Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie’s Valentine’s date with Melanie Pearson

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Melanie interprets a work meeting as a date when Toadie forgets it’s Valentine’s Day.

These episodes air in Australia between Monday 8th and Friday 12th February. They air in the UK a month later, from Monday 8th March.

Toadie has had a poor run of luck when it comes to romance. Sonya’s death left him utterly heartbroken, but he has been able to get through it by devoting so much of his time to her charitable foundation. By honouring her memory by helping the community, he has found the strength to move on romantically.

Yet his forays into love haven’t ended well. The less said about Dee and Andrea the better, but his luck hasn’t changed since Dee left for the last time in June of last year.

Since then, he almost ended up dating Angela Lane, until Susan and Karl put a rapid stop to that. Then there was Rose, his lovely and quirky receptionist with a hidden agenda. Although she and Toadie clearly had a spark, Rose had only taken the job to delve into her ex husband’s legal records. When Toadie discovered this, he put his career on the line to help her out, with his feelings for her starting to cloud his judgement.

Although Rose clearly had feelings for Toadie as well, her husband’s return to town ended up spelling her departure. The two reconciled, and the Toadmeister was left lonely and alone once again. So close!

He then fell hard for Audrey Hamilton, and the pair seemed to have a genuine connection. Yet Audrey was hiding a secret, that she and Nicolette had stolen the winning lottery ticket from a dying man and had pocketed the winnings.

Although Audrey felt hugely remorseful, and had secretly donated her share of the winnings to the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation, Toadie couldn’t see past it. Her donation became no more than an administrative headache after he was forced to refund the money, and he and Audrey went their separate ways.

Still determined to find love, Toadie was talked into signing up to Tinder. Having to navigate all the new terminology – such as FWB and kittenfishing – was a minefield, but with some tips from Kyle and Yashvi, he eventually got to grips with it.

Yet entering the weird world of online dating also meant having to get used to be being ghosted, and he struggled to cope with the harsh realities of dating in the modern world.

While his love life may not be going well, his career is on track and Rebecchi Law is still as busy as ever.

Now, he’s got a new PA, and unlike with Rose, his relationship with Melanie Pierson is completely platonic. The pair work well together, and Toadie is impressed with her skills.

Unfortunately, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) doesn’t feel the same way. He still remembers Melanie from the 80s, when she worked as his PA. Although the pair may have worked together, and even once shared a one night stand, it doesn’t mean he has any warm feelings towards her.

He’s successfully avoided her since her return to town, often ducking into the shadows just in time to hide from her. But the sound of her laugh continues to haunt him, and he can’t get away from it.

Speaking to TV Week, Stefan Dennis said “Paul think she’s a fruitloop. Just the sound of her unique laugh is enough to send him running in the opposite direction.”

Now that she’s spending more time with Toadie, Paul feels she’s becoming harder to avoid. He has no idea that Toadie has hired her as his new PA, and when he keeps seeing the pair together, he assumes that they’ve struck up a relationship.

“Poor bugger,” laughs Stephen as he spoke to TV Week about the storyline. “Paul immediately presumes Toadie has jumped on the bizarre train ride that is Melanie Pierson.” Yet despite thinking they’re a couple, he makes an extreme move to avoid Melanie.

He tells Toadie that he’s banned from bringing her into the Lassiters complex, and that he’ll have to have his dates somewhere else.

Of course, with the Rebecchi Law offices slap bang in the middle of the complex, there’s nothing Paul can do – she’s Toadie’s employee, and is going to carry on working there.

Yet while Toadie may not care what Paul thinks, his troubles don’t end there. To thank Melanie for all her hard work, Toadie invites her for dinner. It’s just a way of showing his appreciation for her hard work, but a big misunderstanding risks ruining everything.

He forgets to check the calendar, and has no idea that he’s just invited her out on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day!

While Toadie is terrified that his new employee is going to think he’s making a move, the damage is already done… Melanie is fretting that her new boss is interested in her!

Another disaster waiting to happen, or the start of a budding relationship for Jarrod Rebecchi?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 8th February (Episode 8553)

Karl encourages Bea to let Levi back in.

Paul’s still trying to avoid Melanie, instructing an amused Toadie to not go on any more dates at Lassiters.

Horrified about the misunderstanding with the Health Officer, Roxy’s self-esteem plummets and she decides to run away.

Tuesday 9th February (Episode 8554)

Amy announces she’s planning to open a boutique in the Lassiters complex, leading Dipi to make an impulsive and disastrous decision.

Sheila goes to the airport to talk Roxy into coming back to Erinsborough.

Wednesday 10th February (Episode 8555)

Hendrix stages a grand romantic gesture to try and win Harlow back.

Shane is disappointed with Dipi’s pettiness after she steals Amy’s proposal from Terese’s desk.

Mackenzie feels caught in the middle of two friends, who unfairly turn on her for her part in Hendrix’s scheme.

Thursday 11th February (Episode 8556)

Jane, David and Aaron are thrilled that Brent is heading back to high school, but trouble is brewing on the horizon.

Shane is confused when Dipi declares that she is in love with him and wants him back.

Hearing about the tension between Hendrix and Brent, Harlow gives Hendrix an insight into the tough life Brent has had in the hopes he’ll show some compassion.

Friday 12th February (Episode 8557)

Grateful for Melanie’s work as his PA, Toadie invited her to dinner, unaware that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Brent shuts down as his confidential records spread through the school, leading Hendrix to come clean about the situation.

Aaron is shocked to learn that Chloe has refused to help with Fay’s bucket list.

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