Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette joins Kane’s gambling ring

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, another resident’s money struggles tempt them into Kane’s underground blackjack games. Will they stay quiet when they realise Hendrix is also caught up?

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 1st February.

It’s fair to say Nicolette’s life has taken a downward spiral of late. She was living quite a nice life on Ramsay Street – she had a secure nursing job at Erinsborough Hospital, Pierce’s departure meant she could finally enjoy her friendship with Chloe, and she had even found herself on the cusp of parenthood with David and Aaron.

Yet Audrey’s brief but explosive months in Erinsborough turned all of that upside down. After guilt got the better of her, Audrey ended up blurting out her and Nicolette’s big secret. While living in London, she and Nicolette had cared for a dying old man. After he passed away, they pocketed the lottery ticket that had just won him $100,000, and split the money 50/50.

With the truth out in the open, it didn’t take long for the heir to the winnings to come looking for Nicolette. Ricardo, the son of the old man, turned out to be a massive sleazeball who offered Nicolette the chance to pay back her debt by sleeping with him.

She rejected him outright, and was determined to pay him back little by little using her wages from Harold’s. Yet with his pride hurt, already rich Ricardo decided to get his revenge. He’s filing a civil suit against her!

Next week, Nicolette discovers the true extent of her problems. She’s hired Tim Collins to help her out, but even his extortionate fees aren’t enough to free her from her trap. He’s looked at her case and found there’s no easy way out – she stole the money, so Ricardo has every right to come after her. To make matters worse, not only is he suing for the amount she stole, but he wants the same amount again for emotional distress.

Ricardo’s dirty proposition won’t make any difference here, Tim tells her. It’s a “he said, she said” scenario, and the judge isn’t likely to side with Nicolette considering she admitted to stealing from a dying man.

Nicolette is facing debts of $100,000, plus Tim Collins’ fees.

Hendrix is in a similarly sticky predicament. After handing over Dipi’s necklace, he still owes Kane $5,000 plus an ever-growing amount of interest. Despite everything, he refuses to go to his dad for help. Not only will he have to admit he’s screwed up, but it’ll almost certainly mean having to move back to Sydney to be with him.

His only way out is to continue gambling and hope his luck changes.

Jay wants to teach him how to count cards with multiple decks. Yet Hendrix tells him it’s a stupid idea. He couldn’t even manage it with one deck, there’s no chance he can get to grips with multiple. He’ll just have to play the game properly and hope for the best.

At the next poker game, he borrows yet more money from Kane. He only has a small amount of chips to play with, but even they rapidly dwindle as his bad run continues.

Eventually, he gets some luck. Two aces. After splitting his hands, he ends up with 19 and 20. That’s two good chances to win! For the uninitiated, all he has to do is hope the dealer gets cards lower than 19, or goes bust by getting cards higher than 21.

At this point, Kane gives him a very tempting offer. If he wins, his debt is completely cleared.

Hendrix is dumbfounded. He’s in with a serious chance of being free of Kane’s shackles. But there’s a twist… if he loses, he has to hand over Number 24 to Kane!

Of course, Number 24 is Chloe’s, but Hendrix has managed to make Kane think that he owns it. Caught up in the offer to clear his debts, and ignoring Jay’s terrified stare from across the table, Hendrix decides to go along with the bet.

Kane turns over the final cards. The dealer gets 21. Hendrix has lost!

He’s just agreed to give away a house that he doesn’t even own.

To make matters worse, the two indebted Ramsay Street residents’ worlds are about to collide.

Both Nicolette and Kane are doing community service at the foundation. As they sort through donated clothes, the pair end up bonding as Kane tries to talk her into pocketing a top that she likes. Rather than be put off by his petty thieving, she tells him it’s actually nice to hang out with someone who isn’t a total goody two shoes.

He notices when she gets a call from Tim Collins, and figures she must be in some kind of trouble. She opens up about everything that’s happened, and how she’s in a big financial, legal and emotional mess.

Realising she’s desperate for money, he tells her he knows a good way to win some extra cash… if she’s any good at cards. Telling him that she knows her way around a blackjack deck, she’s all ears. As he tells her about his underground blackjack games, and how he’s got another one planned for later that day, she sees a way out of her troubles for the first time.

Yet she’s in for a huge shock when Kane texts her the address – 24 Ramsay Street. Chloe’s house!

Sneaking out of Number 32 without a word to Chloe, she heads across the road to find out what’s going on. Yet the shocks keep coming, as Hendrix greets her at the door.

He’s caught out, and quietly pleads with her not to let Kane know that they know each other. Will her desperation for money cause her to keep quiet, or will she reveal all?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 1st February (8528)

At the next blackjack game, Hendrix ends up betting and losing something that he doesn’t even own to begin with.

Sheila announces that Des has offered to stay in town to look after her, secretly plotting for him to spend more time with Jane so she can win Clive back.

Tuesday 2nd February (8529)

Nicolette’s money woes worsen when she learns Ricardo is suing her for the money she stole.

Toadie takes the plunge and signs up for Tinder, but it’s more brutal than he expected.

Hendrix is convinced he’s a dead man after losing No. 24 to Kane.

Wednesday 3rd February (8530)

Nicolette discovers the dangers Hendrix is in with Kane, giving him 24 hours to come clean.

Amy and Shane’s chemistry is proving undeniable, and with the impression that Dipi is starting to date, gives into his growing feelings.

Thursday 4th February (8531)

After walking in on Shane and Amy, Dipi comes to the conclusion that Shane is happy and gives him her blessing.

Kyle focuses on his entry for Best Dish of Erinsborough with Roxy as his assistant chef, but when she forgets to buy mushrooms, the key ingredient, she picks some growing outside the tram.

Bea secretly assembles the billy cart for Levi but his reaction isn’t what she was hoping for.

Friday 5th February (8532)

Kyle and Roxy are both unaware of the deadly surprise waiting in the mushroom gravy.

Des and Jane meet up with former resident Melanie Pearson, who is her usual talkative self and doesn’t hold back her opinions about Jane’s romance with Clive.

When Clive accompanies Sheila to the Tram to keep an eye on her, Sheila feels a reunion is on the cards.

Also next week… Has Dipi Rebecchi joined Tinder?

Next week, a misunderstanding makes Shane think that Dipi is online dating. Assuming she’s moved on, he finally gives into temptation with Amy, with disastrous consequences. Read more…

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