Home and Away Spoilers – Ari and Tane battle to save the kidnapped teens

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Ari and Tane must battle to save their family from Paul and Leon’s grasp before it’s too late.

At the end of tomorrow’s episode (Friday 2nd April), Bella, Nikau, Chloe and Ryder are set to head for a big night out in Yabbie Creek, as a way of trying to fix the ever-growing rift between Chloe and Ryder.

The two have been winding each other up the wrong way ever since Chloe arrived in the Bay a few weeks ago, and their constant bickering is driving Bella and Nikau crazy. Not only is it wearing them down having to listen to the pair constantly fight, but it’s getting in the way of their own alone time!

In Friday’s episode, the foursome wave goodbye to their families, with Nik telling Ari that “it’s going to be a big one, so don’t wait up.”

Shortly after, Nik and Bella wait at the bus stop, as Chloe and Ryder approach them… bickering, as usual. Suddenly, a black van screeches around the corner and pulls up in front of the bus stop. Before they even realise what’s happening, Bella and Nikau find themselves being bundled into the back of the van.

While Ryder’s first instinct is to call the cops, Chloe wastes no time in racing towards them. Yet when the kidnappers grab Chloe and throw her into the back of the van too, he has no choice but to follow, and his attempts at stopping the kidnappers result in him joining his friends in the back.

As we return to the action next Monday, the young teenagers find themselves driven to an unknown location and shoved violently into a shipping container. Chloe attempts to make a break for it, but is quickly grabbed by one of the masked men.

They’re locked inside with cable ties around their wrists, and quickly come to the realisation that, as they told their families not to expect them home that night, nobody is going to come looking for them! 

Chloe is terrified and fearing for her life – plus has a sprained ankle after her getaway attempt. Thinking logically, Ryder knows there would be no reason why someone would kidnap them and leave them for dead. Leaving them in there to die achieves nothing – whoever has them hostage is bound to come back in the morning.

Putting a jacket under Chloe’s sprained ankle, he manages to calm her nerves a little. She cuddles up to him, and it’s the first time there’s been anything but disdain between the two teens.

Meanwhile, back in Summer Bay, Ari and Mia are completely oblivious to the trouble their daughter and nephew are in. Instead, the ex-lovers are busy reminiscing about the past. Mia still has plenty of resentment for Ari’s past actions, but he gradually manages to convince her that he’s a changed man, and has put his criminal behaviour firmly behind him.

As their night progresses, the two share a passionate kiss. They head to the bedroom, and it seems their troubles, along with Ari’s memories of Mackenzie, are firmly behind them.

The next morning, the doors of the container are pulled open, and in walk Paul and Leon. Despite the gang members’ history with the Paratas, Nik hadn’t even considered the possibility that they would be the kidnappers – after Heath Braxton’s return, the whole family thought that the drama was behind them.

Yet here they are. Paul beckons Nikau out, and he knows that he has no choice but to do what they say. With a little help from the masked heavies, Paul and Leon drag him off and give him their ultimatum: they want revenge, and his and his friend’s freedom will only come at the expense of his uncles.

Paul calls Tane, and the two Parata brothers freeze as they hear the voice of the man who’s been haunting them for months. Paul explains that they have their nephew and his friends safe and well, and but that they’ll only be returned in exchange “for your good self and your strapping younger brother”.

The conditions are clear – even just one cop, one River Boy, and the kids will pay! 

It’s an agonising hour for Ari and Tane, as they sit at home waiting for Paul to text them the location. They knew they were risking their own futures by getting involved with the drug gang’s activities, but they’d done their best to keep the rest of their family out of danger; this was the last thing they were expecting.

While they wait, they’re forced to deal with the wrath of Ziggy and Mia. The pair have been out searching for the teens after discovering that they didn’t come home, and although Ziggy is sure that they’re just teens on a big night out, Mia isn’t convinced.

The look on Ari’s face says it all, and he’s forced to fess up. Just hours after winning Mia over, he brings her world crashing down. “Don’t panic… someone’s taken the kids! It’s payback for something me and Tane did.”

Finally, the text comes through. The Paratas drive to the remote location and are ready to swap their lives for those of their nephew and his friends.

The boys unload the teenagers from the freight container, and frisk the Paratas for any hidden weapons. Now, with the pact fulfilled, Ari demands that Paul lets the kids go.

But things aren’t that simple.

It seems like Paul and Leon have no intention of letting the kids go. As Leon slugs Ari in the stomach, Paul approaches Chloe and menacingly puts his hands on her shoulders.

Infuriated by the sight of Paul with his hands on the girl he sees as his step-daughter, Ari lunges at Paul. As Tane does the same, a huge brawl breaks out, with outnumbered Paratas twosome battling against the gang members’ four masked men.

Ryder ends up being the hero as he whacks Paul across the head with a pipe, causing him to finally let go of Chloe.

As all four teens are suddenly free, Tane shouts for them to escape, and Nikau has to make the difficult decision to leave his uncles behind and get his friends to safety. They jump in Tane’s car and speed off, having no idea what will happen to Tane and Ari.

Nikau speeds back to the bay. As soon as his friends step out, he races back to help his brothers, much to Bella’s dismay.

Remarkably, by the time he gets back to the shipping container, all is quiet. The heavies are collapsed on the ground nursing their wounds, and Ari and Tane are just fine. A bit battered and bruised, but alive!

“What now?” Ari tells Nikau that they’re handing the evidence over to the cops. Will that be enough to end their troubles with the gang forever?

While everyone makes it back to Summer Bay safely, Mia is distraught. She’d finally begun to trust Ari again, to forgive him for getting himself locked up over a decade ago. He promised her he’d moved on from his criminal past. Then, just when she thought they had a chance to repair their relationship and give things another go, his actions go and get her daughter kidnapped!

She packs up Chloe’s things – her daughter’s not staying under Ari’s roof for one minute longer.

“You said you were a new man, and look what’s happened. I don’t want you anywhere near Chloe.”

“Don’t contact us!”

Are the pair over for good this time?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 5th April 2021 (Episode 7506)

Ari tries to work out his future with Mia.

Four friends face danger.

Tori oversteps the line.

Tuesday 6th April 2021 (Episode 7507)

The Parata brothers meet their fate.

Martha worries Kieran has come back to harm her family.

Wednesday 7th April 2021 (Episode 7508)

Amber and Jai move in with Dean.

Alf and Roo stage an intervention.

Mac contemplates her future.

Thursday 8th April 2021 (Episode 7509)

Alf reaches breaking point.

Lewis surprises Jasmine.

Amber muddies the waters with Dean.

Friday 9th April 2021 (Episode 7510)

Marilyn is heartbroken.

Leah and Justin hear some bad news.

Jasmine helps to heal Lewis’ wounds.

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