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Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Jasmine struggles with her feelings for Lewis, as things blow up between Alf and Kieran…

After one of the worst years of her life, things have been looking up for Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) in recent times after reconnecting with her old friend Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold). The two had attended university together but hadn’t seen each other in years, with Jasmine bumping into Lewis unexpectedly at Colby’s prison, where he was working as a nurse in the infirmary.

Although Lewis and Jasmine had a brief hookup in their student days, he had gone on to marry Jasmine’s friend Anna. Tragically, Lewis revealed to Jasmine that Anna died two years ago following a car accident, something which Jasmine could well relate to having lost her own husband Robbo last year in the same fashion.

Lewis decided to seek out an agency position at Northern Districts Hospital, and this week he learns that there is actually a permanent job becoming available for the Nursing Unit Manager. Given that, if successful, he would be Jasmine’s boss, he asks how she’d feel about him applying for it—wondering whether she’d considered it for herself. Jasmine prefers being on the frontline, and is also busy with the gym, but encourages him to go for it.

Jasmine is quick to point out however that it would mean working with Christian (Ditch Davey) who, as the surgeon who operated on Anna following the car crash, Lewis holds responsible for her death. Lewis doesn’t think it will be an issue though, and wonders whether it will finally give him a chance to put the past to rest.

In the meantime, Irene (Lynne McGranger) has observed Jasmine and Lewis’ friendship with interest, and tells Jasmine that she thinks it’s that fate that’s brought them back together after a decade apart—noting the flirting that has gone on between them! Jasmine laughs it off, but Irene is delighted when, right on cue, Lewis texts Jasmine wanting to meet up for drinks.

As they meet on the pier, Lewis tells Jasmine that he’s put in his application, and she’s pleased for him. But when Lewis takes Jasmine’s hand, there is clearly a moment between them. Making her excuses about needing an early night, a conflicted Jasmine makes a hasty exit.

The next morning Jasmine is still confused as she gazes at her wedding ring. She later confides in Irene, explaining how she’s only just beginning to feel normal again—and how Lewis could soon be her boss—but Irene can see that she’s simply worried about what Robbo would think.

Jasmine admits that starting a relationship with Lewis would feel like she’s betraying Robbo, however Irene believes that Robbo would want her to be happy.

Jasmine and Lewis eventually meet up again to talk things over, Jasmine confirming that Lewis wasn’t imagining things when he felt there was something between them. Jasmine confesses that she does have feelings for him, but she isn’t sure she’s quite ready to move on from Robbo. Lewis tells her the feeling is mutual, though he’s had more time than her to come to terms with Anna’s death.

They agree that their running into each other at the prison was indeed fate however, and decide that when Jasmine feels ready, they can explore things further. Lewis takes Jasmine’s hand, and this time she doesn’t pull away…

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, there’s a shocking turn of events when Alf (Ray Meagher) finds out what stepson Kieran (Rick Donald) has been up to!

Having (correctly) suspected that Kieran may be drinking again, his mother Martha (Belinda Giblin) and half-sister Roo (Georgie Parker) decided to search Kieran’s caravan for any signs of alcohol, but were interrupted when Kieran came home unexpectedly.

As we pick up the action this week, Kieran is raging as he throws all of his possessions out of the van, telling his mum that since she doesn’t trust him, he’s going to leave Summer Bay. Having only just started to reestablish a relationship with her estranged son—after she was forced to call the police on him during a case of drunken violence towards her many years ago—Martha is desperate for Kieran to change his mind.

To Roo’s disbelief, Kieran manages to convince Martha that he’s a changed man, and from that point Martha will no longer hear a bad word said about him, they have to trust him.

Later that evening though, Kieran shows his true colours once again when he warns Roo to not try and come between him and Martha again, leaving Roo shaken.

Roo eventually finds a stash of empty bottles hidden under Kieran’s van, and quickly tells Alf who isn’t in the least bit surprised. But when he learns that Kieran has been aggressive towards Roo, Alf goes on the warpath, revealing to Roo about Kieran’s violent past.

When they track down Kieran in the surf club, Kieran turns on them and accuses Roo of being jealous of Martha sticking around to bring him up—after all, Martha had to pretend to be dead just to get away from Alf and Roo!

Alf yells at Kieran to shut his mouth only for Kieran to then lunge forward to attack him! Alf is only saved from a bashing by Justin (James Stewart) rushing forward to hold Kieran back.

Kieran makes a hasty exit as Roo and Alf feel they have no choice but to call the police. But when they return to the caravan park with Sergeant Cooper (John Atkinson), who informs them there’s already an outstanding for Kieran’s arrest following a previous incident, they find Kieran’s van empty and an emotional Martha sitting outside.

Is Kieran going to get away scot free?

Also next week… Ziggy & Tane’s secret is out, and the truth about Colby is revealed!

Things become awkward for Ziggy when Mackenzie reveals her secret has been rumbled, whilst Bella struggles to adjust to life without Colby…

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 8th March 2021 (Episode 7486)

Kieran’s anger bubbles over.

Mia tries to reconcile.

Ziggy and Tane hit a hurdle.

Tuesday 9th March 2021 (Episode 7487)

Roo suspects Kieran is hiding his habit.

Chloe seeks stability.

Bella discovers the truth about her brother.

Wednesday 10th March 2021 (Episode 7488)

Kieran’s anger erupts.

Jasmine and Lewis share a moment.

Dean steps up.

Thursday 11th March 2021 (Episode 7489)

John challenges Alf.

Tori suspects Justin is hiding something.

Jasmine struggles with navigating her developing feelings.

Friday 12th March 2021 (Episode 7490)

Mac and Ziggy clash over new romance.

Tori is in for a shock.

John and Susie plan a campaign.

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