking to herself on the pier… and even more of a shock when Martha introduces her to “Kieran”.

How can her friends and family convince her that her son isn’t really back?

Martha’s son Kieran (Rick Donald) shot through after his recent fight with Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher). Their brawl left Alf with no choice but to call the police, but by the time they arrived Kieran had already packed up his things and gone. It transpired that there was a warrant out for his arrest, so he decided to skip town rather than stick around and facing charges.

His disappearance left Martha (Belinda Giblin) devastated. She had only been reunited with her son for a matter of months, and, despite all of the warning signs, she believed her son had truly turned a page.

The incident caused Martha’s mental health to take a turn for the worse. Shortly after Kieran skipped town, she turned up at Irene’s house, franticly pleading for help. She believed that Alf and Roo were keeping her prisoner and were refusing to let her travel back to Merimbula. With a little help from Irene, they manage to convince her that they only have her best interests at heart, and that it was best that she stayed in Summer Bay, where Kieran was bound to come looking for her eventually.

Shortly after, that’s exactly what happened… at least, in Martha’s mind.

As she walked through the caravan park in the dark, Kieran appeared, telling her that he’d missed her. He continued to appear in the coming days, and the two agreed to keep their meetings secret for the sake of the family.

They had a near miss when Alf and Martha walked past and saw her talking to herself, but she managed to convince them that she was just practicing the relaxation mantra that her councillor gave her. Sounding like a reasonable explanation, the pair believed her, and life carried on as normal.

Yet Martha’s visions of Kieran never went away, and she continued to believe that he was back in Summer Bay. He even “visited” her in the waiting room at Northern Districts Hospital, where she explained to him that all she had to do was “carry on playing the game” of attending counselling to appease Roo and Alf, “and everything will be alright.”

With her family so concerned for her welfare, Martha has been struggling to get enough alone time to chat to Kieran. She feels overwhelmed by Alf and Martha babysitting her and like she’s missing out on chances to reconnect with her son.

In the past week, her visits from Kieran have stopped. When Alf lost the election, it’s left him with even more free time than ever, and she fears that Kieran is keeping out of the way.

When Alf’s smothering became too much, she managed to convince him to give her a spare van in the caravan park, where she can have some alone time to paint. He agreed, and the van is now all hers. However, she had no intention of using it for her artistic pursuits, and has set it up with new clothes, trainers and underwear for Kieran, hoping to tempt him back.

Yet as the days went by, there was no sign of her son returning.

This week, as Ryder and his friends are kidnapped by Paul and Leon, Martha’s mind goes into overdrive. When Alf tell her that Ryder didn’t come home after his big night out with his friends, she immediately fears the worst.

She assumes that her son may have been to blame, and is seeking revenge for the way she and her family treated him.

She frantically calls and texts him, seeking reassurance that the teens’ strife isn’t down to him. As much as she wants to reconnect with Kieran, it seems she’s perfectly aware of what he’s capable of, and needs reassurance that he had nothing to do with it.

“Ryder’s gone missing,” she tells him in a voicemail. “Now look, if you’ve done anything, please just bring him home. Don’t punish him because of me.”

Of course, the kidnapping was actually down to Tane’s problems Paul’s drug gang, and Kieran had nothing to do with it. When Ryder reveals the kidnappers’ true identity, Martha is beyond relieved, but filled with guilt that she suspected her own son of kidnap.

The event finally triggers Kieran to reappear to her. They head to the pier to debrief, and Martha apologises for accusing him of doing something to Ryder.

She’s worried that they’ll be spotted and suggests they had back to his van so they can continue to reconnect… right as Irene walks along the pier towards them!

From Irene’s point of view, all she can see is Martha talking to herself! She startles Martha as she approaches, but her shocked expression soon turns to a smile, as she introduces them to each other.

“Irene, you know my son, Kieran.”

Irene feels like she has to go along with it, nodding as Martha requests that they keep Kieran’s return a secret from Alf and Roo, lest they call the police on him again. She even stays quiet when they bump into Roo, but soon sits down and tries to get the full story out of Martha.

Martha explains that Kieran returned a week or so after Alf called the police on him, and that she’s set up the van as a place for him to stay hidden. Yet as she tells Irene that she’s the only person she can trust right now, it looks like Irene going along with Martha’s story is just going to validate the visions, messing with her head even more.

When she takes Martha back to Summer Bay House, Irene comes clean with Alf and Roo about what she saw.

“What? Is he back?” questions Roo, but Irene explains that that’s exactly the problem – there was nobody there!

They worry that they triggered this by pushing Kiran away. The father-daughter pair have no choice but to step in, and confront her directly about what’s going on.

However, Martha gets the wrong end of the stick and, assuming they know that Kieran has returned, she tells them that if they stop her seeing her son, she will never forgive them!

Alf is terrified that if they make the wrong move, they could end up losing her from their lives all over again – he already lost her for 30 years, he’s not willing to risk doing that again. If they try to talk to her, she’ll just get defensive – she needs professional help.

They stage an intervention at The Pier, telling her that she needs to talk to a councillor about Kieran. But Martha has no idea that she’s seeing visions that aren’t there, and can’t understand why she needs to go back – she doesn’t have a problem with Kieran!

She begrudgingly accepts, and heads into psychiatric care for a full assessment.

The problem – Martha thinks that Irene saw Kieran in the flesh, and not even a councillor will be able to convince her otherwise!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 5th April 2021 (Episode 7506)

Ari tries to work out his future with Mia.

Four friends face danger.

Tori oversteps the line.

Tuesday 6th April 2021 (Episode 7507)

The Parata brothers meet their fate.

Martha worries Kieran has come back to harm her family.

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (Episode 7508)

Amber and Jai move in with Dean.

Alf and Roo stage an intervention.

Mac contemplates her future.

Thursday 8th April 2021 (Episode 7509)

Alf reaches breaking point.

Lewis surprises Jasmine.

Amber muddies the waters with Dean.

Friday 9th April 2021 (Episode 7510)

Marilyn is heartbroken.

Leah and Justin hear some bad news.

Jasmine helps to heal Lewis’ wounds.

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