Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi and Amy fight as tensions boil over

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Amy and Dipi come to blows in front of friends and family, while The Tram is in jeopardy after Bea falls seriously ill.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 18th January, airing in the UK four weeks later from Monday 15th February.

Dipi has tried to accept Shane and Amy, but she’s secretly mourning losing her husband

Next week, things come to a head between Dipi and Amy, as they face off at the Lip Sync Battle. As Shane is forced to choose between his new girlfriend and his wife of 20 years, will this spell the end for Dipi’s time on Ramsay Street?

So far, things have managed to stay fairly amicable between Amy and Dipi, despite Amy getting together with Dipi’s estranged husband.

Dipi has started to realise she still has feelings for Shane, and wants them to repair their marriage. Yet she knows she’s to blame for their separation, so doesn’t want to get in the way of his potential new romance. If she doesn’t play her cards right, she’ll just look like a jealous ex-wife.

Amy and Shane have been growing ever closer, but it’s hard to play happy families in Erinsborough

However, things can only stay amicable for so long. In episodes airing this week, Dipi’s anger comes out when she discovers Amy has been giving Jay advice about facing up to his mistakes. How dare she give advice to Dipi’s children!

Next week, their growing tensions bubble over in front of their friends and family.

After weeks of planning, Amy’s Lip Sync Battle take place. It’s another way of raising money for The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation, and is a roaring success, as all of Erinsborough dresses up and comes together to compete. Everything is going smoothly, as Karl Kennedy, David Tanaka and Mackenzie Hargreaves all battle it out.

So when Dipi and Amy are paired up to battle together as the final performance of the night, things look set to take a turn for the worse. The pair battle it out on stage, but the tensions soon builds, and Amy elbows Dipi aside.

Dipi tries to be the better woman and carry on unscathed, but Amy’s frustration soon builds, and Dipi is pushed off stage!

Amy pretends it’s an accident, but when Dipi pushes her away, Amy goes on the attack. The two end up in a full on scrag scrap, and it’s on Toadie to break them up.

Even though it’s obvious the fight was Amy’s fault, Shane sides with his new girlfriend rather than his wife, leaving Dipi devastated. It’s clear where Shane’s allegiances now lie.

3 months after her affair was exposed, and Dipi’s life has fallen apart around her. Time for a fresh start?

With Jay heading back off to boarding school in Sydney, Dipi decides maybe she needs to leave Erinsborough for a while. She’s lost Pierce, and now she’s lost her husband as well.

She opts to join her son in New South Wales, and put some distance between her and Shane. He clearly wants to be with Amy, so she needs to leave him be.

Is this the end of Dipi’s time in Erinsborough?

Kyle’s pies got a good reception… but they hide a deadly secret

Elsewhere, Kyle’s bad luck continues, as his poisonous kangaroo and mushroom pies put Bea’s life in danger.

The pies, which Kyle cooked for the Best Dish of Erinsborough competition, are tainted with poisonous death cap mushrooms. Roxy opted to pick some random mushrooms from outside the Tram rather than buy some from a shop, having no idea the dangers they posed.

They’ve already poisoned the competition judge, but it’s not until later this week that Kyle realises what’s happened.

After the success of the fundraiser, Toadie gives Ned a batch of the pies to thank him for helping out. Of course, nobody but Kyle has any idea of the dangerous ingredient within.

Bea is excited to try one of the kangaroo pies, but will she live to regret it?

Soon after, Bea visits Ned, and he gifts her one of the pies. She’s excited to try it, thinking it’s the delicious recipe that’s set to win the Best Dish of Erinsborough, and wolfs it down for lunch.

It’s not long until the poison takes affect. Bea collapses in front of Levi, who rushes her to hospital. By the time she gets there, her organs are already shutting down, and it takes the best efforts of Karl and David to save her life.

Finding out about this dark turn of events, Kyle and Roxy realise they have no choice but to fess up. Kyle idolises Bea, practically seeing her as family now that she’s dating Levi, and dreads having to tell her the truth.

“Kyle is devastated,” Chris Milligan, who plays Kyle, recently told TV Week. “He struggles with letting down his family.”

Yet they’re in for a big shock when Bea recovers. When they confess that they’re to blame for her ending up in hospital, she opts to keep it a secret.

Despite almost dying, she knows how much the Tram means to Kyle, and doesn’t want to see him lose it over a stupid mistake.

On top of that, she still feels guilt over Gary’s death. He died trying to stop Finn Kelly, and The Tram is his legacy. She doesn’t want that to be destroyed.

Kyle is overjoyed. Have they got away with it, or does the mushroom debacle have any more twists in store?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 18th January (Episode 8538)

Amy continually interrupts important Rebecchi family moments, leading Mackenzie to dig up dirt by calling Hawke Airlines.

Shane and Amy manage to find time together to celebrate the arrival of the new uniforms.

Shaken after the kidnapping, Harlow is unsure about what to do about Hendrix.

Tuesday 19th January (Episode 8539)

Hendrix is devastated about his breakup with Harlow, announcing that he’s decided to repeat Year 12.

Jay’s feelings for Mackenzie are growing and he’s surprised to find that she might have feelings for him too.

Dipi and Amy continue to provoke each other, with everything culminating at the lip sync battle.

Wednesday 20th January (Episode 8540)

To thank Ned for his help, Toadie gifts him the mushroom pies from the Tram, unaware of the deadly ingredients.

Dipi decides to go to Sydney with Jay for a few days, hoping she’ll be more comfortable with Shane’s new relationship when she returns.

Jay is thrown by the news he’s leaving for Sydney, particularly given his feelings for Mackenzie.

Thursday 21st January (Episode 8541)

At their baby’s first ultrasound, Aaron and David decide to forgive Nicolette and give her another chance.

Chloe wants nothing to do with Nicolette, thinking that maybe Pierce was right about her being untrustworthy.

Bea has eaten the pie full of deadly mushrooms and is unaware of the danger that she’s now in.

Friday 22nd January (Episode 8542)

Chloe reads Ricardo’s new string of harassing messages to Nicolette and finally begins to see things from her point of view.

Roxy and Kyle learn about what’s happened to Bea, rushing to the hospital with the intention of coming clean.

Bea clings to life as her organs start to shut down.

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